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How to Maintain Hermit crabs for Beginners

How to take care of land hermit crabs? The hermit crab, also known as the ascetic crab, is a decapable crustacean animal belonging to the Paguroidea superfamily. The hermit crab has a long, spiral-shaped stomach, and the texture is soft. To protect themselves from predatory attacks, hermit crabs usually utilize empty snail shells as their home.

Best Coloring Picture Hermit Crab For Kids
Best Coloring Picture Hermit Crab For Kids

Currently, hermit crabs are often used as pets because it always brings a unique shaped shell. This animal will look very active at night. On average, land grubber is more desirable than hermit crabs because the treatment is easier. Although called the land hermit crab, the hermit still needs water to support its life.

Hermit Crab Coloring Page For Kids
Hermit Crab Coloring Page For Kids

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Well, if you want to keep your hermit crabs, follow the tips below!

Maintain Some Hermit Crab
Kelomang is an animal that needs friends to support life. But the hermit crabs placed in a container can fight for the shell. So the solution select some hermit crabs that have unequal posture so that the potential of each other to fight the shell can be minimized.

Prepare a Matched Place
Most hobbyists use aquarium equipped heater device as a hermit crab. As another option, you can use the basin or bucket as a maintenance container. Create an atmosphere in a bucket on the beach by putting a layer of sand as deep as 5-10 cm depending on the size of hermit crabs.
H For Hermit Crab Coloring Sheet Download
H For Hermit Crab Coloring Sheet Download
Feeding and Drinking
The hermit crabs are not too greedy about eating or drinking. They really like the sweet feed. Among them are coconut, squash, sugarcane, rambutan, apples, yams, yam, bran, fish pellets, and others. In order to maintain freshness, these foods need to be replaced every 3 times / day. As for the drink, you can provide two containers containing well water and well water given rough salt. Never use water from PDAM because it contains chlorine.

Protection from Ants
The main enemy of hermit crabs kept at home is ants. Ants can attack hermit crabs quickly with colonies. To prevent ant attacks, you can scratch the magic chalk around the hermit crabbing container once a week. Scratch this chalk carefully, do not let the chalk dust into the container.
Best Ideas Hermit Crab Coloring Pages Free Download
Best Ideas Hermit Crab Coloring Pages Free Download
Keep it Right
You can play with a pet hermit as long as it can not be more than 30 minutes because it can trigger the stress. Especially for hermit crabs hiding in the sand, let the hermit still stay in hiding. Its basic nature is happy to keep silence. That is why they are often called ascetic crabs. Hermit crabs that hide for a long time are usually undergoing a skin-changing process.

Cute Hermit Crab Images Coloring Pages
Cute Hermit Crab Images Coloring Pages

Provide New Shells
Kelomang does have a shell to protect its soft body. But the shell is not made by itself, but is taken from sea slugs. Over time, hermit crabs will grow larger. The shell he was carrying today will not fit again in the foreseeable future. Therefore, your job as a keeper is to provide a proper shell for pet hermit periodically.

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