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Pony is one of a kind of small horse. Its so Little Pony Pony The height from the ground to the back is less than 14 hands (142 cm). Ancestors of wild horse pets have only this size but after being domesticated it develops a strong horse for breeding.
Pretty Pony Baby Farm Animals Coloring Pages
Pretty Pony Baby Farm Animals Coloring Pages

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As we know together if up to now, there are still many people who use Horse Power as a means of transportation. Due to this one animal has an important role to assist human tasks Especially Farmers.

This pony is usually also used as a horse riding at recreational places that per-karannya for Rp. 20000. These grass-eating animals, when in a state of forced they can also eat young leaves and shoots. Besides, horses have sharp eyesight and hearing. Horses include odd-nosed mammals. Horses, donkeys and zebras have something in common that only distinguishes the skin.
Little Pony Coloring Pages Animals For Kids
Little Pony Coloring Pages Animals For Kids

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The main difference lies in the large and the shape of the ear, all the horses have erect vertical feathers and a dark line extending across the back. The development of slightly different types of ponies but all of them tend to be strong and independent, this is the hallmark of a pony now.

In the UK, the smallest pony is the Shetland type, which is about 7 hands in size. The most ancient types are Exmoor ponies that resemble horses commonly used by the British before the Roman era. The ponies that are commonly used for horse riding are the famous New Forest and Welsh types. Many people think they want to own a pony.

Printable Adorable Pony Coloring Pages
Printable Adorable Pony Coloring Pages

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However, these ponies are in great need of expense and great care for their maintenance. A pony left alone on the field will feel unhappy and become unwell. So the pony should be placed in a safer place in order to survive with less food. Source: Oxford Student Encyclopedia, 2002.

Really Fun to learn Coloring and knowing something useful.

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