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12 Ways to Add Appetite to Pigeons

12 Ways to Add Appetite to Pigeons - Coloring Pages

Having healthy and fat pigeons is certainly the dream of every pigeon keeper, because it is fun to see that their pigeons are healthy and active,

but there are times when pigeons experience a decrease in appetite due to various things such as environmental factors, body condition, or from the feed given itself.

Well, buddy, on this occasion the author will review the complete 12 Ways to Increase Appetite on Pigeons so that they can nourish the doves

and if the dove is sold, it can certainly provide even greater benefits. Come on, buddy, check out more. The natural way to use ingredients that are made from natural ingredients are as follows:

1. Brotowali Potions

Ingredients: - Three brotowali leaves - Two brotowali stem fingers that have been cut into small pieces - Two glasses of water. How to Make: Wash brotowali leaves and stems until clean. Put in a container (better than clay). Then put two cups of water and boil it in a closed state until it is half. When it's cold, strain the boiled water. Expose the dove once a day to one spoon, do it for a few days.

2. Galangal Potion

Ingredients: - three fingers of galangal rhizome - 50 milliliters of boiled water. How to mix: The cake is washed and then grated, added with water and squeezed. Juice is drunk on a dove three times a day a tablespoon. Do this before eating for several days.

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3. Pegagan Leaf Herbs

Ingredients: - one handful of gotu kola leaves - two glasses of water. How to make: Centella asiatica leaves are washed and then added with water and boiled in a closed state until boiling until half lives. After being cold, filtered.

Filter water is drunk on a dove one spoon a day, do it for several days. Besides boiling, fresh gotu kola leaves can also be chewed with small cuts and added to the feed. Take as much as 15-30 grams of fresh gotu kola leaves.

4. Papaya Leaf Potions

Ingredients: - One papaya leaf - Kitchen salt to taste - Half a glass of boiled water. How to Make: After being washed, crush the papaya leaves and add water and salt. After that, squeeze it until the water comes out. Juice is drunk all at once. Better to drink on a dove in the morning. Do it too in the morning. Do this for several days.

5. Temulawak Potion

Ingredients: - Two fingers of ginger rhizome - Two fingers of galangal rhizome - Half handful of leaves of meniran - two cups of water. How to Make: All ingredients are washed clean. After that, cut into small pieces and put in a container. Add water and boil until boiling for 15 minutes. Let it cool, then filter the solution. Drink the dove twice a day and a half a spoon, do a few days.

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6. Pandan Wangi Leaf Potions

Ingredients: - 5 pieces of fragrant pandan leaves - 3 cups of water. How to Make: Cut small fragrant pandan leaves. Then put it in a container and add three glasses of water. Boil until the water becomes two glasses. After cold, drink it on pigeons twice a day. One drink a spoon.

7. Providing Peanuts

The provision of food in the form of peanuts on dove is one of the things that can be done so that the pigeons increase their appetite. This is a special food for pigeons, remembering normally, doves eat corn as the main food.

Although corn also contains high enough protein, adding extra protein in peanut content is very good for pigeons. In addition, peanuts are generally preferred by doves. Among other grains used as bird feed, peanuts have the highest protein content.

8. If Birds Refuse to Be Given Peanuts

Often doves do not want to eat nuts. This needs to be familiarized. This is natural at the beginning of feeding peanuts. Later, when you get to know and get used to it, dove pigeons eagerly eat these extra protein foods.

To get used to it, you can let the dove get hungry. Only then give peanuts as food. In a state of hunger, pigeons are usually less picky, including eating food that is not used.

9. Give Pigs Pur

For pigeon pigeons, this type of food is highly recommended so that the appetite for pigeons increases so that they can get fat quickly. This type of pigeon feed is very good because it is rich in nutrients with a dose suitable for pigeons.

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10. Give Green Beans

This type of food is very good for pigeons. In addition to speeding up appetite and fattening pigeons, this type of food is also very good so that fertile pigeons can quickly lay eggs. The high protein content in green beans and their small size are usually preferred by pigeons naturally.

11. Mix the Red Beans in the Feed

Red beans are seeds from long beans. Its size is round lengthwise. Naturally, these foods are not too big so they are easy to swallow by pigeons. The protein content is also quite high, so it is very good to make pigeons quickly lapr and their appetite increases, fat, and healthy.

12. Do the right diet

Actually, so that the pigeons eat appetite, the diet is the same. 2-3 times a day is enough for pigeons.
Some people use breakfast and evening patterns. While others, use the pattern of 3 meals, morning, afternoon and evening.
Every time you feed, give peanuts as food in addition to the main feed. Approximately 10 peanuts for each pigeon.

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If the brood is feeding the chicks, use pur pigs in addition to this nutrient entering the child. A soft pur texture can make it easier for brooders to pass through their palms.
Additional feeding with peanuts can be done in the morning, afternoon and evening is not given, or by giving each meal.

Thus, the writer can convey, hopefully useful and be a quality insight. See you in the next article, buddy, thank you.
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