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12 Side Effects Of Life Injections On Cats

12 Side Effects of Lice Injections on Cats - Best Coloring Pages

Every cat lover certainly wants cats that are kept to be cute, active, and clean animal figures so that they are pleasing to the eye and fun to play with.

This can be obtained by routinely cleaning the body so that it avoids all skin problems that the other slaah is lice.

Flea is an annoying problem for animal owners especially for the cat itself because it makes the skin feel uncomfortable and can risk disabling or injuring the skin. To overcome this there are various ways, ranging from manually taken to drug medicine, shampoo and injections.

Flea injections are indeed still rarely used because they have to be done by a veterinarian. Flea injections are certainly not done haphazardly, but seen from the fleas they have and the level of danger predicted by the veterinarian.

Each drug that enters the cat's body certainly has an effect, friend, one of which is the injection of fleas, here are 12 Side Effects of Cat Lice Injections that must be known by all friends who love or care for cats, let's see full details.

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1. Risk of Kidney Pain

Cat lice injections work by increasing the release of Gamma Amino Butiric Acid (GABA) in the insect's nervous system, including in lice. GABA functions to block nerve impulses, resulting in a nervous system failure in the tick and lice become paralyzed. Flea injections in cats have a long half-life, meaning that they are long in the body.

Like other drugs and poisons, all these chemicals are broken down in the liver and removed through the kidneys or feces. So that if it is not able to be accepted by the cat's body it will make the kidneys work and its heart is heavy and at risk of kidney disease.

2. Disturbing Organ Growth

Because flea injecting drugs are broken down in the liver and discharged through the kidneys, they should not be given to cats before they are 8 weeks old. The liver and kidneys of young cats have not fully developed. Excessive administration of drugs at an early age will affect the development of these internal organs.

3. Allergy

Of course not all drugs can be received well in the body of a cat, one of which is a drug from the injection of lice, even though before the test was done before giving, sometimes the condition of the body and health of the cat can change, so that if you are not fit can cause allergies .

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4. Affected by anesthetic effects

When taking a flea injection, mild anesthesia is sometimes done on cats that are too active so that light anesthesia is done to facilitate action, buddy, the anesthetic certainly makes the cat sleepy and lazy to move, sometimes it can happen for a while even though the effects of the drug are gone, the cat become lazy and not active on the day after the infestation is done.

5. Does Not Guarantee Missing Lice Forever

Of course, flea injections do not guarantee that fleas can disappear forever, buddy, but are related to future care, if in the future the cat stays in a dirty condition or not in good hygiene care or may be infected with other cats, of course it will not be possible to get ticks again.

6. Not comfortable in the injection part

If you have been injected, of course you often feel the discomfort in that part, it is also felt by cats, cats become uncomfortable and sometimes often lick the injected parts, it certainly can interfere with the activity of cats in their daily lives.

7. Sense of Pain or Cramps

Like humans, injections usually make a stiff in the area, cats will also feel the side effects of the infestation, the injected body becomes sore and he becomes lazy to move because he feels sick and uncomfortable.

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8. Reduce Appetite

If the cat feels that the body does not feel comfortable, then it will be uncomfortable for his appetite, friend, the cat becomes less appetite, so the risk of losing weight. Of course sad, buddy, seeing a loved one is hard to eat.

9. Reactions of Fleas in the Body

Each foreign body that enters naturally reacts with the organs and hormones in the cat's body, the reaction to healing sometimes becomes something that is uncomfortable for cats, the cat feels something strange in the body that makes the cat become confused and stressed.

10. Risk of infection

When a cat gets an infectious drug and feels uncomfortable in the injected part, the cat will generally eliminate his discomfort by licking or scratching scratches, if done continuously it can certainly be at risk of infection because the injection wound has not completely closed and gets germs from outside so it must given complementary drugs to minimize infection.

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11. Diarrhea

As previously explained, lice injecting drugs in cats will certainly be processed through diabetes and the liver then discharged through feces, buddy, in using flea injections that are uncomfortable or do not react well to the cat's body, the drug will be removed in large quantities.

and sometimes causes the cat to become diarrhea, it is the body's natural response to remove the drug, of course if the cat diarrhea causes disruption in his appetite and makes his daily activities disrupted.

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12. Digestive Disorders

Well, buddy, other digestive problems besides diarrhea are discomfort in his stomach such as nausea, etc. because of the infectious drug that enters his body, of course the digestive problems make his appetite decrease and cause discomfort in his body so that the cat is lazy or lazy. eat.

Indeed, flea injections are one of the options for eliminating fleas in cats, of course if you want to do it, consult your doctor really, really, buddy, if there are other ways you should use other methods that are friendlier and have minimal side effects for cats.

So what the author can say, do not forget to keep your cat clean, so that you don't have ticks and clean, healthy, stunning always. Okay, buddy, see you in the next article. thanks.
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