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15 Tips on Bathing the Fearing Cat Water - BluelotusDc

15 Tips on Bathing the Fearing Cat Water - Coloring Pages

Unlike dogs, cats are pets who do not really like his body wet let alone bathing. Cats can be angry and scratch if they will be bathed because they are afraid of water. Cats are indeed animals that can clean and take care of their own feathers so do not need a bath every week.

But the fur of the cat can look oily, dirty and smelly so it must be bathed thoroughly. Actually, there are some tips to bathe a cat who is afraid of water so that you avoid scratches and can bathe the cat thoroughly.  This time review is very useful to help you who happen to have a cat frightened by water and need a shower as soon as possible because of various things.

Bristle Before Bath
Immediately watering the body of the cat who is afraid of the water certainly makes it stress and can be very angry. All you have to do is brush the cat's hair first before bathing the cat that is included in the way of grooming the cat. Brushing cat fur is also important to get rid of all the dust and decompose cat's tangled fur specially if the cat's fur is long.

Add also cotton to cat's ear to prevent water from entering and apply also ointment in cat's eye so as not to irritate because soap.

Cut the Cat Nail
Cats that are afraid of water will be more aggressive and stressed out when they are going to be bathed so they can scratch you by accident when trying to get out of the bath or running away. For that, make sure you first do how to cut the cat's nails first so as not to get clawed during the bath bathing. Wake up also the mood of a cat before bathing to reduce stress when will be bathed.

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Do some activities the cat likes first so that he is better prepared to take a bath.

Calm the Cat
When looking at water and being in a closed room, the cat often exhibits characteristic features of stress or paranoid cats because of it. For that, calm your cat by stroking the cat while talking in a soothing soft tone. Sit in the room and let your cat sniff the water or get used to the room.

To avoid cat resistance, you can also install a cat's harness for bathing although this sometimes adds to the discomfort and stress on the cat but it is better that the cat does not run away when it will be bathed.

Wear Protective Clothing
When wanting to bathe a cat that is afraid of water, make sure your body is protected like using a thick long sleeve to avoid cat scratches.

You can also protect the hand area by using gloves.
Choose also material made of thick cotton clothes so that the nails do not get caught on the clothes and quite difficult to be penetrated by cat's claws.

Make Bathroom To Be Fun
For the first cat bath or indeed afraid of water, then make the shower area is not so scary for the cat as one of the tips bathing the cat. You can put some of the cat's favorite toys on the sink or bath you will use. When bathing, you can also occasionally throw a favorite toy cat to make it comfortable or can get used to the cat playing in the bath area but without water first.

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Help Cat Keep Calm
Cats that are afraid of water are likely to do everything possible to avoid bathing. If you panic and cats see your panic, then later he will mimic the reaction that you show so that the sign of a depressed cat occurs. Elus your cat which is not only useful for soothing but also to prevent cat grips.

Use Warm Water
Cats will generally be more calm if the water you use is warm water and not cold temperatures.
For that, make sure you use lukewarm water when you want to bathe the cat to make it more calm and can be bathed more easily.

Enter into Water Slowly
Hold the cat at the nape of the neck of the skin between the head with the back and lift it gently. Hold the cat's back leg with your hand and slowly lower the cat into the sink or tub. Release your hand from the cat's hind legs but still hold the nape of the nape. Holding the nape of the cat or called scruffing is very important to control the cat so as not to rebel as well as how to tame a kitten.

It also becomes a natural way of mother cat when holding a child or bringing a kitten. For some cats will also be more calm when you see the owner sitting together in the bathtub during bath bathing.
Wet the Cat Feathers
Still holding the back of the cat's neck, use a small cup to start wetting the cat's body except for the head. Make sure if the water does not get into the ear of the cat because it can cause ear infections.

To wet the head of the cat, head up and pour the water slowly between the ears so that water will flow into the back of your cat's head. Do not wet the entire head of the cat but just the top of the head and back of the neck only.

If you want to clean the cat's face area, around eyes or mouth, then can use a cloth moistened with water.

15 Tips on Bathing the Fearing Cat Water - Coloring Pages
15 Tips on Bathing the Fearing Cat Water - Coloring Pages

Scrub Shampoo On Cat Feather
Wear your hand to hold the cat when you pour shampoo into the fur. Put a shampoo bottle in an easily accessible area and rub it all over the body of the cat until it is flat and use an anti-fungal shampoo to overcome fungus in cats.

To clean the face area, dab a little shampoo on the washcloth and clean it gently in the direction of cat fur growth.

Rinse Up Clean
If you use a basin or tub, then firstly piss water and rinse the cat body with new water. Do not open the faucet is too big because the flow of heavy water can make a cat panic. Make sure there is no residual soap on cat hair because it will be more easily dirty when cat hair has been dried.

Get Rid of Lice
If the purpose of bathing the cat is to get rid of the fleas, then after rinsing the fur, comb the cat's fur from the neck to the base of the tail then proceed on the side of the body from the shoulder to the hind legs are also good done for how to cope with cat hair loss.

This step is very important to do to give a curve on the fur of the cat so ticks will be easier to find. You can use a finger or a tick combed to remove the ticks you find.
Squeeze Water from Cat Feathers
After the bath is washed and rinsed, proceed to squeeze as much water on the cat's fur gently, especially on the tail, legs and feet. Apply gentle pressure while moving from the shoulder to the waist to push water down from the cat's back. Handle the tail gently with light pressure and pull your hand from base to tip.

Do also on the legs and feet by squeezing the feet of the cat gently to remove more water. Repeat this several times.

Wear a Towel
After wringing water from the feathers as much as possible, then use a towel to dry the cat's fur. Lift the cat and hold the back legs then lower on the surface of the towel. Wrap the cat with the towel and slowly, gently rub the cat body with a towel. If needed, use a second towel and keep scrubbing the cat's furs until half dry and give a snack as a gift for your cat.

Use Hair Dryer
To dry the cat hair completely, the hair dryer should be used after the towel. Remove the cat from the towel and let it stay in your lap while holding the cat away from running. Hand-held dryer with the other hand uses the lowest heat setting. Turn on the hair dryer first to familiarize the cat with his voice before use. If the cat looks panicked, then do not use a hair dryer and continue to dry cat hair using a new towel as a way to bathe a cat without a hair dryer.
If the cat does not look panicked with a hair dryer, then point the end of the hair dryer on the cat's body so that he can feel the wind generated.

Close the hair dryer slowly and begin to dry the cat hair by moving the hair dryer to the front and rear to make sure the cat body is not too hot in one area only.

Cat Bathing Coloring Pages Animals

Printable Cat Coloring Pages For Kids
Printable Cat Coloring Pages For Kids

Cat Bathing Coloring Pages Animals
Cat Bathing Coloring Pages Animals

If the cat still looks calm, then you can increase the dryer speed to speed up the drying process.

Use also your fingers or comb while drying the hair especially on the area of ​​the body is overgrown with feathers. Be sure to dry the cat hair until it is completely smooth and visibly expanding.
The legs and tail will probably still look wet but later can dry quickly when the cat begins to spruce its own feathers.
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