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13 Characteristics of Cats Affected by Toxoplasma Disease

13 Characteristics of Cats Affected by Toxoplasma Disease

Toxoplasma is a type of disease caused by a parasite protozoan called toxoplasma gondi, it can attack any mammal star, not just cats, warm-blooded mammals can be at risk like dogs, goats, and rabbits. This disease is known to be harmful to both the cat itself and to the people who approach it.

Therefore sometimes there is doubt in the community to keep the cat for fear of the disease, but we need not worry, you should first understand what the symptoms to add insight and do early prevention so that no more severe disease and spread to other cats or to human.

Cats affected by toxoplasma disease initially do not appear to have any symptoms, behavior and daily life just like a healthy cat, new symptoms will be seen when his body has been infected further, Here are 13 characteristics of cats affected by toxoplasma disease

1. Easy to Tired

Characteristics of cats affected by the first toxoplasma disease is that he is not enthusiastic in the activity either when he played and perform routines such as playing and walking around the house, he became more lazy and idle, in the early symptoms of the body still looks healthy and there has been no noticeable change in appetite.

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2. Frequent Flu

The next characteristic feature is the cat becomes easy flu which is a sign that the disease has begun to infect and make his endurance disrupted, he becomes flu-infected when there is enough nutrition and is in a conducive environment and not infected by any cat, when he recovered he was exposed recurrent flu.

3. More Sleep

His head hurt when infected with toxoplasma disease is the reason why cats sleep more, he feels heavy on his head and often sleeps lying, he becomes lazy and inactive, he looks weak and slightly reacts when his head is touched or caressed, he starts emrasakan pain and dizziness which makes the activity and agility undisturbed.

4. Fever

Characteristics of cats affected by toxoplasma disease in the next stage of the body is a fever that is a sign of infection, the cat becomes weak and lazy to eat, sometimes accompanied by changes in his body that looks thinner because his endurance is used to fight infectious diseases.

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5. Skin Health Disorders

Cats affected by toxoplasma disease will be susceptible to skin disorders such as rash or itchy and scaly, it is because the body's defenses decrease and make his skin weaken, he easily feel cold in normal weather and easily feel uncomfortable even in the place clean.

13 Characteristics of Cats Affected by Toxoplasma Disease
6. Rear Feet Weakened

Characteristics of cats affected by toxoplasma disease will also be seen from the way he walks, his hind legs will weaken and when walking looks like he walks in a slippery and easy to fall, he loses the power to be able to stand up straight as usual, so he becomes lazy move.

7. Appetite Down

Furthermore, there is a decrease in appetite, if usually he is able to spend some large portions of food, the amount is reduced because he does not want to eat in large quantities and feel weak to eat, in such conditions you are obliged to take it to the veterinarians to get nutritional intake in a better way.

8. Lethargic

Cats affected by toxoplasma disease will obviously feel lethargic especially when the appetite is reduced, he does not want to activity and more lazy, weak view because his body feels weak and his head feels heavy, this characteristic trait indicates that the infection has caused the body resistance dropped drastically.

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9. Durability Decreases

Characteristic characteristics of cats affected by toxoplasma disease is affecting the immune system, the cat becomes susceptible to disease and has a different facial appearance, his face looks limp and not excited. Immediately take it to the doctor when this happens to your cat to get the best treatment.

10. Dull fur

Cat fur is initially looks good and fresh, when he was exposed to toxoplasma disease, his fur turned to look dull and shabby, although combed every day, the fur still looks dull as if not treated, it happens because the nutrients in the body is reduced and the nutrients that go into the fur so that the feathers become less healthy as what happens to the body.

11. Lazy Mixed

Cats are certainly animals that like to play or socialize with their friends or with the surrounding mansuia, but it does not happen on the characteristics of cats affected by toxoplasma disease, the cat becomes lazy to hang out because he is lazy to exercise first to go out and play, he became very lazy and just silent.

12. Watery Eyes

Cats affected by toxoplasma have symptoms of watery eyes because their eyes are unhealthy as their endurance decreases, despite being in a clean place and slightly exposed to dust, the eyes are easily watery, making facial appearance like a cat that has never been treated or like a cat who suffered severe pain . Preferably in these conditions you do not touch it if you do not wear safety, the best action is to take him to the vet.

13. Voice Changes

Cats affected by toxoplasma disease will experience a change in their voice, their voice becomes slower and more limp as not powered, it happens because his endurance really decreases and he feels very weak. In veterinary peemriksaan, if not yet a seriously infected condition toxoplasma disease in cats can still be cured with a total, because it always do regular checks on cats at least 6 months to be known early if exposed to any disease including toxoplasma.

So this article, hopefully easy to understand and can be applied in the care of your pet daily, do not forget to always update your information about the animal world and its care by reading the latest article articles on our website. Thank you for reading, warm regards from the author.
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