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10 Ways to Treating Stomach Pain Horses - BlueLotusdc

10 Ways to Overcome the Most Complete Stomach Pain on Horse - Coloring Pages

A horse is a pet that is maintained with the aim of helping humans as mounts or to channel hobbies such as riding, also to be used around tourist sites that need horses for tourists to go around. The horse owner is certainly an experienced person because in his treatment requires intense understanding and action. Although horses have bodies that look big and strong, they turn out to have sensitive stomachs so they are easily seized by disease if they are in a state of lack of fit or stress.

Stomach pain in a horse has various symptoms that can be seen from its physical appearance such as teeth cracking, excessive saliva, decreased appetite, to diarrhea. To overcome this, it is obligatory to provide incentive care so that he does not turn aggressive. The trick is to run tips on the article the author discussed on this occasion, namely, 10 ways to treat a horse with stomach aches. Let's see this article until it's finished.

Best T1ps To Treatment Sick Horse

1. Give Time to Rest

The way to treat a horse with stomach aches is of course to let him rest first, if he is often used as a ride, it must be temporarily stopped until the illness has healed. Because in a horse with a stomach ache if he moves too much, acid in his stomach will flow into the gland in the stomach so that it adds to the pain he feels.

2. Protect from pressure

If he is seen pressing his stomach, then the owner must prevent it, the pressure on the stomach either by his own behavior or because exercise can also drain acid in his stomach so that cells cannot repair themselves, make sure the horse is calm and resting so that the lining of the stomach is damaged and it hurts because the acid can quickly recover.

3. Place in the Install (Enclosure)

Let the horse with a stomach ache in the cage, do not place it in the air or an open environment that is close to the interaction of humans or other animals, it is intended to prevent the horse from stress and to maximize his rest so that he is free from any disturbance and can fully rest. (Also read about the method of Javan goat cattle without ngarit).

4. Make sure the Straw is always full

How to treat horse abdominal pain is to make sure that there is always enough hay near the cage where he is resting, the stomach of a horse that is sick due to acid release can increase or decrease in one day, if the straw is always fully available then the horse will have a high appetite and the stomach is always in full condition and reduced acid and the pain will also be reduced immediately.

In the condition that there is a lot of straw available, horses that often chew more will increase their saliva production even more so that saliva becomes protection from acids. The horse swallowed can expand in the stomach, preventing acid from flowing in the stomach lining.

5. Do it during Semingu

A horse that has a stomach ache will at least leave it for the wife to provide straw or feed that is always full for a week so that recovery is maximized and the recovery achieved is also maximal. If the recovery period has not been maximized, it has been charged for training or returning to help humans, so the risk in a short time will return to a more severe abdominal pain that can be dangerous for their health.

6. Feed before activity

After a week of rest, the owner can return to the horse to practice by giving food first such as straw about 500 grams and straw bran about half an hour before the activity so that the stomach will make a layer that protects from the acid and provides enough comfort and energy.

7. Treatment

If the rest during the week is not healed, the owner should provide additional treatment using drugs available at animal manufacturers or in consultation with a veterinarian, the drug will generally be given in the form of tablets that block the acid as a whole so that the horse's stomach can heal itself , the dose is usually enough for one tablet a day by drinking it directly.

8. Give Probiotics

Probiotics like yogurt that contain germs will fight acid-forming bacteria that cause pain in the horse's stomach. Yogurt can be given directly or by mixing it with food, yogurt will help to restore the maximum abdominal pain and provide resistance to the stomach so that he will avoid the same poet later on.

9. Handling to Veterinarians

In the condition of abdominal pain and the owner has made the best effort but not yet seen signs of recovery, then the owner is obliged to take him to the veterinarian to find out more about what the disease is if there are other possible complications of the disease. during the treatment period still provide good nutrition and fluids and provide yogurt to relieve the stomach ache they experience.

The veterinarian will conduct an examination according to the symptoms that occur and what actions have been taken, if it is suspected of having a relationship with another disease then an internal examination will be carried out. Nutritional needs and antibiotic administration will generally be given by infusion to penetrate the body more quickly and restore the condition.

10. Further Prevention

When the horse is healed, the owner's obligation for the future is to give care to the horse better and prevent stomach pain from coming back. The trick is to provide nutritious feed with an appropriate portion of 3 times a day, avoiding horses from prolonged hunger due to the frequency of poor feeding. Also avoid horses from stress caused by too high activity, fatigue, too frequent trips.

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Also bring horses close to other horses to socialize and prevent stress or depression. If abdominal pain occurs in a foal, then it is likely that the mother horse has poor nutrition in the milk so that the nutritional intake obtained becomes reduced and inhibited, it requires additional nutrition from humans to prevent stomach pain coming back.

Thus the article on how to treat horse abdominal pain, indeed maintaining any animal is the responsibility of the owner in terms of health and survival, because it must have broad insight so that if problems occur, they can handle it immediately. Thank you for reading, warm greetings from the author.
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