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Researchers Reveal How Octopus Communicates

GURITA is one animal that has extraordinary intelligence. Maybe you've seen before, that some octopuses are good at predicting. They even had time to cut down who will be the World Cup champion.

Even so, octopus is a lonely animal and it is difficult to get along with each other. Therefore a researcher named Johns Hopkins Medical tried to do a study.

He did something that could be considered quite strange by giving MDMA or a drug better known as ecstasy to a group of octopus in California. This research is believed to be an ideal study.

From the results of the study octopus turned out to have a specific serotonin transporter. In humans, this transporter regulates mood and, when exposed to MDMA, the effect will relax social barriers.

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Gül Dölen, one of the investigating colleagues wanted to test whether the same response applies to octopuses. This is one of the first MDMA tests using non-mammalian subjects. Cephalopods are a family of soft animals including octopuses, which are famous for their intelligence.

"It's very difficult to apply it to octopuses because they are smart enough and able to do all the sophisticated things. They have brains that are very different from mammals," said Dölen.

Although there are big differences between humans and octopus, transporters seem to work almost the same. MDMA is given to five male octopuses and one female octopus, which are then placed in the same tank. The octopus is also given objects to divert their attention.

Usually, they might choose "toys" and avoid all contact with members of their species except during the breeding season. While there is a tendency to socialize with female octopuses.

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Male octopus is socialized under certain conditions. Something that is almost never heard outside of an aggressive scenario in the wild.

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Printable Octopus Coloring Pages
Printable Octopus Coloring Pages
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Octopus Coloring Pages
Octopus Coloring Pages

"What we found is that when animals, prefer to spend time with objects, which are not other octopus. But after MDMA, they prefer other octopus on top of objects," said Dölen.

MDMA, commonly used as a drug at parties and has emerged in recent years as a potential treatment for PTSD and clinical depression. This drug can regulate mood and social behavior.

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"This is a very interesting therapy, but we really don't know how it works and what it does. We know the first step but we don't know much between serotonin and PTSD," he continued.

But after seeing how it works in mice, octopuses, and other animals, this helps researchers find things that match the evolution of all animals on Earth.

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