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15 Ways to Maintain the Arnab in the House

15 Ways to Maintain the Arnab in the House- Coloring Pages

Arnab or commonly referred to as a rabbit is a ruminating mammal that has a long ear so that his hearing is also very sharp. Arnab is a very fun pet and can be maintained either inside the house or outside the house.

Like other types of pets, arnab also requires good maintenance such as adequate feeding, enough time to play as well as tighten relationships or bonding with the arnab. In this review, we will discuss in full about how to maintain the arnab in the house that you can apply especially for you beginners.

How To Raise Arnab Rabbit In The House - Coloring Pages

1. Keep Arnab From Child Children
Arnab is a fragile pet that is not suitable if kept by children. Unlike dogs or cats, the arnab can not scream when it is disturbed or hurt so it will usually scratch or bite to show if it is being disturbed. In addition, when children carry arnab and fall, the risk of fractures, especially the backbone will also increase.

2. Note Arnab Maintenance Costs
Like other pets, how to keep a rabbit at home or arnab also requires special costs such as food, bed, visits to the veterinarian and also a place to dispose of the wild. You would have to spend around a million dollars a year on arnab maintenance especially when the arnab is ill and needs additional treatment.

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3. Make Sure Have Enough Space
Arnab also requires a large enough area to play especially indoors. Arnab needs a place large enough to run, jump and play as many as several hours a day. Make sure all areas are fenced and properly supervised so that no predators. Provide a comfortable area for the arnab to play like you have a baby.

4. Prepare the Cage
You can buy or make your own cage to keep the arnab inside the house like how to keep rabbits in the rainy season. Make sure the cage is large enough for the urinating box, the bowl for food and also drink and enough room for movement. Minimum cage should be four times the length of the body of the arnab and if you want to make a snediri cage, it can be made from a wire mesh sheet that can be removed from the wooden box frame so it is easy to clean.
15 Ways to Maintain the Arnab in the House- Coloring Pages
5. Give Meals Appropriate
Almost all adult arnabs consume straw, but should avoid giving alfalfa straw because it can cause stomach pain. As for grain seeds should be given in small amounts about 1/3 cup per day for small arnab.

The rest can be given food in the form of green vegetables and fruits. Complete the arnab nutritional needs with pellets, vegetables such as broccoli, carrot leaves, bok coy, cilantro, beetroot, cabbage, cabbage, cabbage and all other green leaf types.

6. Check with Veterinarians
No different from how to care for rabbit anggora, arnab also require regular veterinary examination. In addition to providing vaccinations, the veterinarian will also be able to predict when your pet needs medical treatment because the arnab is very smart to hide the pain unlike other types of animals.

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For this reason it is a bit difficult to detect when arnab requires further treatment. In addition, checking the arnab to the veterinarian regularly is also very important because you can get some best tips from veterinarians related to the behavior and also some things to note from the arnab.

7. Provide Play Area
Arnab is a very happy animal to play like dropping things and sometimes rolling things like a ball.

In addition, the arnab is also happy to steal something so you have to make sure all the goods in the house is safe to play. Make a fun play area for the arnab such as designing an open stacked open rack and also a fence that all the materials you can buy easily in the store fixtures. Make sure the hole hole on the shelf is not too big for the foot arnab.

Additionally, also add a box of places to hide arnab. Look for a box that is larger than the body of the arnab and make openings on both sides so as to form like a tunnel.

8. Avoid Too Frequent Hugging Arnab
Although the arnab looks very adorable, but in fact arnab not very like if too often embraced or stroked. In addition, the arnab is also often afraid when you lean toward it when it will lift or carry arnab and can show as a sign of rabbits anggora sick.

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This can happen because the arnab is an animal of prey and gestures as you will carry it will look like a bird of prey that is about to pounce on the arnab. When you want to caress the arnab, then do it for a while, because if it is too long a chance he will bite.

9. Provide the appropriate Dirt Box
Since the arnab will be kept inside the house, be sure to prepare a box of dirt even though the arnab does not like a certain type of dirt box.

You can prepare a closed dirt box with a wall height vary but not too high and not too short as long as it is quite comfortable to enter arnab. Some types of litter that are usually used for arnab include silica litter paint, torn paper, wood shavings but not pine and cedar shavings, dry grass and straw.

Make sure the litter is not clot and not made of clay because it can be dangerous if swallowed or inhaled by arnab.

10. Avoid Providing Vitamins
Provision of vitamins as food supplements should be avoided arnab because if the arnab in good health, then supplements are also not needed as in a way to raise a rabbit. In addition, avoid giving carrots to the arnab because it can be harmful to his health. Carrot donation should not be done every day but can only be given once a week.

11. Give Many Dry Grasses
Dry grass is an important thing that you must have if you want to maintain arnab in the house. This dry grass can be used as a base of cages, litter, food and also toys for arnab. Dry grass needed arnab so that fiber intake in the body can be met to support healthy digestion.

This dry grass can also be used for digging and is a great entertainment spot for the arnab especially if you also hide a snack like cereal or apple slice in the cage's base.

12. Add a Tree Twig
For additional toy arnab, ana can make toys from cardboard boxes that are given holes for the playground like how to maintain the rabbit anggora. In addition, add also tree twigs that are not poisonous and have been dried for at least 6 months before being given which will be used arnab to bite. Also make sure the twig is original and not sprayed with chemicals.

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13. Provide Appropriate Dining Places
Buy a place to eat or bowl that is suitable for the arnab. Arnab needs a feed bowl as a food place that can be selected from heavy materials such as ceramics so that the bowl does not often slip when stepping on the bowl. In addition, make sure the bowl wall has a height that is sufficient to accommodate food but also low enough to easily reach the arnab.

14. Provide a Bowl of Drinking Water
In addition to providing a bowl to eat, a bowl of drinking water or bottles should also be provided but should also prepare a few bottles of spare.

The best choice for a drinking container is the bowl because the arnab often gets annoyed when it comes to drinking from a bottle so the best option is a ceramic bowl like a bowl that is used as an arnab food place. In addition, do not forget also to clean the arnab after drinking like how to clean the rabbit to keep it clean and healthy.

15. Let Arnab Interact With Its Own
Also make sure you do not force the arnab to interact with you specially if you just bought it. Let him out himself from the cage and jump up. Let the arnab approach you and avoid moving too much so that later on it will naturally come up to you and sniff.

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Give a small amount of vegetables the size of the tip of the thumb and let him eat the vegetables. If the arnab still looks alert, then sit quietly and speak gently. Do not move too fast because the arnab can be very frightened.

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Tips to Maintain Arnab

  • If you want to keep a pair of male and female arnabs, then both must be neutralized to avoid marrying children. In addition, the female arnab can reach the level of sexual maturity when the age of 5 months so if not immediately neutralized, it will be a lot of descendants of the arnab that may make you a little confused in taking care of it.
  • Check your arnab teeth once a month to check for teeth whitening and see if any parts of the tooth should be cut. If the teeth are not tidy, it will be a lot of saliva coming out of his mouth and problems arise when eating so should be immediately taken to the veterinarian.
  • Avoid arnab feeling hot or hot because they have thick fur, make sure the temperature inside the house stay comfortable and cool.
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