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15 Tips to Maintain a Good Hamster - Coloring Pages

Top ! 15 Tips How to Maintain a Good Hamster - Coloring Pages

There are several types of hamsters that are commonly maintained and usually can reach the age between 2 to 3 years.

In order for a hamster to always look happy and healthy, then there are many things to do every day regularly. In the following reviews we will provide some tips in a way that you can apply for beginners.

Best Tips To Raise Hamster - Coloring Pages

Choose the Right Cage
For a choice of hamster size of 0.23 square meters wide or 61 x 38 centimeters also for how to care for baby hamsters. A glass aquarium can also be a cage but does not have enough ventilation to use. Make sure there is also no place that is exposed to direct sunlight because it can be overheated if being dyed in an aquarium.

Place the Cage in a Safe Place
Make sure you place a hamster in an area with plenty of air vents. avoid the front buttons in front of the window and the contents of the room remain calm and free from interference. haga is not stress and do not let the cat or dog get in touch with your hamster.

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Make sure Hamster Can not Blur
You need to hide if the hamster is a very intelligent animal in the affairs of self as in the way of fast white mouse cattle. For that, for all holes such as doors are true and no parts can be opened by hamsters. If you use a wall, it can not be passed by a hamster no more than 0.7 centimeters.
Top ! 15 Tips How to Maintain a Good Hamster - Coloring Pages

How to Maintain a Good Hamster - Coloring Pages

Understand Territorial Hamster Instinct
If you want to train a hamster suria, then you will make one hamster tail in every single cage. Solar hamster is usually a territorial animal that has reached 5 to 8 weeks will fight with fellow hamsters to death. As for the dwarf hamster can be found in one container if already familiar with each other since childhood.

  • Dwarfed hamsters [Hammer rigged dwarf hamsters, winter white dwarf hamsters and roborovski hamsters] can be placed alone or together with couples in a single enclosure if they are completely familiar.
  • Do not mate hamsters with different types and hamster pairs can not be used in one cage because it can hurt each other if there is no sign of pregnant hamsters.

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Hamster Cage
Hamster cage should also be prepared with a thickness of 7.6 centimeters. Ordinary pine wood or cedar shavings can not be used.

pick shavings of aspen wood that do not contain harmful oil. In addition, do not also use toilet and toilet paper because it can be dangerous such as wrapped around hamster legs. No money you can get.

Give Food Everyday
As should be done in how to make a rabbit, provide enough for the hamster every day. For solar hamsters can be given about 15 grams of food every day and can be used in a fresh state. Hamsters are also animals that love to hoard food. You can use a secret place to store food.

But if you dispose of food, it can make a hamster depressed. to overcome this, make sure you always give fresh food every day and throw away old food pile and then replace it by putting new food in the same place with hamster food stack.
As for the hamster food place, use a container made of metal or pottery because hamsters are animals that like to bite or chew food places made of plastic.

Provide Clean Water For Hamsters
Unlike how to care for the rabbit, while drinking, hamsters do not need too much water but it is still important to provide water at any time because the hamster can feel thirsty at any time. Do not put water on the food place because it can make dirty and very hated by hamsters. We recommend using a water bottle or water dispenser and replace it every day with fresh water.

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Use Pellets With Balanced Nutritional Content
Make sure you provide a pellet with a balanced nutritional content or a dice pellet as a hamster food. When given a mixture of grain foods, the hamster will prefer grains because it is more delicious but does not contain enough nutrients. Give a pellet-shaped pellet or pellet as the main food of the hamster and mix it with a few grains in addition. make sure the hamster eats the pellet first in just the right amount mixed with the seeds.

Avoid Giving Human Food
There are some human foods that should not be given to hamsters like candy, raw meat including fish, pasta, sugar and ice cream, especially for how to care for newborn baby hamsters. Human food usually contains sugar so it can affect the health of hamsters and should be avoided.

Give a Snack On Hamsters
Snacks should also be given regularly on the hamster as much as 2 to 3 times a week. Some types of hamster's favorite snacks include cucumbers, carrots, bananas, apples, lettuce, peppers, cabbage leaves, celery, mustard collard and some other vegetables and fruits that are also well done in a way to raise a rabbit. Some of these foods can also be given as a daily diet of hamsters.

While snacks for other hamsters can be purchased at an animal store such as yogurt chips, chocolate for hamsters and also chewable pieces of chewed hamsters. While some foods to avoid include almonds, onions, potatoes, beans, fruits seeds, chives, avocado leeks, eggplant, spice vegetables, spring onions, garlic, cabbage, tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Give Chew Stick
Chew sticks or sticks to chew can also be given to hamsters of different sizes, flavors and colors. Hamster teeth will continue to grow and hamsters need to trim them using the chew stick. Continue to give different chew stick until finally able to find chew stick preferred by hamster.

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Give Hamster Time To explore
When you just bought a hamster, then immediately place the hamster in the cage and provide food and fresh water and then give yourself time for the hamster. Close the cage with a thin cloth so that he can explore his new place without being disturbed. Instead, avoid approaching your hamster for a while so as not to disturb and create a stress hamster.

Take Gradual Approach
After 3 days you let the hamster alone complete with food and drink, then you can just approach the hamster gradually. When you approach the hamster, then speak softly because the hamster will feel nervous when you first see you because you are not used to it and do not start doing how to bathe the hamster if the hamster is still afraid of you.

Begin doing routine activities such as replacing water and food inside the cage, replacing old toys with new ones and removing pads that are dirty. With this, the hamster will gradually get used to your presence.

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Start Taming Your Hamsters
Hamster tame time can begin in the second week after the hamster is in his new home as in how to tame the mini hedgehog. Generally hamsters will be active when morning and evening before night and all night. Learn about hamster activity every day and do tame when the hamster is active.

  • To tame a hamster, put your hand in the cage and let the hamster sniff and take care of your hand.
  • If the hamster bites slowly and does not behave aggressively, then you can pull your hand slowly and let the hamster watch your hand again.
  • This should be done so that the hamster can understand if your hand is not something to be feared and bitten.
  • Continue by putting a snack around your palm like a grain mixture that hamsters love very much.
  • Hamster will climb your hand and gradually can move the snack on your hand so that the hamster can be more comfortable.

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Buy Hamster Wheel Toys
Hamster wheels are generally already available with the cage but the size is too small and less good for the health of the hamster backbone. When the hamster bends and his back tilts forward as it runs in the wheel, then it's a sign the wheels are too small. Buy hamster wheels with a diameter of 20 centimeters for stunted hamsters and 28 centimeters for suria hamsters or buy wheels with a larger size because it is better than the wheel is too small.
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