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10 Ways of Small-Scale Quail Cultivation

Top ! 10 Ways of Small-Scale Quail Cultivation - Best Coloring Pages

Friend, you know, quail eggs? If you are a fan of quail eggs, do you know how to lay laying quail farms for success?

In this article the author will try to explore thoroughly the way of breeding quail in order to be successful on a small or home scale, and hopefully after reading this article until you finish, you can immediately practice the field.

Quail is a small, small livestock bird, although quail is still a family of livestock birds, but quail cannot fly like other livestock birds. These quail birds in the wild usually live in shrubs or in rice fields.

The advantage that you will get if you cultivate quail, is the meat and eggs that you can consume or sell friends, and quail birds that have grown up can be sold. Another advantage is that the dirt can be used as fertilizer, it can even be used as fish feed, because quail livestock manure is known to have a high protein content. Let's look at the way in the following article, 10 Ways of Small-Scale Quail Cultivation.

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1. Terms of Location for Cultivation

Before you start your quail farm, you can choose the right location, because location is the main factor that can affect the success of quail farms. The right location is close to the source of clean water,

Can be accessed by means of transportation, to facilitate maintenance, supervision, and sales. Location is not flooded, away from sources of noise, such as markets, factories, roads, and others. The aim is that quail livestock are not stressed and can breed and maximum egg production .

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2. Preparation of Cages

Preparation is always done to make it easier for your friends in supervision and care. It is well worth the effort and high value. Ideally, it has a length of 100 cm, width 60 cm and height 30 cm. The cage size will be able to accommodate livestock birds ready for production up to 30-35 tails.

This benchmark is applied because the smaller the cage, the better the production of quail flocks. The size of a cage that is too large will make the birds move more and more, so that the energy produced from feed is wasted.

3. Ideal Cage Design and Shape

To maximize the use of a place, quail cage should be made in stages, the ideal level is four levels. For laying quail birds to get good air circulation, we recommend that sunlight can go directly into the cage, use strimin wire for the cage wall.

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4. Early Cost Savings

For the frame can use wood or bamboo parts to save costs. if the cage wall uses bamboo, the distance between the bamboo is really considered. Do not be too tenuous so that the quail can not come out of the cage. The cage should use strimin wire material so that quail livestock droppings can immediately go down to the shelter, so that the dirt does not come into direct contact with the body of the quail.

5. Feed and Drink Places

Quail livestock feed places can be placed on the outer wall, and made lengthwise according to the size of the cage, while for drinking places can be placed on the side or behind the cage.

6. Selection of Quail Seeds

After the cage preparation is complete the next step is the selection of seeds, good seeds will certainly encourage maximum egg production and quality. To buy a good seed, buy it at a trusted seedling shop.

Choose seeds in the productive period whose age is not too old and not too young, that is, the age of 3 weeks, because age also greatly affects the results of the production later, Avoid the seeds that are old, the seeds are old, of course the egg production has been reduced.

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7. Seed Quality Requirements

Lively and active. If the seed you are going to buy is silent, it is likely that you are suffering from a disease.
The body shape of the perfect quail, symmetrical and complete limb.
The color of the feathers is bright and not dull. For laying quail birds, of course what you need is a female seed, not a male.

8. Male and female differences

Male quail breeds have lumps in the buttocks like marbles. While the female quail bird has no lump.
Female quail chest feathers are brown and there are lines or black spots. While male quail birds do not have black lines or patches.
Male quail birds crow, while females do not.
The female weight / posture is bigger than the male.

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9. Vaccines and Feed

After the seedlings are obtained and before they are released in the cage, the seedlings should be injected first with ND (Newcastle disease) vaccine or tetelo, so that the seeds do not stress and prevent them from getting sick. Provision of good feed is one of the main keys to success or failure of quail cows,

Because by providing quality feed will certainly get maximum results. Common feed given to laying quails is pellets, or flour crumbs, Feed is given 2 times a day, every morning and evening.

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10. Cage Temperature and Cleanliness

The room temperature is always maintained so as to get a stable production result, the temperature of the room temperature ranges from 20 ° -25 ° C, with a humidity level of 30-80%.

In order to keep warm, give lighting by using lights 25-40 watts during the day, and 40-60 watts at night. The quail farm cage cleaning is constantly maintained to prevent the spread of bad viruses and bacteria, namely by cleaning the dirt on the cage at least every three once a day.

The place of dirty dirt containers is replaced with new dirt, and the former is washed and then dried, to be installed again later. In addition to cage cleanliness, the environment also tries to keep it clean.

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So that can be conveyed by the author, of course every effort will achieve success if done diligently and patiently, buddy, as well as small-scale quail livestock, if done with sincerity it will certainly be a good source of income and continue to grow later and progress . Agree, friend? Okay friend, hopefully this article will be a quality insight for all friends. thanks.
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