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20 Ways to Maintain Aquarium Fish To Not Die - Bluelotusdc

Top ! 20 Ways to Maintain Aquarium Fish To Not Die - Coloring Pages

Ornamental fish in the aquarium can indeed provide its own entertainment as well as additional decoration to beautify a room. Seeing the activity of fish that swim in the water is also very powerful to relieve stress after a day of work.

But in maintaining the fish in the aquarium also requires special care for the cleanliness of the aquarium water can always be awake and pleasing to the eye while keeping the survival of the fish.

In this review, we have several ways to keep the aquarium fish so it will not die that you can do easily at home.

Best T1ps to Maintain Aquarium Fish To Not Die - Coloring Sheet

Selecting Aquarium With Match Size
Like how to maintain tilapia, the first thing to note is to choose the size of the aquarium that suits the lot and size of the fish. It is very important that the fish in the aquarium can move freely and the amount of water in the aquarium is also appropriate. The size of the aquarium is too small will inhibit the movement of fish so that eventually can be pain and more easily die.

Choosing Fish Type
Maintain fish in the aquarium should also be selected type. Aggressive fish should not be kept in the same aquarium because it can kill non-aggressive fish. For example aggressive betta fish species should not be combined with other types of fish such as neon or mas chef which is not aggressive fish species.

Separate the Sick Fish
When looking at a sick fish, then the fish should be separated from the aquarium because it can be contagious on other fish. Unhealthy fish such as fungus, worms and other types of fish diseases will transmit other healthy fish and eventually more dead fish that also apply in freshwater fish farming.

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Arrange the Water Stream
Several types of fish that are kept in aquariums also require water currents similar to their natural habitat so that the respiratory system, blood circulation and fish excretion system can run well so that fish can live healthier and longer. For that, the use of water filters that can spray or drain the water is needed. In order to spray water is not too strong, then use rocks or corals as the water spout limit.

Always Use Clean Water
Animals can adapt well if the surrounding environment so fish. Water becomes the most important component in order to live the fish can take place well in the aquarium such as how to maintain catfish. If the water in the aquarium is dirty or cloudy, then as soon as possible should be replaced with a new one about once a week.

Provide Food Regularly
Fish food should also be given regularly with the right composition and often. It is also not less important to be done so that fish do not starve but also do not make the water in the aquarium not quickly murky.

Note the Water Depth
Water depth in the aquarium is divided into 3 ie upper, middle and also bottom. This is also very important because fish species require different levels of water depth. For the top water fish such as guppy, platty and molly. For the middle fish species for example is comet, koi and manfish as well as in the way of pomfret fish cultivation. As for the water fish down are niasa, botia, glass cleaner and also lemon. This water depth should also be considered because if one then the fish will quickly die.

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Add Light
Some fish also need light to live well in the aquarium and others do not like light so as not to get sick and die quickly.
Best T1ps to Maintain Aquarium Fish To Not Die - Coloring Sheet
Clean the Cotton Filter
After draining the aquarium and filled with new water, the cotton on the filter should also be replaced so that the water flowing in the tank remains clean and protected from the disease that accumulates in the dirty filter cotton.

Adding a Water Plant
Aquarium aquarium water is not only useful to beautify the appearance of aquarium, but also serves as a producer of oxygen, water filter and also a place to sleep while sleeping fish should be added in maintaining the type of freshwater ornamental fish. If there are no plants in the water, then the fish more easily stress and eventually will die in a fast time.

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Apply Replacement Water
If you use well water or tap water to fill the aquarium, then the water must be precipitated in advance which aims to prevent chemicals or toxins in water from entering into the aquarium. Water used later is the water above because the toxic content has been reduced and settles down. Meanwhile, if you use PAM water, it can be added with anti-chlorine and then re-deposited.

Note the Water Nitrogen Content
One of the causes of water quality in aquariums is worse and makes the fish so much easier to die is because the nitrogen content in the water is too high. Too much nitrogen content can make fish poisoning and can cause death in fish. These high levels of nitrogen generally occur because of the accumulated fish debris and also the leftovers so both of these must be cleaned at least once a week.

Add Fish Hiding Place
Fish that are too often in a crowded place will be more stressful and in time sooner or later it can die that also must be done at the time how to care for ornamental fish in the jar. To prevent this, it is advisable to add a hiding place in the aquarium can be a pile of stones, wood and pipes.

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Provide Test Kit
The test kit tool is an essential tool for monitoring the water conditions used to check the ammonia, nitrites and nitrate content in water. Test kit tool is also useful to see the level of acidity pH water to maintain the survival of the fish.

Keep From Window
Aquariums should be placed away from the window because the sunlight shining on the aquarium will directly nourish the growth of green algae. If too many green algae are in the aquarium, the health of the fish will be disrupted and worsen the appearance of the aquarium and increase the water temperature drastically causing the fast dead fish.

Ensure Chlorine Free Water
In tap water usually contains a very high chlorine levels so that if used for aquarium then the fish will die faster due to poisoning that must be applied in koi betta fish cultivation. To avoid this, then do the first dechlorination that silence water for 1 night so that chlorine content in water can settle at the bottom and the water used to fill the aquarium is the water in the top layer only.

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Avoid Water Temperature Too Cold
The temperature of the aquarium water is too cold can cause diseases such as white patches or whitespot on the fish and eventually in quick time will die. To overcome this, then use a special heater aquarium that is not only effective to prevent white patches as well as overcome digestive disorders in fish.

Clean the Sand Sediments
Sand that usually settles on the bottom of the water becomes a fertile place for the nitrification bacteria breeding that usually arises due to residual sedimentation of feed, fish feces and various other substances that are very easily contaminated. For that, the sand sediment layer that is in the bottom of the tank should be cleaned periodically and replaced with more sterile water.

Add Water Filters
Several types of aquarium fish also require a water filter in which the filter is required to have 3 filtration stages that are mechanical to filter large particles such as fish debris and food scraps, chemicals to remove odor and water color changes as well as organic and biological substances to destroy fish and ammonia using good bacteria that must also be done in the way of comet fish cultivation.

This water filter device should also be adjusted to the size of the aquarium if the size of the aquarium is large enough, then use 2 pieces of large-sized filters. With always clean water quality and a good water filter device, then the fish can live well and avoid the various diseases of deadly fish.

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Change Weather Temperature
Some types of fish are also very influential with changes in water temperature following the weather around the aquarium. For that, water temperature should also always be adjusted that can be done by using a thermometer to measure water temperature and then adjusted. The thermometer that can be used also consists of 2 types of thermometers mounted on the aquarium and also a thermometer mounted on the outside of the aquarium. Both types of thermometers are fairly accurate to measure the temperature but the best option is aquarium mounted on the inside of the aquarium.

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In order for the fish you maintain can grow healthy and not susceptible to disease, then some ways to keep the aquarium fish so as not to die that we have given above must be done regularly. Hopefully the information we provide this time can be useful especially you who are beginners in maintaining fish in the aquarium.
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