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Elephant seal Coloring Pages Animals

Elephant seal Coloring Pages Animals

Elephant seal -  The giant South Pole, although they are large, are friendly animals. This animal weighs about 2 tons and can reach 5.5 m in length. Sea elephants always sunbathe all day and enter the water just to hunt fish.

Elephant seal Species

Sea elephants or as they call seals. Because the shape of his head resembles a dog. Mamaldia has experienced evolution since millions of years ago. The very shape of the body now is the result of adaptation to its natural ecosystem, namely at sea. Warming up in the sea makes the hind legs and hands evolve into fins which are very useful for rowing in the water. the upper body of the body is bigger than the lower part. Physically the sea elephant was like a torpedo, but the sea of ​​maldaldia was so agile in the sea against the current. But when he was on the ground the movement of the sea elephant was not very agile, let alone his body was very big, it would be very slow to walk on land.

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Apparently, the sea elephant species is not just one type, but two. North sea elephants and southern sea elephants. Northern sea elephants can be found in California, United States. However, they are more happy to explore the offshore islands.

While the southern sea elephant, choosing biodiversity in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic waters is very well known for its very hard and super cool natural conditions. However, sea elephants get quite a lot of things there. Marine animals such as fish, squid, and others, he can eat and enjoy with his heart.

Description of Elephant seal

Sea elephants spend most of their time living in the sea, even though occasionally they go ashore. This mammaldia animal can hold its breath for about 120 minutes, longer than any mamaldia non-cetacea animal.

This animal has a very large body. The body size of male sea elephants can reach 5 meters weighing around 2,700 kg. While the size of the calf body is smaller, which is about 3 m long and weighs 900 kg. In general, the body size of the southern sea elephant is greater than the northern sea elephant. It is noted that the male south sea elephant can reach a length of 6 meters and weighs around 4,000 kg (4 tons).

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The shape of the nose is large and prominent, very similar to the elephant's trunk. However, his body resembles a seal. Therefore, he is called the sea elephant or elephant seals.

In its natural habitat, the mamaldia sea primary environment is sea fish, cuttlefish, shrimp squid and mussels.

Habitat and Norma Elephant seal

A Elephant sealthat he scratched his body. He uses his front fins to scratch. With the fins, he also scavenged sand for sprinkling on his body as a protector from the sun. This giant animal is also a hobby of rolling around.

In addition, Elephant seal also roar. He uses his trunk very unique to produce a very loud roar, especially during the breeding season.

However, this very more crucial function of the nose is to absorb moisture from the breath. This is useful when the mating season arrives, where he sporadically hunts on the beach. So, by doing a rebreather, he can maintain moisture.

In the face of very cold weather conditions, Elephant seal use body fat and feathers to warm themselves. When the season for developing does not arrive, the Elephant seal will be on land and not eat as long. They will sleep all the time.

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But when there is a threat from land and from the sea this Elephant seal immediately runs into the sea to avoid aggression from predators.

The primary Elephant seal predator is the white shark, which always threatens the elephant's sea child very warmly. Another Perdator is the sea aves such as eagles, sea gulls. They prey on baby elephant's sea so that the mother left it. Babies and sea mammal puppies are very risky without conservation from their mothers.

But the most fierce predators actually come from mania, he hunts for Elephant seal for their flesh and skin, the fat of Elephant seal can become oil.

Best Of Images Elephant seal Coloring Pages For Kids Free

Best Of Images Elephant seal Coloring Pages For Kids Free
Best Of Images Elephant seal Coloring Pages For Kids Free
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Printable Elephant Seal Coloring SHeet For Free Images And Picture
E For Elephant Seal Alphabet Coloring Pages
E For Elephant Seal Alphabet Coloring Pages 
Images And Picture Elephant seal Coloring Sheet
Images And Picture Elephant seal Coloring Sheet

How Long do Elephant seal Live?

The duration of the male and female Elephant seal lifespan was different. Female Elephant seal can generally bio-life for 23 years. They began giving birth to children when they stepped on 4-5 years of age. While male Elephant seal have maturity at the age of 5 years. Male Elephant seal have about 20 years of biological life.

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However, the length of their lifespan also depends on human activities. Humanity's biggest crime against nature is by hunting excessive animals. This is also experienced by Elephant seal, very rare in its existence.
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