The benefits of keeping goose in the yard of the house

The benefits of keeping goose in the yard of the house - Coloring Pages

The benefits of keeping a goose in the yard of the house, not only can you take the eggs. More than that, this type of poultry is believed to be able to expel the supernatural people who like to disturb human life. The spirits do like to live in ancient ornate empty houses and in homes that are occupied with a few lights and lush trees. Soft, why fear of swans?

Like the inheritance, geese also have the luck feared by the supernatural people. This type of poultry, large body with a long neck. Her forehead is nonong and her mouth is elongated with white feathers. Goose, often called a lot. This animal cannot run fast, because its legs are short and its body is large. If pursued, always develop their wings and shout very loudly.

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Goose Evil Spirits are patient animals. But behind his patience it saves a tremendous variety of yoni. The proof is that there are some experts who believe that geese can drive away evil spirits that will disturb the goose keepers. Is that right? Indeed, in fact geese never want to fight with any type of animal.

Be it with chicken, duck or bird. It's not difficult to keep this animal. Goose cage, just lined with bamboo not less than 30 cm in height, so you can't jump out. Eating too, is relatively easy to find. Namely rice dregs mixed with water. Geese also like raw vegetables. In addition to being immune to disease and the size of the eggs that are quite large, these animals are believed to be able to reject or repel spirits as young as supernatural creatures.

The homeowner if raising goose even if only one, is believed not to be disturbed by supernatural creatures. Because, the naked creature, most afraid of hearing the sound of a loud goose. The impact is that young men, always avoid homes where their owners look after geese. The Pillar of the House It is not too difficult to know where this supernatural creature is silent.

The invisible creature, he likes to live in the place of a wingit or haunted, which is rarely touched by humans. For the home environment, lelembut is happy to be housed in the location of the gutters, the pillars of the house, the kitchen, and the bedrooms that have ancient nuances. Obviously, the owner of the house whose residence was inhabited by supernatural creatures, became dizzy to drive him away. To expel this subtle nation is not an easy job, especially for people who do not know how. Lelembut can be told to leave other than by reciting prayers according to religious advice, guarding geese.

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Another way, through buildings. If you want to build a building, especially a house, the yard must be clean from old trees.

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Like banyan, sour, or cananga. If a protective tree is needed, plant mango or guava. Another requirement, around the yard must be given sufficient lighting, do not be dim. Avoid building houses with lots of tall poles, either inside or outside the house. Rainwater channels are precarious, make them as neat as possible. Because, the supernatural creature of the supernatural creature likes to dwell in lush trees, gutters, and houses that have many poles.

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