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8 Tips Cattle Starling Nias to Look For - BluelotusDc

Top ! 8 Tips Cattle Starling Nias to Look For - Coloring Pages

Starling is one type of tropical bird that has a unique beauty and sound. One type of starlings that have a medium popularity under the starlings suren and above the starling bird kebo is Jalak Nias.

If you see from the name may be many people who feel that the Starling Nias bird is a starlings who come from Nias, and the assumption is completely wrong. Due to the popularity is high enough then now many people who do cattle species of birds. For beginners, consider some tips on livestock starlings discussed in the explanation below.

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Best T1ps To Raise And Breeding Starling Nias - COLORING Sheet

1. Recognize the characteristics of Starling Nias birds
Before committing cattle, the first thing to understand is about the characteristics of the Nias Starling bird. Understanding these characteristics is important to differentiate the way of breeding Starling Nias with other Starling cattle tips.

The color of bird Niar dominant brown with part of the beak and skin of the eyes that are not yellow is different from other starling birds. The average bird has a body length of 23 - 25 cm it has the belly up to the white buttocks. Nias starlings can be obtained from the clay and dijamakan through how to tame the effective Starling Nias.

2. Understand the difference between males and females
Another information that needs to be understood and also prepared by the breeders is to understand the gender of the Nias Starling birds based on physical characteristics. Determining the gender of this Nias Starling bird must be done before the livestock process takes place.

Characteristic feature Starling Nias males have a square flat head shape with a little crested, male voice is also more gacor with a slightly inflated crest and the habit of nodding his head when chirping. While the female Nias Starling has an oval head shape, monotonous chirp sound, and more dull fur color from the stud.

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3. Choose a good parent
Parrots of Starling Nias can be purchased from reliable cultivators. Almost the same as the requirements of other birds chirping tips, bird starter selection Nias more emphasis on bird health and physical conditions are not disabled. Parent starling Nias birds that will be used in the process of livestock should also have a sufficient age and ready to be mated.

4. Prepare a bird cage Starling Nias
All infrastructure must be prepared before the livestock process is done in order to avoid errors caused by the cage conditions.

The nest used for the process of cattle birds starlings Nias as well as the nest that is used for birds other birds just need to be considered is in the cage should be provided cage box with a hole-shaped entrance and available a variety of materials to make the nest as a place of incubation eggs later.

5. The process of matching bird starling Nias
The process of matching the Starling Nias bird is no different from the stealing of Starling birds and other chirping birds. The stalking of the male and female Nias Starling birds is done starting from the introduction through different nests and then after there is a sign of interest from both then the connection in a cage can be done.

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If the breeding stems from other breeders then you should choose a pair that has made the matchmaking process is not too difficult. The process of matching the Starling Nias bird is the same as that done on the stage or way of cattle birds Starling Cotton.

6. The process of marriage of starling bird Nias
There is actually no cattle breeding tips on Starling Nias in terms of specific marriage compared to Starling birds or other birds chirping. It's just that in the process of marriage and pengabungan both birds need to be considered whether the male birds act aggressively by attacking the female bird. If the condition occurs then you should separate them first. Nias Jalas marriage process is almost the same as the White Starling captivity.

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7. Preparation of food in sufficient quantities
In the marriage process, the food available in the cage must have sufficient quantities to avoid disturbing the cattle livestock when adding food or drinking water.

Type of food provided in the form of small insects such as crickets, grasshoppers, grains, fruits, and even the breeders also provide bread or rice. The way of caterpillars for adult bird feed can be done to be more able to suppress the failure factor of livestock birds Nias due to wrong feed.

Best T1ps To Raise And Breeding Starling Nias - COLORING Sheet

8. The process of grilling and treatment of saplings
After the marriage process occurs successfully the female Nias Starling bird will produce approximately 4 to 6 eggs in the cage. Eggs that are in the cage will be incubated for at least 18 days until hatching occurs.

When the process of incubation takes place then note the birds because some of the birds can sometimes throw away the egg akiba certain conditions such as threats of other animals, lust again, the condition around the nest is not comfortable, and some other conditions.

Starling Nias Coloring Pages

Starling Nias Coloring Pages
Printable Starling Nias Coloring Pages

Cute Starling Nias Coloring Pages For Print Online
Cute Starling Nias Coloring Pages For Print Online

Printable Starling Coloring Sheet For Kids
Printable Starling Coloring Sheet For Kids

After the incubation takes place then the seeds of starling bird Nias begin to hatch. Newly hatched birds should be allowed to be treated by their own parents and only after 3 weeks can be separated so that they can live independently. At the age of 25 days or 1 month, usually the birds starlings Nias already able to eat and fly alone.

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Those are some tips of bird cattle Starling Nias that need to be considered in order to produce good and healthy puppies and able to grow up to adulthood. Doing livestock on birds Nias Starling is actually not difficult just need perseverance and patience in doing so.
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