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12 T1ps to Attract Mini Hedgehogs For Beginners - Bluelotusdc

Top 12 Ways to Attract Mini Hedgehogs For Beginners - Bluelotusdc

Having a unique pet is becoming a trend today. The choice of unique animals such as hamsters, sugar gliders and even mini hedgehogs often become an option to be maintained.

The animals are not only unique, but also cute. Because they are the kind of small animals that keep them is the thing that not many people do.

Mini hedgehogs are the only animals that live in the wild is a thorny animal. So to be able to hold and memeilihnya require patience. Here are some things you might need to consider for maintaining a mini hedgehog:

Best Tips on maintaining a mini hedgehog - Bluelotusds

1. Preparing Time Every Day

For those of us who already have a pet at home or are too busy with their own activities to not have time to take care of the pet at home should not keep a mini hedgehog. Because this mini hedgehog is not an independent animal and can be removed just like that in the home area to find food and activities like a cat or dog. So the application of this mini hedgehog maintenance can not be equated with how to care for a baby cat or dog at home.

2. Have a Special Place

This special place or cute animal enclosure is important. Because these animals also need to be protected from items - goods that are in the house. The thing to remember is the cage for this mini hedgehog needs to be made safely and comfortably so the mini hedgehog is not subjected to stress. Like a pet in general, mini hedgehogs can also experience stress just not the same situation with the characteristics of cat stress.

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3. Understanding Hedgehogs is Nocturnal Animals

In general we who have pets would want to play with our pet. However, this mini hedgehog has an inverted lifestyle with humans. We used to move during the day and rest on long days. However, this is reversed with mini hedgehogs. When we rest, the mini hedgehog begins to move and vice versa. Therefore, we can not force to play with mini hedgehogs at rest time because our mini pet hedgehogs can be exhausted.

4. Prepared to Be Punctured by Landillar Thorns

It should be remembered and understood that the hedgehog is a thorny animal. So should keep a cat who can claw and bite at the time of treatment, then do not be surprised if one day at the time of treating this porcupine suddenly impaled prick.

5. Placing 1 Hedgehog's Tail in 1 Stall

Mini hedgehog is a solitary creature that is a solitary being. That is, the existence of many mini hedgehogs can not be placed in a cage with other mini hedgehogs or other pets.

Top 12 Ways to Attract Mini Hedgehogs For Beginners - Bluelotusdc

6. Find a Veterinarian Who Understands Mini Hedgehogs

Because this mini hedgehog is not the type of pet that is often maintained in general. So it's good before deciding to keep this hedgehog, we need to check the veterinarian around us is there a veterinarian who can handle this mini hedgehog. Because we can not apply our own method of treatment like how to treat a sick cat without a doctor so we do need a veterinarian who used to handle it.

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7. Setting up a Special Budget

Having a pet is not a common thing. So every month we have the income to be set aside for the needs of the cute mini hedgehog at home.

8. Avoid Mini Hedgehog Contacts With Children

Although the mini hedgehog is a pet, but this animal is not always easy to make friends with the new he knows. Therefore, the existence of mini hedgehogs should be kept out of reach of children because it is feared will be able to injure children - small children who have not been able to master themselves from holding this small animal. This is also true if we want to introduce sugar glider in children. Previously we must know how to tame the sugar glider so as not to harm the children - children.

Checking the Mini Hedgehog Condition

We need to pay attention to the condition of mini hedgehogs we maintain. If we see tears coming out of our mini hedgehog eyes this could be because the hedgehog is sick. Other signs are menegrasnya skin on certain parts such as the eyes, nose or ears. So, we need to check it out immediately and bring it to the vet to be handled immediately.

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10. Recognize the Mini Hedgehog Position

This cute little hedgehog can have a variety of positions that we can recognize. Such a position that shows that he feels comfortable and threatened. Normal behavior is generally circular and hiss. If the mini hedgehog suddenly biting it could be this hedgehog felt that he was being threatened.

11. Laying the Cage Close With Us

Mini hedgehogs have good smell. Therefore we need to make it familiar to us who keep it. We can often put it in a room that we often use so as to leave our scent, like a room or space where we relax. This can also be applied if in our house there is also a hamster so we can also monitor the signs of pregnant hamsters at the time in the cage.

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Mini Hedgehogs Coloring Pages For Kids
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12. Let the Hedgehog Inside the Cage

There is a time this mini hedgehog can play outside the cage. However, we need to put it in the cage until he feels comfortable so at other times the little mini hedgehog has his own time to play outside the cage.

There are some other important things besides providing food and drink in the cage. That is the base of the dirt, the playground like a spinning wheel and other soft games that will be preferred by our pet mini hedgehog.

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In addition to the above information, here is a video that can help you in maintaining a mini hedgehog at home.

Similarly, explanations related how to tame mini hedgehogs to be made a pet at home. Hopefully this article will meet your information needs. thanks.
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