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14 Tips Bringing a Long Distance Rabbit - BluelotusDc

14 Tips Bringing a Long Distance Rabbit - Coloring Pages

Rabbits are pets that are very unique in showing themselves that even shown when stressed or tortured so as to cause the rabbit will not eat until it can cause dead rabbits and even when the rabbit is depressed, then he can commit suicide to cause the deaths seen from shrieking screams and breathing heavily.

When viewed in general, rabbits are not animals that are happy to travel and are away from their homes.

For that reason there are many considerations to be taken before you bring a traveling bunny especially for long distance. Generally rabbits can stay healthy when experiencing one to two day trip. But if the trip is done too long, then it could make a rabbit stress.

In order for everything to be safe when you travel along with rabbits especially to ensure the health of rabbits, it helps you to see some tips on bringing long-distance rabbits as we will give as follows which is certainly different from how to keep the rabbits at home.

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Prepare a Strong Rabbit Cage
Cages used for long journeys along with rabbits should be ensured to be strong, not easily damaged, well ventilated and safe so that rabbits can not escape or damage the enclosure. Also make sure the cage is easily opened so that when the rabbit looks nervous, the cage is opened faster.
  • Cardboard boxes are not the best option for carrying long-distance rabbits because they are easily ravaged by rabbits and can be damaged when exposed to water or rain.
  • You can buy a cage or rabbit-specific cage in the pet shop, online and can be found on rabbit shows.
Adjust Vehicle Size
Preferably, the size of the vehicle should also be considered in order to be wide enough to carry all the rabbits easily and can lie comfortably in all directions without barriers for all types of rabbits including also on how to care for rabbit anggora. You can carry more than one rabbit in each cage but make sure the cage is wide enough for all rabbits to be comfortable.
  • Note also the size of the cage is also not too broad for the rabbit can be comfortable as well as prevent rabbits wall shape during the trip.
  • Also make sure the enclosure is tightly closed but also equipped with plenty of ventilation.

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Cover the Cage Floor
For rabbit cages, preferably coated with a material that can absorb different odors by means of raising rabbits. In addition, the base is also useful for preventing rabbits from slipping, especially if the bottom of the cage is not made of a rigid material.

  • Aloe puppy training cage is very well used as a cage rabbit base that you can get at the pet store.
  • You can also coat the bottom cage with a towel, newspaper and also add pine shavings or odor absorbent to absorb the smell of rabbit droppings.
  • Add Straw and Bottle Water
  • Generally, rabbits will not eat too much when traveling long distances because of increasing stress. However, the straw is excellent to add to the cage as a guard snack for the rabbit.

Avoid putting ordinary food in a container because it could hurt a rabbit while moving.

In addition to providing hay in the cage, make sure you also fill a bottle of drink for the rabbit that you can get at a pet store measuring about 4 to 6 ounces to make it easier to mount on the side of the cage using spring clips.
  • Let your rabbit get used to drinking from the jug of travel before starting a long journey.
  • Make sure you also bring water from home as rabbit drinking water because rabbits can be fussy when the drinking water used is changed and show the sign of rabbit sick rabbit so that rabbits avoid dehydration when traveling far.
  • If the rabbit does not want to drink from the bottle while traveling, then there must be someone in the back seat to be able to issue a rabbit at a time so that the rabbit can drink from the hand.
  • Some rabbits also usually do not want to eat straw when traveling so it can be replaced with carrots or celery.

14 Tips Bringing a Long Distance Rabbit - Coloring Pages
14 Tips Bringing a Long Distance Rabbit - Coloring Pages

Recognize The Cage With Rabbits
Avoid forcing rabbits into the cage because it can cause rabbit stress and fear with the cage including for how to maintain the rabbit anggora.

Leave the cage open and place the snacks inside to attract the attention of the rabbit. Let the rabbit into the cage but with the door open. Instead, introduce a rabbit with a cage between one to two days before you begin the journey with the rabbit so that he can get used and not afraid of the cage.

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Associate the Cage With a Safety Belt
When going on a trip, hook the rabbit cage with a seat belt or place it on the back floor of a safe vehicle. Place the side of the cage forward and the front of the cage facing side so that the rabbit's face does not form when the vehicle brakes suddenly.
  • Never place a rabbit cage in the trunk of a closed car because the dark area is very scary for a rabbit and can cause a rabbit to run out of breath.
  • If you want to carry a rabbit on an open vehicle can also be done but should avoid exposure to direct sunlight because the rabbit is sensitive to heat.
Keep the Vehicle Temperatures Cold
If you are traveling with a rabbit in a car, make sure the car air conditioner is on because the rabbit is more sensitive to heat than humans should also do in how to care for rabbits without a mother.

When you want to rest during the trip, be sure to park the vehicle in the shade and leave the window open so that the cool air from the extraordinary entrance. But if the weather is too hot, then you can let the car air conditioner stay on.

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Stay in the Cool Area
If you want to stay in a hotel when traveling, then make sure the hotel allows rabbits to be brought into the room. But if you do not get permission from the hotel, then you should delay the stop until sunset and temperature decreases. You can wait in the car and be sure to open your window to provide ventilation. The garden becomes a cool place to avoid stress rabbits.

Check Rabbit During Travel
Perform regular rabbit checks during the trip and make sure drinking water should always be available and filled with water from your home but for how to clean the rabbit is not necessary.

When you are resting, then give the apple or carrot chunks to the rabbit. You can also give a slice of apples or carrots in the cage during the trip for a snack. But if not eaten, then immediately remove. Also provide vitamin supplements to reduce stress on your rabbit.

Check Overheat Mark
In contrast to how to care for rabbits in the rainy season, if your rabbit is too hot, it can be immediately taken to a cooler area and make sure not exposed to sunlight.

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Also moisten the rabbit's ears with plain water to help restore the rabbit's body temperature. Another way to prevent overheating in rabbits and you do not use AC, then can enter a bottle of soda filled with frozen water and place in a cage. The overheated rabbit signs include:
  • Quick and short touch
  • Ears are hot
  • Looks lethargic
  • Area of ​​the nose looks wet
  • Raise your head back as you breathe rapidly through your mouth.
  • Travel Far With Aircraft
  • If you want to travel far on an airplane, then first learn the rules of the airline. Make sure the airline allows bringing rabbits or pets.
Give Time To The Bunny
When you get to a new place, give the bunny time to get used to the new location whether it's permanent or temporary. The rabbit may still look stressful due to travel, but he will begin to investigate out of curiosity and let it happen without coercion.

Rebuild Normal Environment
After you have traveled far, then as much as possible to rebuild the new location environment such as the old location. Return your rabbit to a normal cage or rebuild a rabbit area like the previous place.

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Also give the same food as the rabbit-eaten food before the trip as a way of treating the constipation rabbits and return also some toys that are known to rabbits.

Watch for Sick Rabbit Signs
Travel stress can make your rabbit sick. But because rabbits are a type of prey animal, they will usually hide their sickness or injury. Some signs of diseases that you can see are:
  • The crunching sound of the teeth coupled with a bent posture.
  • Head looks tilted
  • Breath from mouth
  • There is blood in the urine or in the cage and at home.
  • Paralyzed
  • The abdomen looks enlarged and painful to the touch
  • Sounds like crying
  • Would not eat and drink a few days after the trip.
  • Feathers in the chin area are missing or teething problems arise.
  • Diarrhea or bowel movements decrease
  • Hair loss, itching, skin peeling or there are bumps on the skin.
  • Biting, growling or attacking.
Similarly an explanation of how tips bring long-distance bunnies for beginners. Hopefully useful and help your trip.
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