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12 Treatment To Marks Anemia On Cats - BluelotusDs

Top ! 12 Tips Anemia marks on cats - Coloring Pages Animals

Anemia or commonly referred to as lack of blood. No stranger to us all about this disease, it turns out not only humans who can have anemia even some animals can also have anemia or lack of blood such as: Dogs, cats and other animals.

There are 2 types of anemia:

Regenerative anemia is a condition experienced by cats at the time of loss of blood, which is usually caused by accidents, bleeding, parasite blood and so forth.
Non-regenerative anemia This is the case when the cervical spinal cord produces only very few red blood cells.

Here are 12 signs of anemia experienced by cats such as:

1. Cats Experiencing Infection

The infection of a cat like this is usually caused by a parasite. Parasites that are in the body such as: worms, parasite blood and protozoa. Parasites from outside the body such as: fleas, ticks and ticks. The parasite of the body like a worm that usually attacks the digestive tract of this cat can also cause bleeding in the body.

If the infection is excessive it will cause a decrease in the amount of red blood that is accompanied by a decrease in iron which is an important part for the formation of blood. While the parasite outside the body may cause anemia as well but if the infection is very excessive and severe.

2. Cats will be more silent and lazy to respond to whatever is in the vicinity

For cat lovers, you should often be wary and also watch the cat by noticing on every change that is in your pet cat, such as to his behavior and cat routines that look different and the cat means you need to pay attention to it.

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3. Cats Feel Weak And Lethargic

An active and common cat performs a scratching and scratching routine - scratching at this time he is lazy to do so because his body feels weak and very lethargic because some of his blood is reduced.

4. Cats whose Appetite Experiencing Decrease

Signs are very easy to see when a cat has an anemic disorder such as this anemia. Not only because he is experiencing anemia or lack of blood alone the cat is lazy to eat but can also be caused by mouth and teeth of a cat that feels pain or can also because of very serious diseases, such as kidney failure.

5. Cat Experiencing Weight Loss

Because the cat is less lusty in eating and drinking this, so the cat also loses weight. So at this time, you cat owners should provide vitamins to increase their appetite again.

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6. Cats Experiencing Shortness of Breath or Abnormal Breathing

It could be a cat shock when it has a lot of blood loss. We recommend that if it is difficult to breathe, it is recommended that the cat shortness of breath is taken to the veterinarian to get treatment in accordance with the advice.

7. Cats Shortage of Water Intake

Not only do cats feel lazy to eat, but when the cat is feeling uncomfortable body, the cat can also be lazy to drink. All he wanted was to rest and stay in his cage. Not only anemia that he experienced, but also dehydrated.

8. Gums In Cats Experiencing Color Changes

The disturbance that is being experienced by the cat can be seen from the color of his gums. When the cat is anemic or blood loss, the cat's gums will change color to pale or white. Meanwhile, if the gums are other colors such as: yellow color means the cat is indicated is experiencing health problems associated with liver function and if the gums are red then the cat is lack of oxygen in the blood.

Top ! 12 Tips Anemia marks on cats - Coloring Pages Animals

9. Cat Hair Changes in Texture

Cats that are experiencing health problems such as lack of blood will be stressed and will have an impact on the physical, like the texture of hair that will be different can be more rough when held.

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10. Cat Vomiting - Vomiting And Diarrhea

Judging from the cause of the cat is anemic because of what, if an anemic cat because it comes from a virus or bacteria that will attack the organ system then the cat can experience vomiting and diarrhea

11. In Anus Cats There's Blood

In the digestive tract it can also bleed if the cat is anemic, can be based on miscarriage or after childbirth that causes the cat to lose much blood and blood dianusnya.

12. Major Bleeding Accompanied With Open Wound

Severe bleeding can also be anemic because of the reduced blood due to bleeding. The open wound also keeps the blood flowing continuously. So immediately treated or taken to the veterinarian.

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Treatment for anemia may be as follows:

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Sometimes if the anemia being experienced by a cat is very severe and blood loss is very much, the only way is blood transfusion. So get a veterinarian's help to choose a suitable cat especially whose blood is suitable for this sick cat by paying attention to the blood that is typed on this cat.

But if the cat has a less severe anemia, it can do with a more supportive treatment offered while the cat responds to toxicity, can lose blood or disease leading to a low red blood cell count. Even for some types of anemia experienced by cats had not found any drugs in particular. This could be a case of cancer that can damage the production of cells in the bone sum sum.

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Do not worry if you can not or do not know in pegobatannya, or could have done anything but the cat has not been changed also, it can be assisted by veterinarians who really understand the disease like cats affected by this anemia disease. With the veterinarian it will help the owner of the cat sedanng in this disorder becomes easier. Not only alone in monitoring the health of the cat, but the doctor will also monitor it.

Information in this discussion about 12 signs of cats anemia, hopefully with this discussion can be easier in raising animals such as cats or others that can also be seen in the next discussion. thank you
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