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15 Ways to Take Care of Goats for Natural Fat Fast - BlueLotusDc

15 Ways to Take Care of Goats for Natural Fat Fast - Coloring Pages

Goats are one of the most popular farm animals in Indonesia. Goats are often used for meat for aqiqah purposes, sacrificial animals, dishes in restaurants, and even home-cooked food. So, it's not surprising that there are many people who are interested in raising goats as livestock.

In Indonesia alone, mutton is very popular to be processed into satay, gule, tongseng and various other spicy foods. By looking at the need for goat meat, goat breeders are competing to fatten their goats. So, if you also belong to people who are interested in raising goats, then you not only have to consider what kind of goats are good for breeding.

You need to know, raising goats will be very beneficial if you can make the body fat. This is because goats are indeed traded for meat. Therefore, in addition to determining the type of goat, you also have to learn how to care for goats to get fat quickly. To do this, it requires planning, implementation and maintenance as well as possible.

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The following will discuss 15 ways to care for goats to get fat fast which you need to know:

Choose the Location of Calm Farms
Goats need a quiet environment and away from the hustle and bustle of urban areas to be comfortable. A calm atmosphere and make it comfortable will make his appetite awake. In addition, a calm atmosphere makes goats avoid stress which can affect their appetite and trigger pain in goats. Therefore, try to choose a farm location that is far from the highway, factory or other sources of noise.

Make the Right Goat Cage
Next, you have to make goats that are adequate and comfortable for goats. Make sure the air circulation in the goat cage that you make is going well. Good air circulation for raising goats means that the cage is not blocked by stone walls or large buildings around it. With good air circulation, the cage will stay healthy because the dirt will dry quickly and the odor will be carried away by angina.

Give enough sunlight
A little related to the previous point, sunlight will keep the environment clean and germs do not easily reproduce. Make sure the enclosure is not too hot, but also not too cold. It would be ideal if the goat cage is under a shady tree that will guard from the sun's rays that are too hot but still quite exposed to sunlight.

Adjust the size of the cage with the number of goats
You also have to make sure that the size of the cage is sufficient for the goats you care for. Do not let the size of the cage be too narrow so that the goats feel free to move. For example, the ideal cage size for male goats is about 1.1 meters x 1.25 meters for each tail.

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Ensure Cage Comfort
The comfort of the cage is judged by the right temperature and the shade. If the atmosphere is stable, which means it is not too hot and not too dark, the goat will feel comfortable and fatter easily. The comfort felt by this goat will make his appetite maintained and help maintain the quality of the meat. The formation of meat will also be maximized when the goat has a good appetite.

Choose Superior Goat Seeds
Not only from external factors, such as cages, the internal factor of the goat itself can influence the fattening effort that is carried out. That is, genetic factors and talent growth in the body of the goat will also affect the fattening business that you do. Therefore, you should be able to choose good and superior goat seeds to ensure that your fattening business is successful.

To ensure that the goat seeds you buy are the best, you might be able to follow the following guidelines:

  • For superior male goat seeds, make sure he has a large and long body size.
  • A good male goat usually has a higher and bigger rear body size.
  • Male goats are not too fat, but stout stature.
  • Have straight and strong legs.
  • Born of two siblings or single.
  • Around 1.5 to 3 years old.

Meanwhile, if you want to choose a good goat mother, you need to know some characteristics that are slightly different, like the following:

  • His back line and waist are straight.
  • Have straight legs and high heels.
  • Tame and not fierce character.
  • Has a symmetrical udder, does not hang.
  • Have two nipples or branching.
  • So, make sure you choose good goat seeds!

So, make sure you choose good goat seeds!

Give Ideal Feed
Goats are farm animals that are quite easy to maintain because they only need grass or other green plants as their main food ingredients. We recommend that you provide cheap and easy to get feed. This aims to reduce maintenance costs. However, also make sure that the food you provide meets the needs of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins that are needed by goats.
Give Additional Feed
Although the main food of a goat is a green plant, you can also provide additional feed for goats. This additional feed will be very useful to accelerate fattening and make the reproductive system of healthy goats. The additional feed you can give is a mixture of tofu dregs, bran and cassava concoctions. To speed up fattening, you can give this additional feed as much as 3 kg per day. In fact, you can also add the remnants of organic material from your kitchen that doesn't run out for cooking.

Give Fermented Feed
One type of feed that is proven to be able to fatten goats quickly is fermented feed. To make it is quite easy, namely by mixing green plants such as grass, straw or other, with bran weighing 5% of the weight of the green plant. Then add 1% salt, 0.5% sugar, roter and enough water. Leave this mixture for 3 to 5 days. Giving fermented feed does not mean replacing the main feed such as grass and additional feed from tofu as above can also still be given.

Keep Goat's Appetite
In addition to making sure the goats feel comfortable so that their appetite is maintained, you can also add vitamin or SOC supplements. The method of administration is by mixing 5cc SOC into 15 liters of water to give as a goat drink. This supplement can be given twice a day.

Give enough drink
Drinking enough will also maintain the health of the goat so that he will produce healthy meat. By giving enough drink, more and more quality goat meat will be formed.

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Ensure the Cleanliness of the Cage Is Maintained
As discussed earlier, cleanliness of the cage is the main key to goat health. Make sure the enclosure is far from garbage disposal. Not only that, do not get the cage dirty because of the goat's own feces, leftovers, sewers, or other dirty places. If this is not fulfilled, it is not impossible that the goats will lose their appetite. It is highly recommended that you clean the goat cage every day, recommended in the afternoon. By cleaning the cage regularly, diseases caused by decomposition of dirt and food will avoid attacking goats.

Get to Know Disease in Goats Immediately
If the goat is sick, it will certainly disrupt the fattening process that is being carried out. So, you must be vigilant if the goats feel restless, like rubbing their feathers, or other unusual behavior. If it's too late to realize it, it's worried that it will have a serious impact on the health of the goat, both physically and psychologically.
Disease Control in Goats
If there is a goat that is sick, you should separate it from other goats. This method will help prevent diseases from contracting to other goats. If you remain in the same cage as other goats, it is likely to have an impact on the health of other goats in one place with the sick goat.

Give medicine to sick goats
For sick goats, you should immediately consult a veterinarian. This is so that your sick goat can get treatment immediately to get well. Medications may be given according to the doctor's recommendation.

Good luck!
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