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Growing Process In Cats - BlueLotusDc

Growing Process in Cats - Coloring Pages

Cat lovers are very important and must know the growth stage of the cat from kitten to adult, making it easier for cat lovers in providing all the needs of his pet cat.

For example like: at what age the cat given the worm medicine, what age should be married, when the cat can start walking and when to start in feeding, and others.

It is also important to know the basic knowledge of the cat based on his age, in memeperkirakan his age must be memorized also characteristics such as: what kind of adolescent cats, adult cats are also like what and other characteristics.

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Here is the process or growth stage experienced in cats:Cat Grows Stages Step on Step

1. Cats With Age 0 - 6 Days

At this age is usually the stage where kittens or kittens begin to be born, when born in general kittens carry ari - arinya and ari - ari it will be eaten by the mother cat. The umbilical cord is still attached to the stomach of the cat which will be dried and apart from the stomach. At this age the cat can not start walking, only new can wriggle - stretched.

In this age too cat food is still a form of ASK (Milk of Cats) from the parent, because it has not been able to digest food other than the mother's milk. For cat lovers please note if the mother cat does not want to breastfeed her child, it can be helped by giving her milk that has been provided specifically for the cat and easy to get at some pet shop nearby by giving them using a pipette.

Growing Process In Cats
Growing Process In Cats

2. Cats With Age 7 - 10 Days

The next days up to the 10th day of his life, the cat for his food intake still rely on ASK (Water Milk Cats), but at this age of development has been more fluid despite stretching but have started opening his eyes little by little.

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3. Cats That Enter the Age 2 - 3 Weeks

Kitten or kittens when entering the age of 14 days or 2 - 3 weeks is already starting to lift with a little walking, although still heavy and still look weak. Her cat's eyes were already wide open and began to see.

The food also can still rely on asi, but also has started to tetarik with the smell - the smell of other similar foods, because at this age the cat has begun to sniff - ngendus. Teeth had already begun to grow on the front, sometimes kitten also looks itchy because it wants to bite something.

4. Cats Have Entered 4 Weeks

Age 4 weeks or about 28 days almost a month this cat has started with active in running and likes to play with his brother. Other teeth began to grow like canine teeth, cat's milk also still remain as a food, but it can be if given a smooth meal.

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5. Cats That Have Been 5 - 6 Weeks

Active once when a cat is 5-6 weeks old, because it is fluent in running, even his feet and hands have started strong and sometimes have started to climb, and wandered here and there. Provision of worm medicine can also be given but should be included in consultation with the veterinarian. It is better to provide sandboxes and playgrounds, so the cat does not ask for dirty play outside the maintenance area.

6. Cat 3 Months

At this time the cats have started teenagers, the growth of teeth that have grown everything, even for the provision of food can also other types of foods that special cats because it has started off to suckle from its mother. Vaccines can also be started giving.

6. Cat With Age 6 - 8 Months

Already entering the prestige of a cat. In this age the cat begins to be attracted by the opposite sex. The female cat is primarily married. But it's better to have a cat mated when it's really mature.

7. Cats That Are Already Age 1 Year

If it has entered the year then the cat has grown up, the female cat has started to be mated and the males have started to mate. What cat lovers should do in their growth period according to the following stages:

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1. Neonatal (From Birth To Age 2 Weeks):

Must provide good quality nutrition for the mother cat, the kitten should not be too much in the grasp, if it wants to hold it it must be very careful, the environment provided must be warm, clean and safe, if the parent cat died or not take care of his own son , then wipe with a soft towel part of the anus to stimulate defecation or small.

2. Initial Socialization (Age 3 - 8 Weeks)

The caretaker must provide quality food, many cultivated and invited to play, but when playing with the kittens should be supervised. Starting to introduce also with other cats,

the environment for the cat is like a scratch or sharpening the nails, start cleaning the teeth with brushing, can also train it with a rope for easy guidance, sit down and come when called his name.
3. End Socialization (Age 9 - 16 Sunday)

Can be continued actions that have been done in the previous stage and also some basic training that it provides. The preserver should begin discussions with the veterinarian in the possibility of streillisation (spay or neuter such as: male castrated, female removed womb or ovary), start in physical examination, and repeat the vaccination.

4. Youth (Age 17 Weeks - 1 Year)

Keep in consultation with a veterinarian in the event of serious problems such as: careless urge or other unhealthy behavior.

5. Adult (Age 1 - 6 Years)

Cat lovers should evaluate the weight and food that has been given every 3 months, cultivated regular exercise cats, pay attention to the condition of teeth and clean it, and followed by vaccine administration every year.
6. Senior Adult (Age 7 Years and Over)

Must keep watch over his appetite despite being an adult, do checks to the veterinarian at 6 months.

Thus can the author convey, may be useful insights for you in understanding the process of growing up in your pet cat and provide the best care throughout the stage of life. Thanks for reading. Warm regards.

Cat Grows Process Coloring Pages - BluelotusDc

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