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10 Ways to Maintain Chameleon Garden - Complete and Easy - Coloring Pages

Top ! 10 Tips to Maintain Chameleon Garden - Complete and Easy - Coloring Pages

 Are you interested in maintaining chameleons? Chameleons are pets that are somewhat special and unique, rarely dipmara by ordinary people. The chameleon is used as an ornamental animal because its color can change and comfort anyone who sees it so as to make the maintainer healthier and happier. Before nurturing it is mandatory to know in advance how the characteristics and what is needed during maintenance.

In this opportunity the author will share unique tips that is about 10 ways to maintain garden chameleon, this way can be a guide for those of you who are interested in maintaining chameleons, also can be useful insight to you about the animal world where insight is something that is needed to be megikuti and understand the development of the era. Let's refer to the following article.

1. Character Chameleon

Before nurturing, of course you must understand karakterstiknya first, garden chameleons including species of animals that are fragile or weak, he is like to be lifted or carried, but he is not the type of animal who loves to be cared for if he caressed will weaken his body and endanger his life, so it is not allowed to touch it too often.

The garden chameleon will change color when it feels depressed, cold, or sick. The garden chameleon is a loner animal and should not keep more than one garden chameleon inside a cage. Do not touch his back because it is a sensitive area and can cause him angry because basically this animal does not like to be touched. (Read also on how to overcome stomachache horse).

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2. Cage Preparation

Chameleon garden also includes animals that are easy to stress, it should be placed in a quiet environment. Make a comfortable cage and put away from the crowd. Garden chameleons do not like to be in a crowded place, so he should be placed away from other animals such as chickens, cats, and dogs.

The enclosure for the garden chameleon is also called a reptarium, make sure the cage is large at least three times its size, do not place the cage near the window to keep it away from too hot or protected from cold during the rainy season, place it in a cool place away from the noisy scene or human activities. (Read also about Kroto cultivation in a narrow field).

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3. Glass Cage

Try to make the cage from the glass because the glass has good ventilation and lighting, give objects that support the comfort in it like a natural object in the form of plants, twigs to climb, or objects that can be used as a playground so he did not stress and feel as in nature. (Read also on how to fatten cows).

Top ! 10 Tips to Maintain Chameleon Garden - Complete and Easy - Coloring Pages

4. Type of Feed

How to maintain a garden chameleon certainly waib take care and ensure its nutritional needs with nutritious feed. The best feed for him is crickets, hongkong worms, insects, profit spiders, super worms, moths, grasshoppers, and flies. If you are having trouble getting the ingredients you can give them food that has been processed in the factory that sometimes often added with calcium content so as to maximize its growth. (Read also on how to make appetite sugar glider)

5. Beverage Needs

Give drinking water to garden chameleons, the way there are all sorts. The first way is to spray water into the leaf that you have placed in the cage as an ornament, so that it will actively seek to drink and think the water is like a dew in nature. He becomes more active and can find his own drink while being thirsty. Besides that water can also be sprinkled on the glass wall of the cage.

Another way of keeping a garden chameleon related to drinking needs is given by using a waterfall toy that you can buy at a pet store. The way it will also make it active and try to drink directly as he does in the wild so that the chameleon is away from stress because it has a comfortable enclosure as in the direct nature.

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6. Keep the Warmth

Put a 60 watt lamp on top of the garden chameleon cage, he will approach there when he feels cold. When the night is in a cold condition turn on the lights. for the daytime especially when the weather is hot, the lights do not need to be turned on because it will make the garden chameleon feel too hot and at risk of stress.

7. Keep Humidity Cage

The humidity in the garden chameleon cage should be in the condition of about 50%, if less than it will disrupt the respiratory system while if the moisture content is too high to exceed 80% will make kuan easily spread because the moss and mushroom dna thrive in the cage.

8. Use the Sprinkler

Buy and use a sprayer to spray water periodically at the garden chameleon cage so that it always awake moisture as well as a medium for drinking water. The water that comes out should be in a smooth form, not like a spray in general. Make sure also use water that berish and mature so it is not at risk of containing germs.

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9. Do Interaction

Do not forget to give him affection by interacting directly by way of feeding him directly with his hands or once time to take him outdoors to bask in direct sunlight so that his body feels fresher healthier because vitamin D gets from the sun.

10. Cage Cleaning

The cleanliness of the cage must be maintained so that the garden chameleon is comfortable and free from disease. when you clean the cage then the chameleon must be moved to another place first. How to clean it is by using water mixed with a little soap and sprayed into all parts of the cage. After that, it was dry with a tissue. Use also natural killer germs such as vinegar and baking soda mixed with warm water and rub until clean.

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Alumes for the cage are also required to be replaced frequently to remove any form of dirt such as leftovers, mushrooms, garden chameleon droppings, as well as the remaining remnants of the skin that may peel and lag. Clean at least two to three times a week to keep the cage germ-free and avoid any illness.

So this article about 10 ways to maintain garden chameleon, may be easily understood by you and become a new insight that is useful for you. thank you for reading, warm regards from author.
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