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Tyrannosaurus Coloring Pages

All About Tyrannosaurus Coloring Pages For Kids

We all imagine tyrannosaurs, and especially the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex, the biggest and most fearsome carnivore on earth. However, there are many things about this great predator that you may not know about.

There are no more famous dinosaurs than Tyrannosaurus, a giant carnivore that roamed North America 66 million years ago. These ancient animals are often featured in popular culture, also in many children's books, everyone is familiar with big heads and small arms of tyrannosaurs. But there are many big misconceptions about this amazing animal.

We may know more about tyrannosaurs than any other group of dinosaurs because fossil evidence is abundant and the large number of studies about them - not just ordinary people, paleontologists also like tyrannosaurs. As a result, we really understand the form of this animal and how they lived and died in Mesozoic times.

They are predators and carcass eaters
There is a strong myth that tyrannosaurs are only carcasses. The odds are small, because very few carnivores can survive with their voter nature. Fossil evidence shows that both activities were carried out by tyrannosaurs.

A close look at the feeding traces of a hadrosaurus by a large tyrannosaurus. This is strong evidence that tyrannosaurs eat carcasses.

A number of fossils of herbivorous dinosaurs showed that they escaped from hungry tyrannosaurs, because tyrannosaurus teeth were found tucked in their bones. So, the animal must have survived the attack of tyrannosaurs who were about to eat them. We also have evidence of dinosaurs being bitten and eaten by tyrannosaurs after they died and their bodies partially buried - in short, tyrannosaurs eat carcasses.

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Tyrannosaurus is a cannibal
In many circumstances, Tyrannosaurus is the only large carnivore in the ecosystem, so it's easy to know who's biting it when you find a scratch on the bone, and the piece that was released from being bitten. However, tyrannosaurs not only eat herbivores, but also each other. A number of tyrannosaurus specimens, including Tyrannosaurus, show traces of food from fellow tyrannosaurs.

Daspletosaurus skulls with bite marks from battles with other tyrannosaurs and evidence that these animals were eaten after death (10cm scale).
These animals also interact with each other when they are alive and leave marks on their bones. Many specimens of tyrannosaurs have cured wounds on their skulls due to the bite of fellow tyrannosaurs.

Printable Tyrannosaurus Coloring Sheet For Free Images And Photo

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T-Rex Tyrannosaurus Coloring Pages
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Best Of T-Rex Tyrannosaurus Coloring Pages For Kids
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Printable Tyrannosaurus Coloring Pages
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It seems that these animals often fight each other and leave serious injuries, even though the fact that the wounds heal shows that this fight does not often lead to death.

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Not all are giants
Although Tyrannosaurus and its closest relatives include the largest terrestrial carnivores of all time - it weighs five tons or more, and is about 13 meters long - not all tyrannosaurs are giants.

Like most other dinosaur groups, early types of tyrannosaurs such as Guanlong from China were small - only two or three meters long, including tails - and they had no large heads and short arms like their descendants 100 million years later.

Three types of specimens of Tyrannosaurus from different times.
These smaller Tyrannosaurs are predators, but clearly lack bite size and strength so they look for smaller foods, and be careful not to be lunches of larger carnivores that live with them.
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