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Similar to other post pigeons, English Carrier pigeons have a unique body shape with large noses. Because it has a very good flying speed, no wonder if this type of dove is touted as a pigeon under. Actually, the English Carrier itself has been present hundreds of years ago, even it is the forerunner to the development of modern pigeon racing. How not, modern racing pigeons themselves created from the results of a pigeon english carrier pigeon with other types of pigeons.

This type of imported pigeon is not as popular as other decorative pigeons. But that does not mean the appearance is bad because the pigeon Frillback has a very unique feather, which is curly in the body and wings. The beauty of these feathers seems to affect the quality of the pigeon. The more curly feathers they have, the quality of this Frillback pigeon will be better.

Usually, the color that is breeded for this type of pigeon is reddish, bluish, yellowish, black, white and so forth. Where the highest selling price is usually owned by Frillback pigeons with reddish and yellowish color. Frillback pigeon types are available in two types: pigeons that have a crest and that do not have a crest.

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Until now, pigeons that have the ability to race is still very popular to follow the various races pigeon racing. Where pigeons are invited to compete, of course, must have a fast flying ability, as well as a good hooming instinct. Not only is the physical ability of the bird, it must be perfect and has no defects. Therefore, pigeon owners must also provide good care and regular in order to be able to produce high quality pigeons and high sales value.
Printable Pigeons Coloring Pages
Printable Pigeons Coloring Pages 

One treatment of racing pigeons is herbal medicine. These racing pigeon herbs are needed as an additional supplement so that the pigeons return to have better stamina when they have experienced fatigue after flying or racing. On ordinary days, pigeons can certainly rest if they feel exhausted, but when the race takes place, surely he does not have time to break anything.

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To overcome this, pigeon owners must always train the physical pigeons racing periodically, as well as provide a concoction of herbs that can be made at home. Physical exercise itself is used as the main foundation to form a strong stamina, but must be coupled with herbal medicine as a booster endurance stamina. In fact, according to a study, racing pigeons that initially can only travel a distance of 1 km with a speed of 110 km per hour as much as 3 times, can gradually better, even between 4 to 6 times after the herbal medicine.
Pigeons Coloring Pages For Kids
Pigeons Coloring Pages For Kids

In addition to herbal medicine, another thing that is not less important in maintaining pigeon racing is the cage. Good racing pigeon cage is to have a wide enough size and able to provide comfort to the bird racing.

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Keep the pigeon cage size fit for 4 birds. This is in anticipation if the bird will hatch in the cage. Not only size, a good cage should also have a very good sanitation. As much as possible to avoid the cage in a humid state because it will make the disease easy to appear. To accommodate dirt, at the bottom of the cage should be given a base. Not only that, you also have to provide adequate ventilation so that this racing pigeon can be comfortable living in a stable.
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Most Popular Pigeons Coloring Pages For Free
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Pigeons Coloring Pages Images And Photo For Free

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A good bird cage can not be separated from the position of the cage. Instead, position the cage facing east and can be offended by the sun directly. This aims to make racing pigeons get sunlight at night directly. With good care and regular, of course make your racing pigeon can grow and have a satisfactory ability. Moreover, this will also affect the price of racing pigeons when sold.

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