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15 Tips to Maintain Dogs For Beginners - Coloring Pages

15 Tips to Maintain Dogs For Beginners - Coloring Pages

 For those of you who want to bring a dog for the first time to the house and take care of the dog, then of course there are so many things to be prepared from the start of the dwelling, the food and of course the time to care for the dog.

Dogs are very loyal friends but also need the best care to stay happy and grow healthy.

Before you decide to keep a dog as your friend, you should first read some tips on keeping a dog for beginners in order to create a dog friendly environment, teaching good behavior for dogs as well as caring for the dog.

1. Define Dining Area, Sleep and Play

Before you bring a dog to the household, you should first decide which areas of the house to enter. If there are some rea that dogs can not enter, then decide from the beginning. A dog needs space to eat, sleep and also a large area that will be used to play as well as sports including how to keep the dog in the apartment.
  • Prepare a bowl of food and drinks in the kitchen or other area that is easy to clean and set the equipment so the dog can easily look for it.
  • Determine the location of the dog to sleep because some people like to sleep with their dogs in bed and some want a dog to sleep in a separate area.
  • If the yard does not have a fence, make sure there is an area inside the house as a place to play and exercise for your dog.
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2. Ensure Safe Home For Dogs
Remove any objects or toys from the floor where the dog will spend time. If you want to limit the room to your home, then buy a guardrail commonly used for babies or close the door of the room. Also keep all home cleaners and materials that can be harmful to dogs.

3. Give Food as Might as Possible
Different dog types also require different foods. If the dog is under 1 year old, then need food several times a day. However, if aged over 1 year, it can be fed 1 to 2 times a day.
  • Be sure to give good quality food or can make your own at home.
  • Do not give foods containing lots of sugar, fried foods or human foods, especially chocolate which is toxic to dogs.
  • Watch for dog food allergy signs and avoid giving some of those foods back.
  • Give food every day with the same schedule because the dog likes a consistent routine.
  • Provide Drinks Every Time
  • Another important thing you should know is make sure to provide fresh water at all times. Dogs desperately need to drink as much as possible especially when they are thirsty. You can also add ice cubes to the water to keep it fresh and cold when the weather is hot.

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4. Give a Sports Dog
Dogs need activities such as running regularly to stay healthy and happy as well as a way to cope with dogs hard to eat. Take your dog for a one-way walk a day and if possible, look for areas that allow dogs to run freely without chains. Also provide plenty of toys at home to keep them well stimulated.
5. Invite the main attraction to socialize as well as exercise.
Dog onions out of the house to defecate is not a sport so make sure the dog does a little tiring exercise every day.
Give hugs when playing to build a bond with your dog.

6. Train To Release Water
Dogs should be trained to be able to defecate outside the home. The easiest way you can do is when you were little. However, if the dog is large, it requires the best handling as some of the following ways.

Take the dog out of the house several times a day and stay company while urinating and give praise and rewards in the form of food when he can defecate outside.
  • When the dog is doing a motion to pee in the house, then point to the door while saying out or lift your dog and immediately take it out.
  • Do it every day until he can urinate alone and be sure to always give praise and rewards every time you behave well.
  • Avoid spanking or scolding dogs when urinating inside because it only makes him feel afraid of you and causes signs of depression in dogs.
7. Invite Playing Routinely
Dogs have a good general nature and can play with children. But for some dogs it also likes to bite or scratch strong when playing so it is important to train the dog to play well like how to make the dog stop biting. Give rewards when your dog can play well and ignore when the dog begins to bite. Later he will learn if good behavior is fun.

8. Teach Agar Not Frequent Barking
Many dog ​​owners who often have problems with dogs are too often barking and can be a nuisance that must be stopped when more uncontrolled so how to make a dog stop menggongong must be done.

Avoid shouting at dogs as he barks because he'll think if you're barking with him.
Get rid of stuff or something that causes the dog to often bark and close the curtain if he sees something outside.
Give rewards whenever he can stop for barking.

9. Teach Command and Trick
Some basic commands are useful so that the dog can know the security so as not to get lost too far when the chain is released. Say the command in a fun way. Some of the commands you can teach include:

  • Teach to sit down
  • Teach to be silent
  • Teach to lie down
  • Teach to approach
  • Teach to roll over.
10. Clean and Comb the Dog Fur
In general, the dog should be combed about 1 times a week to help her change feathers. Dogs with long hair should also be cut because some dogs will feel more comfortable when their feathers are cut during the summer which is also very good for fur and eradicate the louse as well as how to cope with depressed dogs.

  • Check for ticks or ticks when you are combing dog hair and wear sisr especially if it does look tick or tick.
  • Combing dog hair with routine is also useful to see if there are any injuries or bumps on the dog's body that require veterinary handling.
  • Occasional Smoke
  • Unlike humans, dogs only need to shower occasionally like when smelly, exposed to dirt and so on. Be sure to use a chemical-free shampoo that can irritate the dog's skin and better use a dog-specific shampoo for grooming the dogs yourself.

12. Make the shower feel comfortable with warm water.
The dog is very happy to run after the bath so determine the best time to take a bath so your dog can run freely.

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13. Conduct Vaccine Regularly
Dogs need vaccinations to avoid rabies and infections and bacteria. Make sure you bring the dog to the vet for the best vaccinations. Vaccination is very important to prevent a variety of dangerous diseases in dogs that become one cause dogs do not want to eat.

  • Age 6 minggung: Parvo
  • Age 9 weeks: Parvo, distemper, hepapitis, parainfluenza, leptospira.
  • Age 12 weeks: Parvo, distemper, parainfluenza, hepapitis, rabies, leptospires.
  • Age 1 year: Parvo, distemper, parainfluenza, hepapitis, leptospira, rabies, bordetella.

14. Consider For Sterile Dogs
Consider also to sterilize or steal your dog. This becomes very important when the dog is 6 months old as a way to overcome male lust. Take your dog to the veterinarian to see if your pet needs a candle or sterilized.

15. Install Microchip
Microchip is a small object that a veterinarian will put under a dog's skin which is useful for storing data and information about dog ownership such as phone numbers and addresses. This becomes very important if you lose a dog so it will be easy to be fattened. In this microchip planting process will not be painful and cause injury to the dog's body because it just feels like a tickle.
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Watch Forbidden Food For Dogs

Not all types of food can be consumed by dogs because there are some foods that can be toxic when consumed so should be avoided.

  • Chocolate: In chocolate contains the type of caffeine that can make the heartbeat of dogs beat faster, abdominal pain, chronic agitation, muscle tremor, increased body temperature, seizures and death.
  • Wine: Wine should not be given to dogs because it can damage your dog's kidneys.
  • Onions: Contains harmful compounds that can damage red blood cells and thus require blood transfusions.
  • The middle of apples: Can cause dogs dizzy, difficulty breathing, fainting, hyperventilation, shock and coma.

Similarly explanation related tips to keep the dog for beginners. May be useful.
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