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Cats are one type of pet that has long been an option for hobbyists or animal lovers. Maintaining a cat has become a lifestyle for some people. In the process of raising cats and other animals, paying attention to the food given to cats as pets and paying attention to their appetite at all times is something that must be done so that the cat is always in good health condition.

To help make the cats become voracious eat then the following are some tips for the cat to eat the vapors are described in the description below.

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Providing appetite vitamins for cats
The first tip that can be done to cats who have difficulty or not greedy to eat is to provide vitamins for cats to appetite.

Some types of vitamins and nutrients that can be given to cats to make their appetite re-form such as omega 3, protein, probiotics, taurine, vitamin B complex, omega 6, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and calcium.

Understand the causes of cats can not eat greedily
The condition of the cat who is not greedy to eat and even loss of appetite can be caused by several conditions. As part of the tips for getting the cat to eat again is to know the cause of the emergence of the condition.

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If the cause of the cat who is not greedy to eat can be known then efforts to overcome it can help increase appetite later.

Some of the causes of cats do not want to eat or the condition of cats that do not eat eatily due to loss of appetite such as:

  • The problem with the cat's mouth makes it difficult to eat.
  • The digestive system is problematic so the cat is lazy to eat.
  • Indications are experiencing pain that makes the cat's appetite disappear.

Set the cat's diet
Setting a cat's diet through meal scheduling is useful to avoid cats from loss of appetite.

Setting this cat diet is done not just provide a fixed meal schedule in cats but also need to pay attention to the type of food provided, including porposi between main food and side food.

Do not get too much food by the side of the cat so that when it's time to consume the main meal is not voracious anymore.

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Setting a good diet is one way to fatten the cat.

Give different and different food variants
One of the causes that can make a cat is not voraciously eat or lose appetite is because the variant of food provided makes him bored.

To overcome these conditions then try to find new foods with different variants and always try to provide different foods in every meal schedule, so the boredom that happens can gradually ber

Also avoid feeding prohibition for Persian cats as well as other types of cats.

  • Feed the cat directly
  • Tips for the next cat to eat the next meal that can be done when the appetite disappears is to try to feed the cat directly.

Feeding the cat can be done by hand, spoon, or injections.

Food given should be the favorite food and if you use the injection then cooked food first.

Fishing appetite cat
The next step that can be done by the owner of the cat so that the pet is able to re-consume the food in vain is to lure appetite.

How to provoke a cat's appetite can be done by giving it wet canned food.

The smell of meat that is strong enough to help provoke the cat's appetite.

  • Using Tube Feeding technique
  • Tips for cats succumbing to the next meal that can be done by catlovers or cat owners is to do Tube Feeding techniques.

Tube Feeding Technique is a way of feeding directly into the stomach of a cat using the aid of a tube or tube.

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This feeding technique is necessary to be studied first and if the owner of the cat does not have the heart then it can take him to the veterinarian.

Consult a veterinarian
The last step that can be done to help restore the appetite of a cat so that it can re-eat hungrily is to consult the existing conditions with a veterinarian.

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Through the consultation the veterinarian will make a diagnosis of the cause and appropriate medical action for the cat to return to have appetite and able to eat with gusto again. Those are some ways that cat owners can do when there is a condition of appetite loss in their pet.

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With the various ways and steps described above can help to effectively make the cat back to eat in vain. Do some ways of taking care of cats to spoil to make them according to the things ordered by the owner.

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