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All Information about Raccoon and Coloring Pages

Facts, Characteristics, Way of Life and Origin of Racoon

Raccoons are typical North American animals. This animal belongs to the mammal species. This animal is often known as coon (read kun). The size of these animals is very large and small, more precisely ordinary. Raccoons are smart and clever animals. According to some studies, the raccoon has an intelligence in remembering a thing for up to three years.

Cute Racoon Family Coloring Pages For Kids

The raccoon's main residence is located in several forest areas in North America. Raccoon can be found in deciduous forests or mixed or heterogeneous forests. However, raccoons can also be found in mountainous areas, coastal coasts, and coastal cities. On the coast of the city, raccoons are found in several homes.

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In the twentieth century, raccoon distribution was not only found in North America. The existence of a newly built animal residence for rakunebaran. Today, raccoons can also be found in Europe and Japan. This raccoon is made into a typical animal of North America and other countries in the world.

Adorable Racoon Coloring Sheet For Kids
Adorable Racoon Coloring Sheet For Kids

Social Life Rakun

Initially, the raccoon was known as an individual animal or solitary animal. However, there are several findings that appear today, namely raccoon because the animals in groups according to gender. Female raccoons usually share the same area. While raccoon, live in groups.

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The raccoon keeps the distance from the raccoon until the mating period comes. Not only that, they are clustered to keep themselves from other animal distractions. Female raccoons usually give birth to 2-5 children. Raccoons are known as kits or kits. Raccoon wedding season in spring spring. Raccoons are usually cared for by their mothers until the fall.

Sleep Raccoon On Tree Animals Coloring Pages
Sleep Raccoon On Tree Animals Coloring Pages

Racoon can live up to twenty years. However, at its destination, the Rakaat only lasted until the age of one year. This is due to hunting hunters against raccoons and car accidents that hit raccoons.

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Raccoon Characteristics

Rakun has the following characteristics.

  • The body length of the raccoon is about 40-70 cm with a body weight of about 3.5-9 kg.
  • Raccoons are nocturnal animals. This means that raccoons are animals that make a living at night.
  • Raccoons are omnivorous animals, eaters of all kinds. Rakun usually prance various types of invertebrates and vertebrates and plants.
  • Raccoons have thick gray fur. The thickness of raccoon fur is functioning to keep the temperature when winter comes. Raccoon fur thickness is accompanied by a long strand of hair about 2-3 cm.
  • The two most prominent features of a raccoon are the agile front claws of prey and m quakes that resemble a mask used to deceive the enemy.
  • The prominent front of the rakaat is the visible thing with the white fur of his face black. In addition, the area around the ears of white color. With this form, the raccoon is known as the animal mask. The function of the black area around the face of the raccoon is used to absorb the light silas at night.
  • Rakun have the ability to stand upright. With this ability, the raccoon can watch its prey and its enemies agile.
  • Raccoons can not run fast or jump long distances. Their speed is only up to 16-24 km / hour. This is because the raccoon has short legs.
  • Raccoons can swim at speeds of 5 km / h and can stay in the water for several hours.
  • In the raccoon body, there is a hot regulator system in hot weather conditions, raccoons are able to sweat to increase the temperature.
  • Another uniqueness that belongs to the raccoon is when it comes down from a tree. The racco descends in reverse, the head facing down.
  • Raccoons are born as color-blind animals. They can only see the light green color clearly. In this case, look for the tool, the raccoon uses a touch and sense of smell is quite sharp.

Printable Raccoon Coloring Pages With The Drum Beater Online
Printable Raccoon Coloring Pages With The Drum Beater Online
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The advantages and disadvantages of the raccoon

Every creature must have advantages and disadvantages, including raccoons. Raccoon is a very strong animal that also has weaknesses. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of raccoons.

First, raccoon eyesight is practically not very good and color blind as described above. However, while hunting prey, raccoons can be eaten prey in long distances. Rakun relies hearing in search of prey, not being.

Learn Write And Reading Your Toodler Will Love To Color
Learn Write And Reading Your Toodler Will Love To Color

Second, raccoons are animals that are lazy to swim. However, when in a state of urgency, raccoons can be a great swimmer because it can swim in a rushing river.

Third, raccoons are capable of feeding miles away from the nest if the food around is gone.

Fourth, the raccoon is a nesting creature that is incredible and agile.

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Raccoon Conservation

Raccoons can become rare fauna. This is because raccoons are often hunted and consumed by humans. Humans hunt raccoons in order to
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