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5 Ways to Make Your Own Vaname Shrimp Feed - BlueLotusDc

5 Ways to Make Your Own Vaname Shrimp Feed - BlueLotusDc

Feed given in the cultivation process of fish and other marine animals is certainly very influential on the quality of yields and the size of the business capital or production costs that must be incurred, including in the process of vaname shrimp cultivation.

To be able to reduce the production costs of the vaname shrimp cultivation process, it is necessary to work in this case to make the feed itself easier but still have adequate quality to produce good quality vaname shrimp.

Here are some ways to make vaname shrimp feed yourself which can be one of the alternative cultivators to meet the needs of fish or shrimp feed that is cheap but still nutritious.

Selection of feed ingredients
The first thing that needs to be done in the process or how to make vaname shrimp feed itself is to choose feed ingredients that are suitable for your needs. The ingredients are divided into two, namely animal protein ingredients and vegetable protein ingredients. Some foodstuffs such as animal protein such as fish meal, blood flour, golden snail flour.

Whereas for vegetable protein ingredients such as fine dedek, soybean meal, yellow corn, groundnut meal, vegetable oil, and some types of forage.

Weighing and refining materials
After the material has been prepared and determined which one will be used, the next step is to refine the raw material and then weigh according to the desired composition.

All raw materials that have been mashed are weighed according to calculations based on the formula made. In the process of making vaname shrimp feed is almost the same as making fish feed in terms of determining the protein composition.

Mixing raw materials
Raw materials that have been weighed and mashed can be immediately mixed evenly with the help of a mixer machine. If a mixer machine is not available, then you can use the manual method by hand. In this mixing process, vegetable protein ingredients and animal protein ingredients should be mixed with each other first and then mix the two. To get good mixing, it is necessary to add adhesive material which is usually starch or tapioca flour.

Pellet formation
If you have an extruder that is specifically used as a pellet making machine then step mixing, pellet formation. and drying will be easier to do because it can take place in just one process.

Without using an extruder, the formation of pellets can be tricked by using a straight gauge one by one or using a meat grinder. In the process or how to make the shrimp feed itself, make sure when the mixture pellet formation process is evenly distributed and there are no lumps of lumps.

Feed drying
The final step that needs to be done before the feed is given to vaname shrimp is to dry the pellet. In the fish and shrimp feed industry, pellets will be dried using a large oven or extruder machine.

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For small scale, pellets can be dried with the help of direct sunlight in a few days until the water content is truly minimal. Pellet drying is one way to preserve pellets so that they can be used later. Dry pellets should be stored in an impermeable plastic bag.

Those are some ways to make vaname shrimp feed itself which can be considered and followed by vaname shrimp farmers to reduce the production costs. In addition to being cheap, self-made feeds can better adjust the needs of each farm.
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