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The Secret of Longevity of Eagle

The Secret of Longevity of Eagle - Coloring Pages

Teaching about eagles might not be far from the discussion about his greatness. Yes, you know that this bird is one of the greatest in the sky. Just as great as a white shark in an ocean or leopard in the wilderness. Regarding eagles, actually this creature not only we can admire because of its greatness, but also the story of his life that is extraordinarily heavy.

Since young eagles live hard. Starting from practicing flying, potential for prey, and so on. Even when the age is old, the eagle doesn't stop living its heavy life. At the age of half a century, eagles are faced with two choices, die or continue to live by struggling. Eagles in this phase are the same as humans, they really consider all choices. And here is the full story about the eagle that might inspire you greatly.

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Young eagles practice flying at 2-3 months of age

Eagle is known as a mighty bird that can fly fast. However, the ability to fly was not immediately obtained. There is a learning process that must be passed. Generally, a young eagle practices flying at 2-3 months of age. At the beginning of the training, of course it could not be just like that. Some are even afraid to get out of the nest. If a small eagle is afraid to get out of the nest, the mother will try to compete with her child to go out. An eagle is known as a formidable creature but its toughness is not obtained as easily as turning the palm of the hand.

Generally, eagles can live up to 40 years old, but ...

Yes, an eagle can be up to 40 years old. It's a long life, huh. But he can live up to the age of 70, you know. Wow, imagine a bird can be up to half a century old, it's amazing. It's just to live long, there is a more painful struggle that must be passed. When he was 40 years old, his claws began to age and the sharp beak became long and bent until it finally broke. Not only that, he had difficulty flying because his fur grew thick and thick. He must go through difficult times in order to survive longer.

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There are two choices that actually have an eagle

At the age of 40, an eagle is actually faced with two choices: waiting for death or going through a transformation process for 150 days. If you choose to transform, then the eagle must try hard to fly with difficulty to the top of the mountain. There he will make a nest on the edge of the cliff and begin to undergo the transformation process. The hawk who is already helpless will pull out his own feathers and break his claws and beak to get a "second chance of life". That way, he can get his new feathers, claws, and beak. After going through the painful process, he was ready to live his life for another 30 years.
Are you an eagle?

Printable Eagle Coloring Pages

Printable Eagle Coloring Pages

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Free Printable Eagle Coloring Sheet For Kids

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E For Eagle Alphabet Coloring Pages Animals

The story of Eagle is often used as an inspiration and motivation story. To be able to fly and be tough, he had to learn to fly at a young age. Actually he could just give up at the age of 30, after all he was old enough for the size of a bird. But only tough eagles are willing to go through a painful process for hundreds of days to be able to have a longer life.

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From the struggle of an eagle's life, we will realize that there is really nothing easy to achieve a better life. In addition, we will always be faced with various choices. How our life in the future is very much influenced by every choice we make. If you just want to wait for death, then you just keep quiet in the place. But if we want a better life, we must be willing and able to survive through difficult times and make life much more meaningful. How about you? Are there tough eagle souls inside you?
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