Why are lions only in Africa? - Coloring Pages

Why are lions only in Africa? - Coloring Pages

Lion (Panthera leo) is the biggest cat that lives in Africa. These mammals live in groups. Lions used to live in Africa, Europe and Asia. But the lion population is currently only in sub-Saharan Africa. This happened because of poaching to pick up the lion's bag. Lion habitat is an open forest area, shrubs, and grasslands.

Carnivorous animals

Lions are carnivores or meat eaters. The lion has a strong jaw to bite the prey of its prey. 30 teeth with sharp teeth with 4 canines function to bite and tear the body of its prey.

The lion has large and sharp claws that help the lion run and climb.

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Women who hunt

In a group of lions, the lioness is in charge of foraging. Female lions work together to hunt and catch their prey. After the game is caught, the first to enjoy is the male lion, then the adult lion, after that his children.

Group Life

One group of lions usually consists of 1 male lion, 5 to 15 female lions with their children. Male lions are group leaders. He often went around watching his group. Male lions defend groups from various threats. However, male lions are also threatened by other stronger lions.


The female lion is pregnant for four months, then gives birth to one to six baby lions. The baby lion's fur is covered with dark spots that help disguise itself with its nest to protect it when their mother hunts.

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The death of a lion child results from an attack by another animal or starvation. In a group of lions, other lionesses in the group will help care for the newborn lion child.

The lion feeds his mother for about six months. Lions actively hunt at one year of age. The lion starts eating meat after 12 weeks or more.

Wild Lions Africa Coloring Sheet 

Wild Lions Africa Coloring Sheet

Wild Lions Africa Coloring Sheet 

Lion Africa Wild Animals Coloring Pages
Lion Africa Wild Animals Coloring Pages

Angel Lion Coloring Sheet For Print
Angel Lion Coloring Sheet For Print


Lions are the most dominant predator in the environment. Hyenas often attack lions and rob the lion's meat. However, the biggest threat to lions is humans who hunt them.

Lions are registered by the IUCN as animals that are vulnerable to extinction in the wild. The main factor in the decline in lion populations is hunting and loss of native lion habitat due to forest clearing for agricultural land and settlements. In addition, the decline in lion populations is also caused by infectious diseases from hyenas and wild dogs.

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Fact Box

- Scientific name: Panthera leo

- The color of the lion is Blonde, Gold, Brown

- The size of a lion is about 1.4 to 2.5 meters

- Weight of lions 120 - 249 kilograms

- Lion running speed is around 56 km / hour

- Animals hunted by lions include Antelope, Deer, Zebra, Buffalo, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Gazelle, Warthog

- Predator lion: Human and Hyena

- Male lions are taller and heavier than females.

- Male lions have long hair manes around their faces.

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