This time I will give some information about the original Indonesian Tarantula or commonly called local ... almost all Tarantulas native to Indonesia are Old world types

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Tarantula is the name given to one type of spider with a very large size that is generally hairy. These spiders belong to the Theraphosidae family and there are at least around 800 species that have been identified. Most tarantula species are not harmful to humans, and some other species become famous for being traded as exotic pets. Tarantulas can bite, because like a spider in general a tarantula has fangs and the bite is known to be painful for humans. The name tarantula comes from one city in Italy, Taranto.

In general the whole body of the tarantula to the feet of its long legs is filled with fur.


Tarantulas live in warm regions around the world, some spiders are found living in their nests in the form of burrows that are underground, some live on the ground, and some live in trees. They are also found in rainforests, deserts and deserts, as well as other habitats. Habitat distribution includes South America, southern parts of North America, Southern Europe, Africa, southern Asia, and Australia

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Selenocosmia Javanensis
This Tarantula is spread in Indonesia, including aggressive Tarantulas, but the movements tend to be slow ... commonly found in forests / rice fields on various islands in Indonesia. These tarantulas are usually dark and tend to be black but some are found to have yellow legs

Lampropelma Nigerrium (Sangihe Black Island)
This tarantula can also be found on the island of Sangihe Indonesia. Lampropelma nigerrimum is a black arboreal tarantula medium from the Ornithoctoninae subfamily. In contrast to other Lampropelma species, the Tarantula has short and strong legs and the femoral edge is very dense, and lacks clarity of the tiger pattern in the stomach in adult females. This is a large spider with a leg span of about 16 cm. and carapace length (body) is about 2 cm. Only known from one place on the small Indonesian island of Sangihe. It is considered extinct, but was rediscovered in November 2007 by Jean Michel Verdez and Christophe Bauduin. Primary lowland and seasonal forest hills where they live in many perforated trees up. Adult females are found almost entirely in large adult trees, but young animals can be found behind loose skin, in crevices of rocks and man-made structures such as bridges and streets.

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Cyriopagopus sp. (Sumatran Tiger)
Arboreal Asian Tarantula. Cyriopagopus sp. "Sumatran Tiger" is a large and colorful arboreal tarantula from the subfamily Ornithoctoninae. At first glance it resembles C. schioedtei, but is different from this close relative in many characters. First of all it is generally darker with a bolder sign of a prominent stomach. These two things are much stronger, with more handsome feet than C. schioedtei. This is also a striking dark folium-like carapace pattern in postmolt specimens. Males are generally brown with black legs and white feet. These tarantulas are scattered in West Sumatra. Oh yes, the price of this Tarantula reaches $ 50 in the US and UK. This is a very large Tarantula with a leg span of 22 cm. and carapace length of 3 cm. Lowlands and forests in the hills usually reside in hollow trees. Adult females are almost entirely found in large trees, but young animals can be found behind loose skin, in crevices of rocks and man-made structures such as bridges and streets

Lampropelma sp. (Borneo Black)
Lampropelma sp. "Borneo Black" is a large arboreal black tarantula from the subfamily Ornithoctoninae. Different from the typical Cyriopagopus in having strong legs and a very dense femoral edge, and a calm tiger pattern in the stomach. All in all creates a fat appearance of black fuzzy spiders. During the day filtered will display a deep color tone of eggplant on femora. A very good spider. This is a large spider with a foot span of 20 + cm. and the carapace length is about 3 cm. Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan, Kalimantan Indonesia and the state of Sabah on Malaysian Borneo.

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Cyriopagopus sp. "Sulawesi Black" or "Gray Sulawesi Velvet" because it has a velvety appearance of gray life when newly molted. This is a large arboreal tarantula in the subfamily Ornithoctoninae. With the gray coloring of the uniform and velvety appearance it is a definite different Cyriopagopus species. This is a very large spider with a 25 cm leg span. and carapace length of 3 cm.

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Printable TARANTULA Coloring Pages
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Best Image And Photo Of Tarantula Sheet For Print

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Adorable TARANTULA Sheet For Kids

Actually there are a lot of Tarantulas native to Indonesia but because of the lack of data that I can inform. So I made this article to add curiosity or information about Indonesian Tarantula.

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