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Business Opportunities Cattle - Opportunities for lucrative cattle business are very good and very bright. Beef cattle business becomes a cattle breeding business choice that promises to many people who are interested to pursue the business.

Opportunities for cattle raising cattle are still wide open and very profitable by anyone. Are you interested in running the choice of cattle business?

Cattle breeding business is very easy to find in the countryside rather than in the city. Because the land in the countryside is still very broad and supportive. As well as natural cow feed that is available in nature lot of grass.

So the business capital for the cost of cattle feed can be trimmed into smaller expenditure.

One of the successful and wealthy cattle breeders is a complete man named Sayfudin Zuhri from Pasuruan East Java Province. Initially he opened a cattle business with a total of 2 cows.

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Of the 2 cows there are now 50 cows. Hardworking man who started a cattle business since 13 years ago said the key to the success of the cattle business is not to feel complacent.

A cattle rancher must continue to develop in terms of ability so that his business continues to grow.

From the results of cattle business, this smiling man is able to buy a number of two-wheeled vehicles and cars, gardens, houses, to be able to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Economic life is sufficient thanks to the business of cattle. The man who graduated from junior high school is not satisfied, he is still obsessed to increase the number of cows so that profits continue to grow.

According to the man who familiarly called Sayfudin, the prospects of cattle business is very promising and profitable. Because people's need for beef and cow's milk keep increasing every year.

Moreover, the higher level of public awareness of the high protein content in beef needed by the human body.

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Livestock Equipment Business

  • This equipment can be used for picking up or removing dirt, either cattle dung, buffaloes, livestock or goats, in addition to disposing of livestock manure can also dispose of solid waste in the environment around the cage.
  • Broom stick is a cage equipment used to clean the cage and the environment around the cage, a broom should be made from palm tree leaves or leaves of coconut trees.
  • Buckets or dungung. Equipment cages used to carry or carry water, food booster, to bathe cattle and so forth. In order for the bucket or dalung used in the cage has a strong and long life span.
  • Water hose. This water hose equipment is used to drain water from a higher surface to a lower place. Besides the slang can also be used to bathe the cattle, wash the cage and equipment.
  • Brush is a tool used to scrub the livestock when the cattle are bathed, can be used to scrub or clean the floor of the cage, cleaning the walls of the cage, cleaning the feed and drinking places and so forth.
  • Stroller (wheel barrow). This wheel borrow is, can be used to transport concentrate feed, dirt or solid waste such as (garbage, grass remnants, and other waste).
  • Arit or sickle. The machete and crescent equipment is used to cut and chop up forage.
  • Hoe hoe is a cage equipment used to clean the channels or gutters are a bit stuck.
  • Rope is the equipment to bind cattle, buffalo.
  • Feeding and Drinking Places of feed are generally made or installed permanently on the sides of cages such as feeding places for cattle, and buffalo. Feeding places can be made of board and concrete.

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