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13 Ways of Home-Scale Cow Livestock - Bluelotusdc

Top ! 13 Ways of Home-Scale Cow Livestock - Coloring Pages

Dear friends, all readers, meet again with writers who are always happy to share insights about the world of farm animals and all their treatments. Of course, all the information that the author gives is expected to become your knowledge and guide in caring for the pets that your friends maintain daily.

Well, buddy, this time the author will discuss about one of the animals that are farmed a lot because it has great benefits for humans for one of the food ingredients, namely cattle. Cows are certainly not foreign animals where general cattle are bred either at home or on large farms where cows do have high nutrition in meat and milk.

On this occasion, the author will discuss specifically the 13 ways of home-scale cattle, home cattle are known as economical businesses which are still small-scale and require capital that is not so large in the maintenance or manufacture of cages. However, of course good results will be obtained if farmers are able to apply good standards so that the quality obtained gets a good response on the market. The following is the full description to achieve this.

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1. Seed Selection

The way to get good results certainly begins with the selection of quality seeds, namely looking at the cow's seeds from the shape and line of the body, face, ears and legs. Make sure all members of the body are not deformed and have an active ability both in their ability to move and in their appetite.

2. Cage

Home-grown cattle are required to pay attention to the quality of the cage, which is clean and disease-free cage such as anthrax or lice, and is not closed and has a sufficient supply of sunlight. Adjust the size of the cage with the number of cows that are kept, avoid cows from the cage that are too narrow because it affects the daily routine such as when feeding or bathing.

3. Relations with Settlements

It is far better if the cow pen is a bit far from the settlement so that the smell does not disturb the surrounding population, if it is not possible to have a location away from home, then it is necessary to maintain maximum cleanliness both in cattle and in the cages that are occupied.

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4. Clean Water

In home cattle, clean water supply must be considered because it is related to the cleanliness of the cage and the need for drinking cows. Make sure the cow gets enough water throughout the day, always provide drinking water for the cow and replace the drinking water at least twice a day in the morning and evening.

5. Feed supply

There is a variety of feed needed by cows, namely fiber and concentrate (reinforcing feed). The feed needed is legumes or legumes, grass, food agricultural waste such as corn straw, rice straw, and bean straw, but the waste has a lower quality. The forage feed that is given must first be cured because if it is harvested too young it causes bloating and diarrhea.

6. Preferred Feed Type

The best feed for cow housea is, Bengali grass, Hawaiian elephant grass, and king grass which is a source of energy. Lamtoro is a source of protein, gamal or tree legume whose leaves are fed first which is very good for the growth of home-grown cattle, high protein desmodium, and calliandra which is a mixture for animal grass feed.

7. Natural Vitamins

In addition to daily feed and booster feed, cows must also get vitamins, namely vitamins made from natural ingredients so that they have maximum growth and away from disease, these natural vitamins are corn bran, rice bran, peanut meal, coconut cake, kapok seed meal , soybean cake and tofu pulp. Choose the one that is easiest to get or much better if you are able to provide a varied menu.

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8. Measures and Time for Feeding

Grass harvested before flowering so that it has the best nutritional quality, forage is given to cattle as much as 10% of body weight.
Forage legumes or legumes are given as much as 1% of the body weight of cattle.
Natural vitamins as much as 1% of body weight for 2 times a day should be at 7:00 a.m. and afternoon at 4:00 p.m.
Giving regular food is given about two hours after giving natural vitamins, and is carried out gradually in the morning, afternoon, evening, and evening with a time interval of 3 to 4 hours each time giving.

9. Prevention of disease

The disease that often occurs in cattle is anthrax caused by poor food quality, stressed cows, or contracting from other animals, this can be minimized by ensuring the quality of feed given. Other diseases that must also be watched out for are fleas, which occur due to the lack of the body of a cow or a cage that is lacking.

10. Bathing Cows

Cows are much better if bathed every day, which is to prevent lice from developing on their bodies and cleaning food scraps on their feathers. Cows must be bathed emrata all over their bodies and dried by being invited to walk around so that their feathers feel fresh and completely dry.

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11. Cleaning Cow Cages

Cow cages must be finished once every 3 days, which is freed from dirt and dust so that the ktooran does not settle for a long time. Clean the cow cage with water and soap and make sure it is rinsed clean and dried, then the cow is put back into the cage.

12. Harvest

At harvest time, it can be adjusted according to market demand or when the buyer has bargained, make sure the cow is free of disease when harvested, fattening the cow until it is ready for harvest, generally for 3 to 6 months.

13. Maximizing Results

Take advantage of all that is in cattle to get maximum benefit, for example by using cow dung as a waste of fertilizer making so that there are no parts of home-grown cattle that are wasted.

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This was conveyed by the author, after my friend understood how the correct home-based cattle, of course, could be a motivation or guide for your friends in caring for and meeting all the needs of home cows according to their age so that they can also grow and benefit perfectly. Finally, the author said, Thank you. May be useful.
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