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15 Tips to Maintain a Siberian Husky Dog - Bluelotusdc

Top ! 15 Tips to Maintain a Siberian Husky Dog - Coloring Page

Siberian Husky or huskies is a very energetic breed so if you want to keep it, it takes a lot of activity and also exercise so that the dog can feel happy.

Although Looks fierce and creepy, but siberian husky is a dog race that is very kind and faithful so many people who want to maintain this type of dog.

While the shortcomings, husky is a dog that is a little stubborn and a little difficult to be trained so you have to think before maintaining.

Consider also whether you have enough time to take care of siberian husky, have patience, energy and also high dedication to help husky get a happy life and live long.

If all you have thought about and still want to keep this dog, then please refer to some tips to maintain a husk Siberian husky that we will give the following.

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Best T1ps to raise siberian husky dog - Coloring Sheet

1. Socialize
Socialization will teach the Siberian husky how to interact well from every aspect both with others and also other dogs. This is very helpful for husky to grow into a dog that is confident, obedient and courteous. Let husky spend time around lots of people and get lots of sights as well as sounds.

You can sound things like televisions, horns, passing car sounds, the sounds of other animals and can even invite some of your friends home so that she can feel comfortable with new people. Observe the husky Siberian, if you look terrified, the dog sign of depression and alert to something, then avoid exposing husky to the situation.

2. Set Leadership
Husky is a dog that desperately needs a clear leader and should see you as its leader. One way to establish and build leadership you can do is to make it wait while eating like how to keep a herder dog.

By controlling husky when eating, then later he will see you as the only source of food as well as its leader. Another way to build your leadership with husky is to lead it while walking your way.

Let your dog follow you and not you who follow your dog. If he seems to be trying to take charge of leadership, then be firm, confident and consistent to keep your leadership. The thing to remember, do not ever intimidate or hit your dog because husky can not trust and respect you as a leader.

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3. Invite Exercise Every Day
Husky is actually a working dog in their native area of ​​Siberia where their job is to pull heavy sleds at great distances. For that reason, Siberian husky really need daily exercise every day about 30 to 60 minutes so that stored energy can be released as well as how to cope with depressed dogs.

4. Avoid Activity When Heat
Although husky must move a lot, but avoid taking husky activities or exercise when the weather is hot. Huskys have a double coat of fur which makes them actually very suitable to be maintained in cold areas. For that, be careful if you want to keep husky in warm climates like Indonesia. Do the activity outdoors just in the morning before sunrise.

5. Give Toys
Husky is a smart dog and needs mental stimulation to keep him busy and feel entertained differently by taking care of mini pom dogs. The type of toy named Kong is very nice given to husky because this toy is durable and challenging the husky mentality to find ways to get the food out in the toy.

  • Fill the toy kong with a favorite dish of siberian husky.
  • Things to remember, husky is very happy to spoil so be sure to choose chewing toys that last longer to stay busy but not easily destroyed.
  • Also teach some tricks on husky like play dead or pretend to die and also fetch for their mental can be more aroused.

6. Give Quality Food
The Siberian husky was originally raised to survive a slightly different amount of food by keeping rottweiler. Therefore, husky should not be given foods that contain many calories to stay healthy and have the energy to play as well as exercise.

  • Give husky foods 1 to 2 times a day and avoid exercise about 90 minutes after meals.
  • Many or at least foods that are needed husky depending on several factors such as age, size and health status.
  • For Siberian husky child, then give the food as much as 3 times a day ie morning, evening and night. When it comes 3 or 4 months, it can be fed 2 times a day.
  • Human food and canned food should not be given because it can make husky more voters to foods that cause dogs do not want to eat and can be affected by diarrhea.

If you buy husky from breeder, it will usually be recommended for husky or you can also ask doctor or husky owner for the best food recommendation.

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7. Husky Bristle Brush
How to treat a siberian husky is a very clean dog so that the odor generated only a little or even none at all at once he is also a dog who likes to clean themselves and does not require extra care. However, when the summer, then their fur will fall on the layer of their down feathers.

  • This blowing coat period will be no more than 3 weeks.
  • Husky bristle brush as much as 1 times a week to remove dead coat and keep the fur to keep it fresh and shiny. For the brush you can get at pet stores with ease.
  • Avoid shaving husky hairs during summer. although you think this will help husky in cooling the body, but this can also reduce the protection of husk skin from ultraviolet rays are very dangerous.

8. Smoke and Cut Husky Nails
Although husky is a clean dog, but bathing should be done, especially several times a month. Siberian husky dog ​​nails should also be cut regularly 1 to 2 weeks. If husky always moves when will be cut her nails, then you should do at the vet to be safe.

Top ! 15 Tips to Maintain a Siberian Husky Dog - Coloring Page

9. Husky Toothbrush
The husky Siberian tooth part should also be brushed at least 2 to 3 times a week and be sure to use a special toothpaste and brush recommended by the veterinarian.

  • Brushing husky teeth not only keeps his breath fresh but also to prevent the buildup of tar and plaques that can characterize serious toothache and systemic dog traits.
  • Consider also to consult a vet about additional things when brushing your husky teeth.

10. Watch Overheating Mark
Siberian husky has thick fur and so much so that the sign of overheating should be considered as panting, excessive saliva, gums and bright red tongue or pale gums, thick saliva, weakness, collapse, vomiting and sometimes blood. Do not let husky have some of these signs because it can cause heatstroke, dehydration symptoms in dogs and other more serious problems.

Give cold water to drink and can also be mixed with ice.
If you train husky with a halter head, then make sure husky can still open his mouth wide and can breathe normally through the mouth in order to reduce body heat.

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11. Give a Balanced Diet
When viewed in general, the best food for husky is a mixture of commercial dog food with different raw foods by treating golden retrievers. Husky needs high protein so a combination of dog food with raw meat is very important given. Avoid giving food in the form of bone fragments because it can hurt and even kill husky.

12. Eye check
Husky is a dog who often suffers from eye disorders so examination since childhood should be done.

  • Cataract ie the membrane over the lens of the eye.
  • Dystrophies of the cornea ie mist above the cornea especially the abetina pad.
  • Progressive atrophy of the retina causes degeneration to blindness.

13. Set Limit
Husky who has a stubborn nature it requires a lot of limitations in order to reduce the stubbornness of siberian husky.

  • Do not let people in your home provide food outside of mealtimes.
  • Be consistent with the rules you set.
  • Much patience while training but still do firmly and consistently because husky generally like the job in training because he is a worker's dog.

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14. Give Toilet Exercise
For how to treat siberian husky puppies or puppies, it requires 3 main components in toilet training.
Keep an eye on dogs: Watch when the dogs go to the house to say no or not loudly then take it out.
Take it out routinely: Husky kids need more frequent bowel movements than adult dogs so they should be taken out more routinely.
Give rewards: When husky pets outside, then praise and give a gift of small snacks.

Siberian Husky Dog Coloring Pages

Siberian Husky Dog Coloring Pages

Adorable Siberian Husky Dog Coloring Sheet
Adorable Siberian Husky Dog Coloring Sheet
Printable Siberian Husky Dog Coloring Pages For Kids
Printable Siberian Husky Dog Coloring Pages For Kids

15. reins of the reins
This is very important because husky is very happy to run away so it must be cooperative to walk with the bridle as a way to tame the puppy siberian husky. Familiarize husky on the necklace that he also wore when eating so get used and invite around the house wearing bridles while providing snacks when he can walk on your side without pulling a bridle.
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