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13 Ways to Take Care of a Cat Broken Leg's - Coloring Pages Animals

13 Ways to Take Care of a Cat Broken Leg's - Coloring Pages Animals

A cat is an active animal and likes to play, especially if it is given a fun game or has an active playmate. But sometimes the cat becomes too much play to jump in ketingian or pursue chase to fight and push each other.

It is not impossible to cause minor injuries such as sprains or more severe broken legs, cats are given the ability to jump from high places, but when the base leap is inadequate or in less fit condition, of course it will be at risk and can hurt cat's legs.

If you already have broken legs, as much as possible you give him the best treatment to speed healing and prevent it from various dangers, namely in the following way, 13 ways to care for a broken leg cat.

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1. Comfortable Cages
13 Ways to Take Care of a Cat Broken Leg's - Coloring Pages Animals
A broken leg cat should be given a special place that is separate from other cats and that can limit the motion, place the cat in a special cage that is comfortable that has a bed with padded pads and allows you to help him when eating and drinking, give the best cage and clean for him.

2. Health Care

Do the treatment according to what the veterinarian recommends and give all the best treatment for him, broken legs on the cat is certainly not something that can be underestimated, generally the wounded will be covered with bandages or special cloth to reduce the motion of a sick cat, change and keep the bandage is on time and in accordance with what the veterinarian has ordered.

3. Fulfillment of Nutrition

Sufficient nutritional needs, especially foods containing protein and calcium to help speed healing and help speed up cell body repair, if the cat looks difficult, help by feeding and give food more fluid texture making it easier when swallowing and eating.

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4. Restrict Movement

Make sure the cat is not moving much, limit the movement of the cat by keeping it away from the toy that makes it too active and not invite him to play, let him rest until the time for him is allowed to practice the motion. Avoid him from activities that make him tired, help him do all the activities such as eating and drinking and maintaining body hygiene.

5. Caution

Give more attention to your cat, do not let him feel distress and loneliness, pay attention to every gesture that is done and fulfill whatever he needs. Give her affection for whatever time you have time for her, work her body and watch for the progress of her injuries and make sure there is progress for a better healing process.

6. Protect from Other Cats

Protect your cat who is sick from other cat disorders, separate him from other cats that may disturb him or invite him to play too much to make him exhausted. Once upon a time let him see other cats as entertainment for him so as not to saturate, but still keep him not disturbed and not invited to play excessively.

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7. Body Cleanliness

Keep your baby's body care clean up, brush the hair every day with a careful heart so as not to tangle and not moist, skip the sore part and help him shower by way of warming with warm water and immediately dry with a clean towel clean, make sure his body remains comfortable and clean even though he is ill.

8. Vitamins

Help her recovery with the best vitamins for her, ask the veterinarian for advice on the best vitamins to support her nutritional and developmental cures. Generally doctors will give vitamins for endurance and bone health, if you want to give him vitamins from natural ingredients keep consult with veterinarian first.

9. Control Routine

Perform routine control with the veterinarian about his fracture, ask about his recovery progress and what actions are good to do to him while at home. Put it in a comfortable cage when he is taken to the vet and do everything recommended until he is healed.

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10. Sunlight

Sunlight has a natural vitamin content that is good for bone health and fitness of the cat, make sure your cat still get the morning sunshine is healthy and shady or when the weather is not scorching, do it by drying in the morning when the morning in a period shorter than the day normal when he is healthy.

11. Bedtime

A fractured cat will generally sleep more because he feels uncomfortable when moving his body and even feels a little painful, so he takes longer to rest than usual, especially rest for his sick organ, less time playing him or activity, let him rest a lot by ensuring the adequacy of nutrition and fluids and giving him the best medicine and action as recommended by the veterinarian.

12. Exercise

When the condition has improved and developmental tone, ask the veterinarian to start therapy with a little exercise so that his body does not feel stiff, do after the veterinary advice and do the best place, the baiik at home or at the veterinary clinic.

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13. Drugs

Give the best medicine for your sick cat and give it regularly as recommended by the veterinarian, oabtan drugs will still help your cat's recovery especially to reduce the pain felt. Give medication and therapy regularly, so your cat will get heal faster. Caring for a broken leg cat really needs patience and patience, do it patiently and lovingly so your cat feels happy to be noticed and give a better mood for him.

So this article, hopefully easy to understand and can be applied in the care of your pet daily, do not forget to always update your information about the animal world and its care by reading the latest article articles on our website. Thank you for reading, warm regards from the author.
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