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Event of Rare Seals Slap humans with Octopus

A man who was kayaking with his colleagues in the waters of Kaikoura Island in New Zealand was "slapped" by a seal with an octopus being bitten.

The video shows that the seal suddenly appeared on the surface biting an octopus. And, suddenly, swinging the octopus in the direction of a man who did not expect to be attacked.

The seals then swim away from the location.

Taiyo Masuda (23) who recorded the incident said that at first they were not aware of what the seal was doing.

"Right around lunch, a few seals appeared swimming around us," he said.

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"We think they just refreshed the body, but they seem to be looking for food," Masuda told Reuters.

"A seal swimming right next to us was biting on an octopus. He surfaced and seemed to be trying to chew one of the octopus fingers that finally slapped our face!" he said.

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