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13 Ways to Take Care of Cats Affected by Viruses

13 Ways to Take Care of Cats Affected by Viruses - Coloring Pages Animals

As good as any treatment given to cats, sometimes still there is the possibility of a cat exposed to the virus, it could happen when the endurance of the cat is decreased or because of the other cats infected around it. Virus is certainly something to be prevented from spreading more and not causing any further problems.

Therefore should be the best care and treatment as a preventive effort for the virus does not increasingly attack or create a more severe disease for cats, do the following treatment, 13 ways to care for cats infected with the virus.

1. Separate from Other Cats

A virus is something that can be contagious and can pose a greater danger if its development is not stopped. Separate the infected cat from another healthy cat so that healthy cats are not infected and sick cats can rest comfortably without being disturbed by other cats.

2. Cage Cleaning

Provide a clean environment for the sick cat's residence, the virus easily spreads in dirty and germy environments, make sure that the containers are clean and dry. Give a large cage with the completeness in it like a place to eat drink and a place to poop, keep your cleanliness as well as the owner so as not to add germs.

3. Complete Examination

Perform a complete examination of the virus-infected cat with a veterinary examination to be known the type of virus that attacks and can be given the best treatment. Protect against possible dangers caused by the virus by minimizing its development such as providing the best nutritious food and medicines.

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4. Drugs and Treatment

Give the best medicine for the care of your sick cat, also give the best treatment according to the virus that attacks the cat who has been consulted with the veterinarian. Give the drug according to the recommended dosage and observe closely its development, make sure the virus is not getting spread and the drugs given can have a good effect on the health of the cat.

5. Vitamins

Cats exposed to the virus will generally experience a decrease in appetite because of attacks caused by the virus, give vitamins to the cat to keep the body get the nutritional adequacy and willingness to eat so that the attacking virus will weaken and his body still has sufficient nutritional intake.

6. Body Resistance

Also give a vitamin for the immune system to help it fight the attacking virus, ask the best physician to deal with his physical condition and the attacking virus, if you give it vitamins immunity from natural ingredients then you should still consult the veterinarian first.
13 Ways to Take Care of Cats Affected by Viruses - Coloring Pages Animals
7. Body Cleanliness

Keep the cat body cleanliness even though he is in a weak physical condition because of the attacking virus, bathe him warmly by means of disibin so he is not cold, clean the sidelines intermittently until the skin with a careful heart and dry with a clean towel, do not forget to wash your hands before and after you clean his body.

8. Therapy

Perform therapy based on the disease that he suffered, if the cat is suffering from a virus that affects the motion or strength of his body, still help to be active and not totally dependent on humans, provide therapy by training him to eat drink and defecate so that when left for a while he has his own power to meet his needs.

9. Control Routine

Perform routine control at the veterinarian at the clinic where your cat has been treated, stay on schedule and report any developments and ask advice from veterinarians about which nutrients should be administered and what treatments can help speed healing.

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10. Prevention efforts

Prevent the virus from spreading further by routinely taking medications and therapies and controls, preventing other cats or other animals from mutually infecting each other, giving them comfortable care and paying attention to improving the spirit of healing.

11. Rest

Cats infected with the virus certainly require more rest time than healthy cats, avoid them from excessive movement or avoid toys and activities that make them tired, let him rest more by giving him a comfortable and clean bed.

Once upon a time, dry in the morning sunshine warm and not yet scorching around 7 am briefly about 5 to 10 minutes for him to feel fit to get natural vitamins, if he feels uncomfortable immediately take back and place him in a place exposed to the sun indirectly. Occasionally move a little body so that his body is not stiff.

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12. Nutrition and Liquids

Make sure the food and drinks are satisfied, make sure the cat is exposed to the virus is not starved or dehydrated, prepare the best food for him nearby or do by feeding him, if his body is limp then you must give him food with a more fluid texture and help him eat by feeding him, her fluid needs so she will not dehydrate and not feel weak.

13. Vaccines

Give the vaccine to the cat that is infected with the virus according to the advice of the veterinarian, the vaccinated cat can prevent the virus from attacking in the future, ask the veterinarian about what vaccine is best for him according to the age of the cat and according to the history of the disease or medical history ever experienced. Observe how far the development of healing while giving everything the best so that the cat is able to get a total recovery and get health back as a whole as before he was ill.

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So the article about cat treatments affected by the virus this time, hopefully easy to understand and can be applied in the care of your pet daily, do not forget to always update your information about the animal world and its care by reading the latest article articles on our website. Thank you for reading, warm regards from the author.
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