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Poison Scorpions Are Expensive, These Are 5 Interesting Facts

Poison Scorpions Are Expensive, These Are 5 Interesting Facts - Coloring Pages 

Lately millennials netizens have been stirred up by President Joko Widodo's statement, stating that selling scorpion poison can make someone rich. Hmmm, how expensive is the price of scorpion poison? And what are the benefits and interesting facts of this animal poison? Let's look at the review, below.

1. The poison is the most expensive liquid object on earth

Scorpion poison is the most expensive liquid on earth. Quoting from, which launched from, the selling price of scorpion poison is around 39 million dollars per gallon (one gallon = 3.7 liters) or around Rp. 543 billion (1 dollar exchange rate = Rp. 13,940 per May 4, 2018) ! Much more expensive than King Cobra poison from Thailand which is 'only' around 153 thousand dollars or around Rp 2.1 billion.

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2. Although poisonous, it is the object of research for new drugs by medical experts

Apparently, this scorpion poison is very useful in the world of medicine. Some of the benefits of scorpion poison for the medical world include:

  • Protein from scorpion venom shows anti-microbial activity. So that it can be used as additional ingredients for antibiotic drugs
  • The toxin also shows anti-malarial properties
  • Can be used in the development of new drugs. The drug, called Vidatox, was obtained from blue scorpions, known as "Cuban magic drugs". The drug shows promising anti-cancer activity, and shows positive results against various types of cancer.
  • Some researchers use scorpion poison to develop painkillers
  • Scorpion poison has a special protetin that can suppress the human immune system. Making this poison allows it to be used as a medicine for auto immune diseases (the immune system that attacks your own body) such as rheumatism, lupus, inflammation of the intestines, etc.
  • Although there have been many studies on scorpion poison for medical purposes, the progress has been slow. Because the amount of poison is very little scorpion. But researchers hope this research effort can revolutionize the world of medicine in treating a disease.

3. There are many ways to 'flush' these animal poisons

Collecting scorpion poison is called milking. On average, one scorpion can only produce 0.006 to 2 mg of poison. The process of 'blushing' this poison is very difficult. It can even endanger your life while doing it. Some methods for extracting scorpion poison are as follows:

  • Piercing the scorpion poison gland, or also called abdominal surgery. But this technique is felt to be less effective, but it can also hurt animals
  • Stimulating with electricity, the stomach of a scorpion is stimulated using electricity to release toxins. This technique can produce large amounts of toxins
  • Extract poisons using robots. Researchers have successfully developed robots to extract scorpion poison. This robot is easy to carry and designed in such a way. So that it does not endanger animals. This robot can be operated by one person both in the laboratory and in the field.

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4. Although the size of a small body, but the ability to live long enough

Most anthropods have relatively short lives compared to other animals. Many insects only live a few weeks or months. For example, fruit flies, which only live a few days.

But scorpions, including anthropods with a long life span. In the wild, scorpions can live for 2 to 10 years. In captivity, this animal can even live longer, which is 25 years!

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5. It turns out that scorpions are living fossils

Apparently scorpions have lived on earth since 300 million years ago. Reporting from and, it is known that ancient scorpions did not experience many changes compared to modern scorpions.

Fossil evidence shows that scorpions have remained unchanged since the carbon age. The ancestors of the first scorpion probably lived in the sea, even had gills. During the Siluria period, around 420 million years ago, some of these creatures (Scorpions) were believed to have made it into the mainland.
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