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7 Ways to Overcome Toothache in Dogs

7 Ways to Overcome Toothache in Dogs - BlueLotusDC

This pet is a dog, some people keep at home after cats. This animal is indeed often encountered by different types. Some types of dogs include bulldog, pitbull, siberian husky, cihuahua, oneman, golden and many more. Dog lovers certainly love pets with full affection. There are even some who love more than themselves.

This is what makes them want the best for the dog by ensuring their health. Because by looking at the dog is sick, they will certainly feel pain that seems to feel what the dog feels. There are so many conditions that make dogs easily die just like that, of course, health conditions that are unstable or seriously ill. Now, let's discuss toothache in dogs as a topic this time.

Like humans who have experienced toothache, animals can. Dogs that experience toothache certainly feel disturbed and feel uncomfortable about the pain that they experience as we have experienced. How to deal with Toothache in Dogs will be the case that will be completed on this occasion. Considering the number of owners who complain when they see their dogs have toothaches.

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Maybe a dog will never be able to convey complaints of pain through speech. But seen gestures or body movements, as the owner must have been very memorized. It is not a serious disease, but toothache can interfere with dog activity, from the cheerful to more moody, from the agile will be a lot of silence until the appetite will decrease. (Also read: How to treat stomach acid in dogs)

That is why the way to treat toothache for dogs will be an article that provides insight into how to overcome it. So you also know what steps should be done immediately. Here are some ways you can see to deal with toothache cases that occur in dogs.

How to Overcome Toothache in Dogs - BlueLotusDc

1. Ensuring the Dog's Condition
When experiencing toothache, of course the dog will show signs or characteristics that lead to the teeth. For example, the joy of a dog that suddenly disappears, you must find out what the cause is. Do the step by giving food and drink, if you don't touch it at all then you must give medicine to him. You can buy at the Pet Shop closest to where you live. Usually the Pet Shop owner already knows what medicines are needed.

2. Antiseptic administration
besides medicine, you can also provide other treatments such as antiseptics. Hypets is a product that you can give to overcome dog tooth pain is Hypets which is an antiseptic for dogs in dealing with toothache, mouth sores and other mouth complaints. The way to use this drug is to drip in the mouth of the dog. (Also Read: How to Care for Dogs to Be Fat)

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3. Brushing teeth
Toothaches that dogs experience can be due to infections or bacteria that accumulate. Therefore you must do cleaning or treatment on his teeth. One of the right things is to do toothbrushes in dogs. Just like humans in general, the equipment needed is no other toothbrush and toothpaste.

But as a note, buy a special toothbrush used for dogs and pasta which is different from toothpaste that is used by humans. Why? Because human toothpaste is too spicy and strong, so you have to buy dog-specific pasta.

4. Massage
Give a gentle massage to the dog when experiencing toothache. Especially in the lower part of the jaw because this is where the muscles that connect the teeth are. This means that by doing massage in this area you have stimulated the teeth of a sick dog. Slowly, by applying this method is able to cure or minimally relieve the pain experienced. (Also Read: How to Increase Dog Appetite)

5. Warm Water Compress
Provide warm water for dog compression. The location that will be compressed is like doing a massage. Usually in addition to bacterial infection, toothache occurs because the temperature is too cold. This is the reason why you have to compress the dog using warm water. At least the temperature of the warm water can neutralize the cold which causes the teeth to get sick.

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6. Give a warm and comfortable place
Move the dog to a more comfortable place. Keep away from gusts of air or wind, especially at night. If necessary, make a dog cage warmer than usual. You can add cloth as a base and close the dog's place with curtains around it so the dog is warmer and more comfortable.

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Cute Dogs Coloring Pages For Print Online

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Adorable Cat and Dog Coloring Pages For Kids
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7. Visit a doctor
The last step is to see a doctor to consult about asking for a dog's pain. Tell me everything you know about the condition of your beloved dog. The doctor will then review the condition of the dog and provide the best advice for the right treatment.

Here are 7 kinds of ways to overcome Toothache in Dogs that you need to study carefully. That way you can do the first treatment when the dog is toothache. Hopefully this article can help all readers and be useful.
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