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Raising Turtle Fresh Water Easy For Beginners - Coloring Pages

Raising Turtle Fresh Water Easy For Beginners - Coloring Pages Animals For Kids

Who does not like having pets? Moreover, the animal still sounds very rare and not too often in making pets. In addition to cats and dogs who are often made in pets. There are several other types of animals that can also be a pet.

Like when a person learns how to tame a pandanus civet, of course they will get another cute pet in the form of a civet or mongoose pandanus.

The animals that are not less cute and good for the maintenance are freshwater turtles. This is one of the pets that are on the rise in Indonesia and often in cultivation.

However, do you know about the procedure of raising the freshwater turtle? His cuteness and cloak are some aspects that make a person interested in maintaining them. Turtles are the 2 nature animals that are very fond of being invited to play, lo! This is why many want to take care of animals that can come out and re-enter into the shell.

Turtles can be distinguished into 2 types based on their habitat, namely water turtles and tortoises. The ground tortoise is a turtle that is not equipped with a membrane in the legs and will spend much of its time on land and can not swim. In contrast to his tortoise counterpart, the water turtle is a champion who has a membrane on his feet like a duck.

Because the image of freshwater turtles is on the rise today and is one of the most popular pets, then you can develop a cultivation business. Where you can cultivate these freshwater turtles. Interested in the prospect of this cultivation? Let's see the steps and stages of freshwater turtle cultivation following:

Raising Turtle Fresh Water Easy For Beginners - Coloring Pages Animals For Kids
1. Preparing the cage

Cage preparation is the first thing you need to do before you know the other cultivation steps. Create a pool area in which there is also a land-like area. Where there are 2 different areas, namely waters and also land. This is done to make the cage for freshwater turtles made very precisely degan original habitat of the tortoise to make it easier in maintenance.

Parts of the land area inside the turtle water cage you can coat it with sand, but if the condition of your home yard can not or is not possible to make a cage, then you can cultivate the tortoise in a bucket or aquarium that has been in the contents using bricks as a land area. Adjust the size of the cultivation area with the number of turtles to be kept.

As much as possible use clean water from the soil that you will use in the cage of freshwater turtles. As much as possible do not use water containing chlorine such as bottled water with chalk or water. Put in and pour the groundwater or well water into the cage until the high water reaches as high as the freshwater turtle.

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Complete the waters section in the freshwater turtle cage with filtration or filter and water purifier because the freshwater turtle is very often remove the dirt. This is done so that later the cleanliness and health of the tortoise is well preserved.

2. Parent Selection

Like when you learn how to keep a small turtle, you need a breeder so that the cultivation of freshwater turtles can take place well. Turtles will usually make the process of marriage if it has reached the age of 5 to 6 years.

Where male turtle maturity will be marked by the presence of hemipenis or genitals, have toenails that look longer and have an enlarged tail at the base and enlarged. While on the female tortoise does not memuliki hemipenis, has a flat bottom shell or called the plastroon and a shorter tail and shorter toenails as well.

When you are trying to cultivate freshwater turtles, then choose a breeder that has a good level of health. Look at the cleanliness of the turtle's breed. See also the robustness of the shell and should choose which has shiny shell, has a style that is not different from the species and bright colored.
You should also consider the eye area, where the eyes should be clear, clean and large. Has a dry, clean nose and also look at the turtle's movement where the active tortoise signifies good health.

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3. Marriage Process

Female breeder must be 5 years old first and have a shell diameter of at least 15 cm before the marriage process. In order for the original line of descendants of freshwater turtles to be preserved, you must marry the same species. Do the whole process from spawning in a special pond. The process is quite easy namely:

  • Put both breeds to a specially spawned pond
  • Replace the tawr's tortoises if they are seen fighting each other
  • You also have to replace the sires if the males do not look close to the breasts of the female, if they look united and calm then leave it up to an hour.
  • Enter kurakura or female breeder who succeeded in conception and pregnant in one of the other special pool.
  • increase the temperature of the sedkit in the pool to keep appetite, because pregnant female siblings will experience decreased appetite.
4. Making Nest

The pregnant female parent will keep the eggs in the stomach if it does not find a suitable nest to lay eggs. So very obligatory if you want to make the cultivation of freshwater turtles become smooth in terms of making the nest. Like the way of livestock behind the house, then you must mebuat bearang a pond that has a thick layer of sand and the area of ​​the plains is quite extensive. In order for the pebbles mixed with sand well separated, then try to sift it first.

Since the female parent who is laying eggs will play more and spend time on land and will find the right place or position for her to burrow her eggs. If it is out of the female breasts stomach then you can move the tawr water turtle egg into the incubator so that the potential for hatching will be greater. But you can just let the eggs remain in the pile of sand because in this way even these eggs can hatch.

5. Maintenance

Basically, freshwater turtles are animals that are easy to care for and cultivate. They can thrive only by cleaning the cage and getting the right temperature. Little turtles will tend to prefer meat but the turtle's age increases then they will prefer vegetables. Some examples of natural food commonly used in feeding freshwater turtles are: fish, crickets, shrimp, tofu, papaya, cabbage, kale or worms.
6. Things to Look For

In the cultivation of freshwater turtle then here are some things that should be of your concern:

  • Keep the health and adequacy of tortoise gii with appropriate feeding and matching.
  • Give food in the form of small pellets that can meet the nutritional needs and also in love by them.
  • Let the freshwater turtles bask every day for the strength and health of their shells.
  • If you keep a tortoise using an aquarium then you should at least routinely replace the water in the aquariam once 3 days.
  • Although vegetables are one type of food that tortoises love, but do not feed them too often because it will be bad for their digestion.
  • Usually a large aquarium will only fit and is good to accommodate 3 to a maximum of 4 turtles.

As explained above, it is better to use well water or groundwater to allow the turtle to thrive. Even if you are forced to use tap water containing chlorine, then you should leave the water all day new input into the pond and aquarium container of the freshwater turtle.
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