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15 Tips to Maintain Pom Dogs For Beginners - Bluelotusdc

Top ! 15 Tips to Maintain Pom Dogs For Beginners - Coloring Pages

Pom or pomeranian is one of the toy dog ​​breeds that is famous for its cleverness and cuteness and a face that looks like a doll and a fox.

The cute and easily recognizable nature of pom dogs because of its beautiful fur also makes this dog very popular.

Pom is a dog with two layers of feathers where the underside of feathers are doused from soft and soft feathers and the upper feathers are straight and rough feathers.

Pom hairs can be left to grow naturally with minimal care so that it will look round which is a typical appearance of dog pom.

For those of you who are interested in maintaining this type of dog, consider some tips on maintaining dog pom that we will give the following.

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Best T1ps How To Raise Pom Dogs - Coloring Pages

1. Clean Ear Pom
Like how to treat a siberian husky, for how to maintain the first pom, you should clean your ear regularly using a cotton swab dipped in a non-alcoholic cleaning fluid. Pick up the ear to see the inner skin and clean the area of ​​the ear.

  • Avoid inserting cotton tips or cotton buds in the ear canal and if the dog moves suddenly, the cleanser can enter too deep and damage the dog's ears.
  • Be sure to use a non alcoholic cleanser as it does not sting like an alcohol-based cleanser.

2. Cut Nails Regularly
Cut the dog's nails too carefully by lifting the sole of the foot from behind and allowing the dog to bend the joint area which should also be done in how to care for the rottweiler. This will be easier when compared to trying to pull the dog's foot toward you from the front. Also identify the quick part and leave the nail along the 4 to 5 mm to protect the part because the dog's quick nail can bleed if cut.

3. Cut nails with special scissors for dogs.
Prepare also a powder blood beverage medicine to stop the blood if you do not accidentally cut the nails too short.
The nails are also the dog's nails to soften and make sure you praise your dog after cutting the nails so he will get used to cut his nails in the future.

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4. Batik Pom
To bathe the dog pom, should be done before the hair is cut so that the haircut is not dull because of oil that accumulate in dog hair. Oil on the body of a dog pom also has many uses so it should just bathe the pom every 3 months unless the body pom really dirty.

Place the antiselip or towel on the bottom of the tub or sink and fill it with warm water. Soak the dog in the water and use a small container to pour water slowly on the dog's body. Wet the whole body of the dog but avoid the ears and eyes.
Top ! 15 Tips to Maintain Pom Dogs For Beginners - Coloring Pages
5. Apply Shampoo and Rinse
Apply shampoo to foam and make sure shampoo cover the whole body of the pestle massage dog while leveled. Start from head to tail wearing a special shampoo and rub all parts of the body of the pom including the stomach, tail, legs and also the soles of the dog's own way of grooming.

Continue to rinse thoroughly because otherwise it can cause irritation. Also use a spray or shower to more easily reach the entire skin to cleanse all the rest of the shampoo.

6. Tooth Brush
The pombretal part should be brushed regularly to prevent tooth decay. Use a special brush and toothpaste for dogs and do it thoroughly. If pom does not like it, then keep trying every day about 5 minutes but do not rub too hard because gum pom is very sensitive. Brushing your teeth is very important to prevent bacterial infections that can be fatal to the pom.

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7. Provide a Good Residence
Also provide a comfortable place to stay for pom and make sure it is not too noisy, lots of sharp objects and smelly to avoid the sign of a depressed dog. Also choose a pom enclosure with good air circulation to keep the breathing pom. Also add toys or pillows as bedding so that the pom can always feel warm.

8. Give the Best Food
Dog pom should also be given the best food and rich in nutrients such as soft minced meat and milk to avoid the characteristics of sick dogs.

Dog pom must eat as much as 3 times a day ie morning, day and night. Make sure you buy quality food and do not contain other additives and do not give human food especially fast food because it contains salt and sugar is too high that could adversely affect your dog.

9. Give a Comfort Place to Rest
Poms desperately need a comfortable resting place, clean and dry as any other dog species especially for how to care for newborn puppies. If the dog often plays outside, then make sure the dog has a shelter specially if the weather is raining, too hot or too cold.

As for the pom dog who likes to play in the cage and in the house then make sure he get a comfortable rest area or even prepare a cat bed in your room if you want to sleep in your room.

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10. Let Free Moving Poms
Like humans, all kinds of dogs including poms are in dire need of moving in order to stay healthy and happy. Make sure you bring a pom to walk the road for at least 20 minutes which is very important to do as how to keep a herder dog. In addition, make sure the dog can also play freely without a bridle even only in the backyard.

11. Train To Remove Dirt
Train a poo to defecate in place is not only important to maintain the cleanliness of the house, but also can establish a relationship between you with the pom. At first it may be difficult but still have to continue until finally pom can pass your own water.

Bring the pom to the same area every time you go to the water and over time, he will understand if the area is an area to dispose of waste for him. Avoid scolding dogs when he fails to do so because your dog is just confused and not understood well. Scolding a pom will only scare the dog but does not teach your dog.

12. Select the Lion Cut
Dog pom including how to care for mini pom dogs is very fun to keep because you can choose various pieces of fur like one piece of lion. Fur on the face, shoulders and also thick fur on the chest will not be cut, while the rest of the feathers all over the body are cut very short to the skin and the tail remains thick to look like a lion.

  • Make sure you regularly tidy up the part of the mane to keep the fur from tangling easily.
  • Shaving also pom hair is not too close to the skin because it can cause pain and fur can continue to grow through the skin that can cause injury.
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13. Get Rid of Excess Feathers in Some Areas
The feathers around the eyes, ears, the soles of the feet and the back of the body should be cut regularly. Use an electric cutter to make it easier for you to cut fur and crops as well as feathers around the genitals. Read the instructions for cutting tools so that you do not use the tool incorrectly.

14. Invite Dogs to Play With Soft
Dog pom is a dog that is very happy to play. But if your pom dog likes to bark and bite while playing, then you can train it gently.

The most effective way you can do is to ignore your dog when you are bad, like biting or barking when looking for attention. When you ignore a badly behaved pom, then he will understand if he should seek attention with a better and more gentle attitude that can also be done in how to tame a puppy. When the pom is able to be nice, then give gifts and hugs to please your dog.

15. Teach Basic Command
Although pom is a cute dog, but he also has to be taught some basic commands such as how to sit, be calm and come to approach you.

When the pom is more obedient, then you can take the dog road way safer. Some of these commands you should teach patiently and give positive impetus in order to more quickly understand the basic commands you teach. Some basic types of commands you can give to pom include:
  • How to sit
  • Way to be calm
  • The way to come when called.

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Be nice to your dog
Whatever type of dog you have including pom, then you should always be gentle and do not be rude because pom can be afraid of you.

Speak in a pleasant tone and take time to hug and caress your dog. Pom dogs are also very fond of when someone rubbed his stomach including in how to care for golden retriever. A study even proves that dogs will prefer to be caressed rather than given a compliment so you should try your dog pom every day to show how caring and unfortunately you are on the dog pom you keep.

Similarly, the explanation related to any tips to maintain a dog pom easy for beginners. May be useful.
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