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Stingrays are generally predatory or hunter fish. Stingrays even have stinging spines on their tails. This raises the term Sting Rays. When the stingray feels threatened then it will swing its tail uncontrollably. The pressures that occur will make the membrane toxins wrapped in it are torn. This poison will enter into the injured part of the body. Stingrays stingrays are not directly fatal, but the toxins that enter the body will cause tremendous pain.
Cute Stingray Coloring Pages

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The composition of toxins contained in stingrays stingrays ie enzymes 5 nucleotidase phosphodiesterase and serotonim. Here's the impact of stingray sting:

  • Serotonim causes the smooth muscle to be severely injured and causes extreme pain
  • Death to cells and tissues (chest cavities and stomach)
  • The poison goes into the ankle which causes the amputation
  • Thorns that stick to the heart can cause death
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