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15 Ways to Take Care of a Sugar Glider to be Healthy

15 Ways to Take Care of a Sugar Glider to be Healthy - Coloring Pages

Sugar glider in Latin called Petaurus Breviceps is a marsupial where the sugar glider females will have a belly pouch like a kangaroo.

This petite and adorable animal is called the sugar glider because this animal loves sweet food and often moves to other areas by gliding or gliding so it is called a sugar glider.

Generally, the sugar glider has a fur of gray and ash and creamy chests and black lines along the spine. This sugar glider tail is used as a tool to balance the body while it is sliding so it is not easy to fall.

For those of you who want to maintain sugar glider, it's good to see some ways to care for sugar glider for healthy especially for beginners that we will give the following.

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Best Tips To Take Care Of  A Sugar Glider To Be Healthy - Coloring Pages

Socialize the Sugar Glider
Sugar glider is an animal that is in need of socialization so it can grow healthy if you as a voter also take the time to treat sugar glider is different from how to tame the mini hedgehog.

Sugar glider can bond strong and can be very sad when the bond is broken. Although sugar gliders can be bought per tail, but it would be better if you buy a pair of sugar glider or a colony so as not to lonely and can grow well.

Consider General Sugar Glider Disease
Sugar glider is quite easy in the treatment so it can grow healthy. However, there are times when sugar gliders can get sick because of lack of nutrients given, lack of play or due to several other causes. For that, so sugar glider can grow with healthy, so pay attention to what kind of disease that can attack sugar glider, such as:

  • Injuries due to scratched or scratched sharp objects inside the cage.
  • Indigestion or constipation
  • Lack of calcium that can make sugar glider paralyzed but can be prevented with enough nutrition.
  • Parasites such as worms or lice
  • Overweight or obesity from eating too much.
  • Stress that can occur due to lack of socializing or playing.
  • Adjust Size of the Cage
  • Choosing the appropriate size of the cage is also an important factor for the sugar glider to grow healthy. Keep in mind if the sugar glider can stretch your legs and glide in the air so you need to set up a high and large sized enclosure.

For the minimum size of the ideal sugar glider mininum is 30 cm high with a width of 60 cm and the distance between the bars does not exceed from 1.25 cm. However, it would be even better if you set up the size of the cage is much larger so that sugar gliders can freely to play.

In addition, also avoid choosing a cage made of galvanized steel because it can rust and cause sugar gliders affected by bladder infections. Make sure the cage you use is made of a net or with horizontal bars so that the sugar glider will be able to climb in the cage.

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Use Large Tray Base
Also make sure the cage mat is made of a large tray that is useful for storing dirt and food scraps so it does not accumulate inside the cage as well as it is easier to replace. Make sure the base also does not contain toxic materials such as sand, old newspapers or pads that are often used for dogs and make sure to be changed at least once a week. Do not use wood or some type of hard oil that can interfere with sugar glider breathing.

Provide Pockets In The Cage
In contrast to how to tame a puppy, sugar glider is a nocturnal animal used to sleeping in a tree while in the wild is certainly different from how to keep a rabbit at home. In order for the condition of the cage can be similar to wild conditions, then add a bird house made of safe wood like eucalyptus or manzanita.

In addition, you can also use a bag made of wool complete with openings on the side.

Connect the bag or the house on the side of the cage using a plastic hook in the net or grate. Sugar glider will climb into the box or bag if you want to rest.

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In order for all these nesting materials not toxic, then make sure you have safe wood materials such as apple pohin wood, eucalyptus and also wooden manzanita. As for the bag material, choose a wool or 100% cotton for the outside only.
Best Tips To Take Care Of  A Sugar Glider To Be Healthy - Coloring Pages
Add Tree and Toy Stalks
Sugar glider is a smart animal that requires an environment that is also interesting and can stimulate his mind as a way to overcome the sugar glider that stress. You can add a tree stalk on the side of the cage to look like the original nature or can also add toys for sugar gliders made of plastic and sold in many sugar glider fixtures.

If you want to add a toy of a wheel, then make sure the wheel is not equipped with bars on the portion because it can make the sugar glider tail snagged. You can also search the idea of ​​sugar glider toys online to find the different types of games that sugar gliders really love.

If the sugar glider does not get enough stimulation, it will create a sugar glider depression that eventually leads to various health problems in the long run.

Give a Healthy Diet
Sugar glider is an original Australian animal is very happy to consume birds eggs, insects, lizards and some other types of wild foods and not given food in the form of pellets. The most important thing for a healthy diet for sugar gliders is to meet the needs of protein, fat and sugar as well as make sure the mineral obtained sugar glider sufficient.

Avoid giving dog food, cats or any other type of food to the sugar glider because it is not appropriate for sugar gliders.

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Give a Healthy Snack
Sugar glider is also a very fond of snack. Giving a snack to a sugar glider is also a good way to bond or build a bond between you and the sugar glider as a way of taming the sugar glider.

Some of the most favored sugar glider snacks are hongkong caterpillars, fresh fruits such as dried papaya, sulfur-free dried coconut, yogurt, pineapple but too much, nuts and also other snacks that can be licked like apple puree, baby food and yogurt with chicken and apple flavor becoming the favorite of the sugar glider.

When giving a snack, make sure all snacks are free of dyes, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and unnatural ingredients. Avoid some snacks that can be harmful to sugar gliders such as candy, chocolate and sugar that can cause health problems.

Important Components of Sugar Glider Foods
In order for the sugar glider to grow healthily, there are three main food components that must be met namely protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and vitamin supplements. Vitamins are very important given not as an energy source but to help the process of energy formation.

But avoid giving vitamins to reptiles and just give vitamins that are specific to sugar glider. Vitamin supplements can be sown on food but do not mix with drinks.

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Give enough Drink
Sugar glider should also be provided enough drink to be always healthy. Use filtered water instead of groundwater that is filled out daily not to wait for the empty container to empty. This water can also be mixed with fruit juice 3 times a week.

Avoid mixing fruit juice in drinking water every day because too much sugar is also not good for sugar glider health.

Give Cereal
Cereal can be given as a snack for sugar gliders as a way of making appetite sugar glider. Choose high seeral for protein content but low fat or low fat content. This cereal can be given between hours of staple feeding but not substituted for staple food.

For each time give cereal can be given as much as 1 tablespoon in one day, if left immediately discard and clean the container then fill with the new one the next day. This cereal can be either cheese or yogurt and also add fresh fruits and vegetables that become mandatory food for sugar glider.

Note the Phosphorus and Calcium Ingredients
The content of phosphorus and calcium in sugar glider foods is also very important to note. Since phosphorus contains elements that can inhibit absorption in the sugar glider body, give calcium and phosphorus a 2: 1 ratio. The less phosphorus given, the calcium given should be more different with how to deal with dogs hard to eat.

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Food Sugar Glider Ban

In contrast to food bans for persian cats, there are some foods that should not be given to sugar gliders because they can interfere with the health of sugar gliders and can even threaten the life of these tiny animals.

Avoid nuts and seeds: Nuts and seeds should not be given to the sugar glider because it can clog the intestine and contain too much fat.
Fatty foods: Fatty foods should also not be given to sugar gliders such as avocados, legumes and other fatty foods.

Do not give wild insects: Some types of wild bugs should also not be given because they may already contain pesticides or fertilizers because the sugar glider is very sensitive to chemicals.
Avoid canned food and onions: Canned food and also foods containing onions also should not be given because it can destroy red sugar glider blood cells.

Cute Sugar Glider Coloring Pages

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Adorable Sugar Glider Coloring Pages For Print
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Cute Sugar Glider Coloring Pages For Kids
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Other Treatment

In addition to the many treatments we have given above to keep the sugar glider healthy and avoid the stress, there are other things to consider in maintaining the sugar glider:

  • Bathe: Sugar gliders do not need to be bathed so differently from bathing hamsters if they are not needed because they often take care of themselves, are sensitive to chemicals and can also reduce trust with their masters because sugar glider is not a bathing animal.
  • Handsfeeding: Handsfeeding or hand feeding is very important for bonding or building a bond between you and a sugar glider.
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