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7 Ways of Livestock Hamster Anggora - BluelutosDs

7 Ways of Livestock Hamster Anggora - Coloring Sheet For Kids 

 Hamster is a cute little animal much preferred people, especially small children. Just like cats, there is a kind of anus. How to Maintain a Anggora Hamster is not much different from most other pets.

All need the attention and patience to make the hamster feel at home and stay healthy for being near you. His name is hamster anggora, of course, the fur is very dense and long. In addition, its very friendly and sweet to make this one easy animal familiar with anyone. Hamsters can survive 2 - 4 years.

Angora hamsters are generally found based on the genes and DNA of Syrian hamsters that are characteristic of their dense fur. Because it's so funny, many people who want to have this Anggora Hamster in his house.

Maybe you can take advantage of this opportunity by cultivating a hamster and selling it on the market. When you successfully apply this method, it is not impossible for you to make additional money and promising benefits. Here are the steps of cattle Hamster Anggora correct so that its growth can be maintained properly.

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How to Livestock Anggora Hamster - Coloring Pages Animals

Cage Preparation
Cage became one of the most important media and must be prepared in advance. Usually the cage for one hamster is not too big. But to save your livestock business, you should prepare 1 - cage with a large size containing the capacity of about five hamsters tail.

But if you want more hamster cultivation then many cages are in need you can set yourself. Usually the cage is in use is not made of bamboo chicken coop, but wire or iron.

Buying Superior Seeds
After you set up the media like a cage, then buy quality hamster seeds on the manufacturer. Look for hamster seeds that have a normal level of health, or the appeal is not being disabled.

Also look for hamsters with a good appetite and lively. Superior seeds will determine the quality of your hamster results later. Sometimes many people ignore this, letting the choice of seeds arbitrarily sickly. As a result, before the harvest was already in the override.

How to Livestock Third hamster Anggora is diligent to feed, because the source of nutrition for him all in the feed you provide. To make your livestock hamster healthy, it is necessary to provide healthy feed.

Speaking of hamster food, it may mostly answer sunflower seeds (quaci) due to the influence of the Hamtaro TV series.

May provide sunflower seeds, but do not make the main food because it can cause obesity. When obesity has struck, easily attack the disease will hit your hamster anggora. The food you should give is as follows:

  • Green beans
  • Soybeans
  • Brown rice
  • Corn
  • Grain

Provide Cat Feed
Why should hamsters be fed cat food? By feeding the cats of the Angora or Persian to the hamster, it is quicker to grow the feathers.

Generally, a 1-3-month-old hamster may be given cat food. Give just enough, if excessive is also not good. All there are indeed his own doses. Minimum supply four times a week.

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Diligent Bathing
Pets should still look clean and fragrant, so people will be reluctant to carry. Just like a cat, hamsters must also be diligent in the bath. Especially for those of you who deliberately to breed, would require a strategy to attract the attention of consumers. In order for your hamster anggora remain soft and clean, bathe at least 1 time a week or at least 3 times a week.

Create Trowongan
Do not forget to make a culvert for hamster anggora. More precisely not a snot but a tunnel for them hiding because hamsters really like this. If you find it difficult to make, you can buy it in pet shop.

Providing Cooking Water
Hamsters also need to drink, but different from cats that may withstand unripe raw water. To treat an Angora hamster, serve a clean drink with a clean container. Certainly the water provided must also have been through the stew. Once or twice if you give the raw water it will probably hold up, but the longer it will make the hamster easily sick.

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Breeding is already the activity of most people in order to obtain additional results. In addition, it also becomes one of the side activities just to fill the spare time or maybe it has become a hobby.

Hamster Coloring Sheet For Kids

Printable Hamster Coloring Sheet For Kids
Printable Hamster Coloring Sheet For Kids
Adorable Hamster Coloring Pages Animals For Kids
Adorable Hamster Coloring Pages Animals For Kids
Cute Hamster Coloring Sheet For Print
Cute Hamster Coloring Sheet For Print

Well, for you who want to entrepreneurship does not hurt to try to open a special pet shop hamster anggora. Especially when this is not just a cat that many buy but hamster was no less popular. However, if you are really ready to do so, do not ignore the 7 ways cattle hamster Anggora this time. Overall, how to treat this hamster is very easy if it is based on strong determination, you can. Good luck and good luck!
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