Revealed! Scientists Solve Yeti's 'Monster' Mysteries

Revealed! Scientists Solve Yeti's 'Monster' Mysteries - Coloring Pages

HIMALAYA - Scientists have revealed a yeti identity, a phenomenal specimen known as a legendary monster.

The creature is also known as the "Abominable Snowman" or "Evil Snowman". The Yeti has long been a hallmark of Himalayan folklore, and is widely known in the Western world since the 19th century.

Over the years, various specimens thought to have originated from the real yeti have been collected. That is the basis of a new study led by Dr. Charlotte Lindqvist, a biologist at the University of Buffalo.

Genetic analysis of nine "yeti", bones, teeth, skin, hair and stool samples showed that they came from bears. Except for one tooth taken from the museum exhibition, which belongs to a dog.

"In fact, most legends have nothing to do with bears," said Dr. Lindqvist.

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Although the assumption that a possible yeti came from bear sightings is not new, the research - published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B - is the most comprehensive analysis carried out so far.

A previous paper, connecting two yeti samples with prehistoric polar bears. However, this is still questionable.

By carrying out a comprehensive genetic investigation of various samples and comparing them with samples from bears, Dr. Lindqvist and his colleagues aim to solve this problem.

The analysis showed that the samples taken were from modern bear species, more precisely brown and black Himalayan bears.

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"Our findings strongly suggest that the biological foundations of the yeti legend can be found in local bears, and our research shows that with genetic science similar mysteries must then be revealed as well," said Dr. Lindqvist.

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In addition to solving the mystery of this monster, in-depth genetic analysis by scientists allows them to learn more about the bear population in the Himalayan region.

According to Dr. Lindqvist, understanding the genetic diversity of bears in this region can be useful when working on the management strategies of these mammals, which are mostly endangered.

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"Further genetic research into these rare and elusive animals can help explain the history of the region, and bring evolutionary history throughout the world - and additional 'yeti' samples can contribute to this work," he said. Thus was launched from the Independent on Wednesday (11/29/2017).

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