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7 Tips To Breeding Local Canary Bird - BluelotusDc

7 Tips To Breeding Local Canary Bird - Coloring Pages

Maintaining and raising birds is now a warm hobby and is widely practiced in the community. One species of bird that is popular enough to be a pet or animal breeder is a local Canary. this time will give a discussion about some local walnut tips tips that can be learned both especially for beginners described in the description below.

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Best T1ps To Breeding Canary Bird - Coloring Pages

1. Prepare cages and other supporting facilities
The first step that should be prepared by those who want to breed local walnuts is to prepare the cage and supporting facilities first.

Choose a cage in the form of a special box for breeding, especially the middle part has a binder for matchmaking prosea easy to do, especially for males use hanging cage in a quiet and comfortable. In addition, Fill the local canary food in a cage in sufficient quantities. Before matchmaking, note how to keep a good canary for the marriage and marriage process can take place well and easier.

2. Recognize the sex of a canary
Tips for the next local walnut cattle is to pay attention and distinguish the sex of birds that are owned in order not wrong in the match. Male canary has a loud voice with the body tends to elongate elongated and longer neck, and the shape of the rectum protrudes perpendicularly.

While the female has a body shape that tends to round, shorter neck, the sound is not loud and sometimes broken off, and the rectal part that is not prominent. Knowing the sex of the bird can be known at the time of how to tame the right canary.

3. Understand the age and readiness of birds
Every bird certainly has the optimal age to be arranged. As a breeder, knowing the age and readiness of local canary becomes an important thing. Female canaries are ready for breeding at 6 months of age and males at 8 months of age. Readiness of livestock is also determined from the condition of lust on each canary both male and female.

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4. Matching Canaries
After the previous process can be done correctly then the next step is the process of matchmaking. Position either male or female canaries with different cages that are close together or can use a cage that has an internal insulation until the two foreheads of the walnut are visible.

Signs of matching canaries can be known when male canaries get food and sound loud and female walnuts respond by wing packing.

5. Do the marriage process
After the walnut is the most important step of this local walnut process is the marriage process. Marriage begins by bringing the two walnuts together into a cage. Notice that what should be removed from the cage is the males and do not get turned upside down.

The union of the canaries is most effective in the afternoons and if the marriage does not happen then separate again after being together for the whole night, keep this process going until the female females are ready to lay their eggs. If the process of marriage has occurred then separate the male walnut from the female walnut and prepare pineapple fiber in the box cage.
7 Tips To Breeding Local Canary Bird - Coloring Pages
Breeding Canary Bird

6. Pay attention to the clamping process
After the female walnuts lay eggs then let along with the males. This is because the male canary will always overfeed the food so that the female canary will not often out the nest.

Because female canaries do not often exit the hive then the process of incubation will take place better and maximum. During the incubation process, consider the food and hygiene of the nest and do not dry the walnut again. Providing enough food in the cage is very necessary, especially as one way to care for canaries in the rainy season.

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Printable Canary Bird Coloring Pages

Printable Canary Bird Coloring Pages

Pet Images Canary Bird Coloring Sheet For Kids
Pet Images Canary Bird Coloring Sheet For Kids
Cute Canary Bird Coloring Pages
Cute Canary Bird Coloring Pages 

7. Hatching and harvesting
After approximately 14 days of the incubation period the eggs of the canary birds will begin to hatch. Watch the food contained in the nest and occasionally add boiled quail eggs. After the age of 1 week, add other foods such as vegetables and apples to support the growth of better local walnuts.

Walnuts are ready to be harvested when they are 25 days old because they are able to feed themselves. After the walnut is ready for harvest then separate the two walnuts and bathe both to clean the fleas and dirt. Cleaning of lice after the marriage process is also one way to maintain a good lovebird bird.

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Those are some simple local walnut tips that can help to make the livestock process work. If the way is less suitable or not in accordance with the condition of the canary is owned then try to do the way of walnut cattle with hanging cages. Similar to cattle on other birds, persistence and patience are the keys to success in producing good puppies.
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