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8 Ways to Maintain Goldfish Not die quickly

8 Ways to Maintain Goldfish Not die quickly - Coloring Pages

How do you make the Goldfish not die quickly? It seems like this question is very commonly discussed. Especially for you all ornamental fish lovers. How not, if possible you yourself are one of the ornamental fish lovers, of course trying to find the best for pets.

Despite living in water, ornamental fish provide its own beauty.

Talking about ornamental fish is quite a lot, and one of them is a goldfish that many have encountered. Of all of us, of course we are already very familiar with this fish, have a beautiful and seductive body shape. Then what is the definition of the goldfish itself?

Goldfish is a type of ornamental fish that lives in fresh water and is maintained in many Indonesian communities. This is because goldfish chefs have quite affordable prices and beautiful colors.

The distinctive feature of the goldfish is the presence of protrusions on the head and distended abdomen. This fish is also one type of fish that was first successfully domesticated, maintained and cultivated by humans. The goldfish is usually called the goldfish, the popular type of fish originating from China.

Historically, this ornamental fish was first discovered in 960-1279. The goldfish carp is also still one family with goldfish (ciprinus carpio), that is, its body shape is very similar to goldfish.

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Precisely during the Ming Dynasty in 1368-1644) in China alone, goldfish cooks had progress and many were sold to other countries such as Japan. The development of chef fish in the cherry country is rapidly advancing rapidly compared to its own home country. From Japan, finally goldfish cooks also spread in other countries like Indonesia one of them.

The way that the goldfish does not die quickly will be described in this article for those of you who want to preserve the ornamental fish. The reason for maintaining ornamental fish itself is easy, it's easy, but it's a bit difficult and it's difficult to say it's not really too. Here are ways to keep a goldfish cook from dying quickly:

Use of Containers
Some of us all certainly have only one or two goldfish in a glass jug container.

Artistic impression will indeed appear when ornamental fish are placed on the container. However, putting the fish in the glass jug container makes the fish feel uncomfortable because it is less wide or wide.

Because a small container will make the goldfish the difficulty of taking oxygen (not free). Therefore, you should use an aquarium container wide enough to maintain your goldfish.

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At first, goldfish was small. But if you can treat it well enough, the size of a goldfish can increase to as big as an adult's foot. Many people are not aware of this, so they have to buy the latest containers for their large fish.

Surely it would be even better if you had put it in a large enough container from the start. Besides, because goldfish themselves can grow and develop large, your goldfish will also feel very comfortable if you have enough space to swim.

Use an aquarium cover to make goldfish comfortable and calm. In general, goldfish do have a tendency to jump to the surface of the water. Therefore you must provide plywood as a cover.

Why do you have to use a lamp? Certainly, because this is very important. You, of course, often see the aquarium at night, he explained because of a lamp that was attached.

We recommend using a dim incandescent lamp for the aquarium for approximately 10 hours a day. Such lamps do not consume a lot of wattage so they still save. This lighting will not make fish easily stressed and consequently die.

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In addition to the four things above, the next way that can be followed is by still paying attention to the water in the tank. You should routinely check the acidity of the water in the tank regularly. You can get this acidity check indicator (buy) at an aquarium supply store.

Air Aquarium Exchange
Aquarium in general has been equipped with filters that function to maintain the cleanliness of your tank. However, this does not mean you can then leave the water in the tank not to be replaced for months. The right way to take care of the goldfish is to keep replacing the water in the tank regularly or at least twice a week.

The goldfish cook always throws away a lot of dirt. Well, if you leave this dirt, it will eventually become ammonia which is a dangerous poison for fish.

For that, you must have the right and good aquarium filtering system. Filters in the filter must also be changed frequently, especially if it is dirty. Filters must also be cleaned regularly at least twice a month.

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Fish feed
Basically the basic needs of goldfish, namely food that must be given is pellets. Especially pellets that have a composition of meat and plants. Give a little, but regularly and often. So that the fish will develop well and healthy.

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That is how 8 ways to prevent goldfish from dying, which you can apply yourself to a pet or perhaps a livestock to be more durable and profitable. Hopefully this article can help you all, happy reading and successful greetings.
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