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7 Interesting Facts about Nemo Fish - BlueLotusDC

TOP ! 7 Interesting Facts about Nemo Fish - Coloring Sheet

Nemo. The real name of the Nemo fish is Anemonefish. The name "Nemo" itself is taken from the middle part of the original name of the fish, aNEMOnefish. This fish became very famous since the film titled Finding Nemo successfully captivated the hearts of film lovers around the world. Before the film Finding Nemo was so booming, this fish was actually known as a clownfish or clownfish. Indonesia should be proud to be a paradise for one of the most popular fish species in the world, namely nemo fish. Why? Because it turns out this fish is not found in other parts of the sea and ocean! Which ocean is that? We discuss interesting facts about nemo fish.

Fact About Nemo Fish - Coloring Page

1. Nemo and Anemon Are Good Friends

What is an anemone? Anemones are sea creatures in the form of tufted pipes much like swaying hair. The tentacles form in groups similar to grass / rice, but actually anemones are animals, not plants. Where there is an anemone, there is always nemo fish. Where there are nemo fish, there is always an anemone nearby. Though anemones are very toxic sea creatures. Nobody dares to touch anemones except nemo fish and some other types of fish. How could that be?

There are many theories that say why Nemo can live in anemones while other fish do not. The first theory states that nemo skin secretes mucus that contains sugar, while the anemone recognizes its prey based on protein stimulation. So, Nemo is safe to stay in the tufts of the anemone because the anemone does not recognize the Nemo fish as its prey. The second theory states that Nemo has evolved to become immune to toxic anemone tentacles.

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They have a mutually beneficial relationship known as mutualism symbiosis. Anemone food remains will be food for Nemo fish. In contrast, Nemo fish dung is a source of nutrition for anemones. Anemon is also a refuge for Nemo fish, Nemo fish, and eggs. While Nemo also contributed to protecting the anemone from predators. No wonder if we approach Nemo, he will hide behind the anemone to take refuge or even attack us. I am very happy to bring my hands closer to the aggressive nemo fish because they will approach us and peck our hands with funny things. There is no pain if hit by Nemo fish, it can make you feel addicted. Nemo fish movement also helps the circulation of water and air around the anemone, thus helping in the process of anemone growth.

2. There is no Nemo fish in the Atlantic Ocean

That said, nemo fish only live around the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Nemo is not found on the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean and Mediterranean Sea. Luckily, Indonesia's location is at the intersection between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, so it's no wonder that Indonesia is a paradise for Nemo fish.

3. Nemo is born a boy

Nemo fish include hermaphrodite animals (protandrous hermaphrodites) or can change their sex under certain conditions. All Nemo fish are born male. When growing up, fish that have a dominant position in the group will change their sex to become females. If the female dies, eating other male Nemo fish that have a dominant role will replace him and change his sex into a female. Unique?

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4. Nemo does fertilization outside

The purpose of conception outside is that the male takes out the sperm and the female takes out the egg out of her body. If the sperm and egg meet, then conception occurs. This is different from animal fertilization in general which occurs in the womb of the female. Male nemo will keep the fertilized eggs until they hatch. Also different from animals in general where the one who keeps and incubates the egg is the female?

5. The size of the black and white lines on the body of Nemo is influenced by the type of anemone

There are various types of anemones. Reportedly, differences in the type of anemone also affect the body color of Nemo. Like for example, Nemo fish that live in the anemone type Stichodactyla gigantea have a darker and darker black color than Nemo fish that live in other types of anemones.

6. The age of Nemo fish can reach 6 to 10 years

Nemo fish can live up to 6 to 10 years in the wild. Long time also turned out to be the life of Nemo fish. But if kept in an aquarium, his life is only 3 to 5 years. Difference in his life to half! Thinking about it, sorry for the Nemo fish that live in the aquarium?

Fish Nemo Coloring Sheet For Print Online

Cute Nemo Fish Coloring Pages FOR Kids
Cute Nemo Fish Coloring Pages FOR Kids

Printable Fish Nemo Coloring Sheet For Kind
Printable Fish Nemo Coloring Sheet For Kind
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Adorable Fish Nemo Coloring Pages

7. There are about 28 types of Nemo fish

Nemo fish is famous for its orange / orange color with white / black stripes. Did you know that the color of the Nemo fish is not just white striped orange like the one we saw in Finding Nemo? Apparently there are 28 types of Nemo fish (other sources say there are 30 types of nemo fish) which have different motifs and colors! Wow ...

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Nemo fish is really funny. Many friends who are so excited with nemo fish in the wild, then catch it. Often, the fish cannot survive long after being caught. Pity huh? Therefore, we maintain that the Nemo fish can still live happily in the wild with their best friend's anemone by not catching them.

Source: National Geographic
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