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13 Ways To Cultivate Ornamental Chicken Bluelotusdc

Top ! 13 Ways to Cultivate Ornamental Chicken - Coloring Pages

Dear friends, all readers ... meet again with writers who are happy to share insights about farm animals and all their care. Obviously the author wants to hope that the insights that the author shares can be useful to maximize the care of your favorite pets everyday.

This time the author shared about pets that are not much different from usual, mate, which is about chickens. Chicken in general is certainly known as an animal that is used for meat and eggs, even though there are other benefits outside it, for example as ornamental animals or fighters. On this occasion the author discussed specifically about ornamental chicken.

Not a few farmers who try to run ornamental chicken livestock business because it provides promising and easy benefits in care, here are some important points that are needed about the care of ornamental chickens, let's see the full, just 13 ways to raise ornamental chickens.

13 T1ps to Cultivate Ornamental Chicken - Coloring Pages

1. Choose the type of ornamental chicken

Each type of ornamental chicken has a different character that influences the treatment process, some of the best types of chicken for ornamental chickens are chicken serama which has a body shape with head looked up and swollen chest, chicken that has beauty in combs and feathers, cemani chickens that have physically black, and pheasants that have long tails with more than 3 colors of feathers on their bodies.

2. Life cycle of ornamental chickens

Ornamental chicken has a production cycle 2 times a year, which is around April to May and October to December. Ornamental chicken has an expensive price according to its physical beauty and performance.

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3. Adaptation of Ornamental Chicken

When you buy ornamental chicken as the initial seed, you must pay attention so that the ornamental chicken feels comfortable and can adapt to its new environment, for that he must get a comfortable treatment and have a different cage, not mixed with other types of chickens that tend to live in groups .

4. Intake for Early Growth

Give antistress drugs in the form of ornamental B complex vitamins and B12, these vitamins are good for the adaptation to the new environment and make her appetite so she feels comfortable in the cage that you give.

5. Adjust to the Origin

In order for ornamental chickens to have a good development, at an early stage, feed according to the food they eat in their old places, you can replace it slowly if you want a better feed menu.

The environment is also made similar to the old environment, making sure it has a large enclosure so that it can move freely because ornamental chickens have different physical forms such as longer tails and so require more space.

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6. Ornamental Chicken Feed

Give food for the ornamental chickens that you keep as best you can, right and not exceeding the capacity of the ornamental chicken, you can give grain for morning and evening menus and wet voer for the afternoon, every feed given must be of high quality so that ornamental chickens have growth normal, have a good mentality, and have a strong appeal.

7. Side Feed Menu

For additional feed menu so that ornamental chickens are not bored, you can also provide other feeds such as fish oil, meat and bone powder, and liver powder. The feed is the favorite food of ornamental chicken that can be mixed into the daily feed.

Ornamental chickens will be more excited when eating and have a better mentality so that it is easier for them to be trained or taught by the owner. Good nutrition will also make ornamental chickens able to reproduce perfectly.

8. Multivitamins

In an effort to maximize the health of ornamental chickens that you care for, you can add multivitamins every 3 days using quality vitamins such as AD Plex or Vitachick. Chicken will be healthier and stronger and far from disease because it has a good body resistance.

For ornamental chicken that looks sick, give a separate enclosure as a form of quarantine so that the disease does not spread to other ornamental chickens and do as intensive treatment as possible.

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9. Bathing Decorative Chicken

There are various ways to bathe ornamental chickens according to their type, here are examples of how to bathe ornamental chickens that you can do according to the type.

For chicken ranges, bathing is done by spraying water and ornamental chickens are allowed to go back and forth in the environment or diumbar so that it will dry by itself.
Chicken kate, bathed with water and then released so that it can dry itself.
Ayam cemani, bathed by dipping into water and allowed to soak for 1 to 2 minutes then allowed to bask to dry independently.

10. Protection from pests and diseases

Diseases that often affect ornamental chickens are fleas and internal diseases, these diseases can be prevented by bathing regularly so that the cleanliness of the body is maintained and provides quality food so that he can avoid diseases related to internal organs.

Whereas for protection from pests and predators you can provide the best place that can not be reached by predators such as dogs or snakes.

11. Cage cleanliness

Ornamental chicken must be in a clean cage, at least clean the cage every 3 days so that the cage is free of dirt and odor. Clean the cage with clean water and spray antiseptic liquid to maximize cleanliness.

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12. Evaluation of Physical Development

Make sure ornamental chickens have physical growth according to their age so that they can do their activities well and undergo their life cycle perfectly, you can also maximize the benefits like when in a race.

13. Breeding

If you want to breed ornamental chicken, make sure you choose quality ornamental chicken seeds and give the best care as described in the points that have been mentioned so that breeding goes normally according to its life cycle.

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So that can be conveyed by the author, hopefully it will be a quality attitude for you and the best guide in ornamental chicken. Of course the results obtained are in accordance with what you are trying to do, namely quality feed and the best care. Finally, the authors say thank you. Regards.
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