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13 Signs of Dehydration in Cats BluelotusDc

13 Signs of Dehydration in Cats - Coloring Pages

Dehydration is a lack of balance between water and electrolytes or minerals in the body, it occurs because the discharge of water from the body more than water consumption. If it happens constantly it will cause serious complications, not only humans are dehydrated but even animals can also experience it.

Dehydration is divided into 3 namely:

Minor dehydration. Will occur if there is a decrease in body fluids about 5% of body weight.
Moderate dehydration. Occurs when there is a decrease in body fluids about 5 - 10% of the body weight of cats.
Dehydration Weight. While the dehydration is fairly heavy this occurs a decrease of about 10% in body fluids from cat body weight.
13 signs indicating that the cat is dehydrated as follows:

1. Eyes Can be Cekung

The very hot sunlight causes dehydration and the lazy cat to get out. When it's hot and the cat out can make it dehydrated and the eyes look sunken because the glare sees its light.

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2. Visible Medium Depression

Dehydration makes the cat look depressed due to lack of mineral water. This cats could be depressed because the baud's drinking place was never washed. Therefore it is advisable to paint lovers to replace the water in a periodical manner. Same with a drinking place that should also be washed periodically to remove germs that stick and cats feel clean to drink it.

3. Loss of Appetite

When the cat is losing its appetite the owner must feed the cat with cereal which is also an additional fluid for the body of the cat, because in the cereal contains a lot of water in the form of milk and other fluids that also have multiple roles.

4. Mouth Seen Dry

The weather is very hot and lack of water intake makes the mouth look more dry, so when the weather is hot air cooling like a fan or ac is turned on so that the cat does not feel the heat that makes it dehydrated.

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5. Looks lethargic

Actually when the cat is running or burning calories of his body can also cause the cat to lose fluid because the cat experiencing sweat and evaporation with excess. That's why the cat looks very lethargic and lazy.

6. Increased Heart Rate At Heart

Causes of a cat whose heart rate increases or feel deg - degan usually the cat likes to run or burn calories of his body. If you like to play and burn a lot of calories then the cat will be dehydrated.
13 Signs of Dehydration in Cats - Coloring Pages
7. Lack of Skin Elasticity

Usually caused because of hot weather and lack of minerals then the way it can by giving kristakoid, because crystalloid is a liquid-based solution with a very micro form so it can penetrate a permeable capillary membrane. Can also maintain extravascular fluid about 70 - 80%.

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8. Breath - Hemorrhage

Cats love to play running, running, scratching or scratching. If the cat is very active but in the case of drinking less water, then his breath will be disrupted and the cat will feel tight or tired to play again.

9. Less Intake of Mineral Water

When the cat is playing and the owner is busy with other jobs less attention to the cat, the cat may not know where the water then the cat owner must prepare clean water mixed with canned food, so that the water looks attractive so the cat is tempted to taste it. If it is saturated with food then it can be added the amount of water to substitute, can also the water is given sugar or salt to have it taste when drunk.

10. Reduced Gums Humidity

Less water intake for cats makes the area of ​​his mouth feel dry, then control the cat's water intake at every hour, make sure the water provided is drunk. If the cat has enough water intake but still like that, then it is advisable to consult a veterinarian nearby. Do not play the drug alone without the doctor's knowledge if his cat does not want to experience undesirable.

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11. More Like Silence

Place is also a factor to facilitate the cat to drink, if the place is difficult to reach then the cat is also lazy to drink water so the cat is better still. Then it is advisable place to put drinking water do not be too high or very low it that cause cat not eager.

12. Not Playing Like Usually

Diarrhea or vomiting struck the cat, when it was also less eager to play the cat. Why after cat diarrhea is dehydrated? diarrhea is also a cause of dehydration in cats. But diarrhea is not only to release the amount of body fluids but also a lot of nutrients from the food - food that goes but not digested properly.

13. And Always Spoiled With The Owner

When being spoiled cats always want to be close to the owner, do not even want to do anything. When the cat does not want to drink, it can be given via a pipette or it could be a shot. Be careful in doing so because the cat can choke if it is too forced. Cats also need the affection of their owners to feel comfortable.

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The amount of water needed to keep a cat from dehydration:
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As much as 2 per 3 on the body of the cat is made up of water, so it can be seen that the consumption of water is very important for cats. Chemical processes that occur in the body of the cat also requires water. In consuming enough water it helps maintain health in the kidneys.

Not only to be consumed with the availability of water around the environment can also make the cat feel comfortable and cool that also to cause dehydration. An adult cat needs water equivalent to the amount of calories it consumes on each day.

Generally, 60 ml / kg / day of water should be obtained for water intake. The wet foods consumed generally contain 70 to 80% water, whereas in dry foods there are only 7 to 12% of them.

So much information is discussed about 13 signs of dehydration in cats. Hopefully this discussion can be used as knowledge and useful for the future. Thanks and congratulations reading for my dear friend all.
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