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 Some animals produce benefits that are most beneficial to humans. One of them is wasp.

The most widely cultivated type is Honey Wasp, producing quality honey with good nutritional content. For livestock Honeybee itself is also not easy, this is because the wasps or bees can tear our skin with stings.

So, we will feel pain with the sting. Especially if someone is found to be destroying their home, or disturbing a group of wasps will be angry and attack. This is where it is difficult to do the honey wasp livestock. Then how can honey producers do this honey?

Of course there are special tricks to do it, it takes struggle and hard work. Honey may indeed be urine from wasps, but in fact many people are looking for pure honey for certain uses.

Among them, honey is good for health and beauty. A few more to mix a drink or food.

Well, for this reason honey is a successful business benchmark even though you still think about marketing later.

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How to Beekeper Honey - Coloring Sheet

1. Learn
Before starting to raise honey wasps, you need to study first. As already mentioned, there are several types of wasps that you should know about.

This is what you need to understand, because each type of wasp has a different character and has different aggressive levels.

2. Making Sarang
The first step in raising honey bees or honey wasps is to make a nest first.

Nest construction is entirely dependent on the climate behavior where the bees live. Also the time to start the nest also varies, this depends on the climate and local geography.

The best trick to make a nest is in the spring when it blooms, and avoid making it in the rainy season.

This is because during the spring, honey bees are more productive than usual because many flowers bloom this season.

3. Preparation of Protectors
You already know the answer, it is not easy to raise honey bees because they have the right weapons to attack humans, namely by stinging them.

Once someone gets the sting, don't wait long to experience swelling and if you are unusual, it can cause tremendous pain.

Well, for the next wasp livestock technique is to prepare war equipment, aka livestock equipment. Some of the equipment that you must buy are as follows:

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4. Hats & Veils
First, you need to prepare a hat and veil for use at work. These two items are enough to represent you when doing activities with wasps is not easily stung.

5. Jacket
Second, in addition to hats and veils you need to prepare a jacket. No need for luxury, you just have to buy the ordinary ones at affordable prices.

Moreover, do not use a jacket with jeans, because it will be a little inconvenient and heavy. Use a lightweight jacket to increase your protection later.

6. Gloves
Third, use gloves to protect your fingers or hands from the bees. Not complicated, some of the items that have been mentioned can be used.

7. Buying a superior seed
Before starting livestock, you need to buy the best quality wasp seeds. Seed selection will determine the quality of your harvest.

The superior honey wasp is considered more productive, so you have to really be able to sort out before buying it.

Putting Wasps in a New Home
After finishing making the wasp cage, move the seeds you have purchased at the house that you have prepared. Don't forget to use the protective equipment you have purchased.

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8. Feeding
Cultivating animals must of course prepare food for him. Pay attention to the correct feed you will give to bees or honey wasps. Actually, food for wasps is not too much money.

Without you having to waste money, using the existing environment is quite creative. Make a bee cage near the plantation, whether coffee or the like.

In addition, you can plant flowers around it to make it easier for the wasps to adapt and find their own food.

9. Determine the Queen
In this method of honey bee livestock, you must determine the queen. This goal is more useful to place on newer honey wasp colonies.

So that this will have a good effect on productivity and produce lots of quality honey.

Bee Coloring Sheet For Print Online Free

Bee Coloring Pages For Kids
Bee Coloring Pages For Kids
Cute Sleep Bee On Flower Coloring Sheet
Cute Sleep Bee On Flower Coloring Sheet
Hive Of Bee On Flower Garden Coloring Pages
Hive Of Bee On Flower Garden Coloring Pages

Paying attention to the location temperature
Pay close attention to the temperature at the location of the bee, as much as possible make the colony and queen feel comfortable.

But in addition, attention is not just to see the development of temperature. But you also have to be diligent to see the wasp condition, whether there are unhealthy and dead and other weak conditions.

If all stages have been completed, it is not impossible that you will reap the results. The harvest process will produce quality honey if you have prepared and done it very well and earnestly in the breeding stage.

Thus the article about the method of livestock Honey Bees that can be followed seriously by yourself if you want to become a breeder of honey wasps to produce pure honey with high quality that is rich in benefits. Good luck and good luck. Send regards for success!

13 Ways to Make Fermented Cow Feed - BlueLotusDc

Top ! 13 Ways to Make Fermented Cow Feed - Coloring Pages

There are many ways to make cows more nutritious and produce the best quality milk. One of them is by feeding fermentation. How to make? It's not difficult, here are the steps to make a good fermentation feed:

1. Quality of grass

Choose the right type of grass and grass varieties for pasture, to balance yield and quality during the specified reseeding period. Rye-grass is a common choice, with clover to increase yield and protein and reduce fertilizer demand such as fermentation to feed rabbits.

2. Nutrition

Low pH and nutrient levels will reduce the yield and quality of grass. Grass can use 2.5 kg / ha of nitrogen a day, so take samples of soil and account for grazed stock dirt, dirt and dirt.

In 30% dry matter, one ton of grass contains 2.1 kg of phosphate and 7.2 kg of potassium, so be sure to replace P and K regularly. Sulfur is also important, especially in later cuts in sandy and shallow soils.

3. Management of grasslands

Weeds will reduce feed yield and quality, so assess grasslands in spring and use herbicides if needed. Gundu will contaminate feed and can damage the machine. If the grass dies during the summer, hurry up beforehand to remove dead material, or mass grazing with sheep in late summer to encourage healthy regrowth.

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4. Time

It is important to assess your fermentation feed needs and cut according to not only on the date the contractor can make it or in a year you usually make silage.

Time is also relevant when it comes to application of fertilizers and herbicides, make sure they have enough time to work before harvest, otherwise it is a waste of money.

And, of course, it is very important when it withers. Grass must wither as quickly as possible, and of course no more than 48 hours. Try to cut the grass with 80% humidity (20% dry material) and put it to 25% dry material for the clamp, or 35-45% for bales. Make sure that the plot is properly given to harvesters to avoid contamination or waste of sheep with fermented feed.

5. Harvesting techniques

When it comes to harvesting, preparation is everything. Make sure the equipment is well maintained and ready to avoid costly damage at critical times. There are a number of different choices when it comes to cutting, tedding, sweeping and harvesting, so it is important to assess agricultural needs, labor availability and handling capacity to maximize feed efficiency and quality.

6. How to cut

The highest sugar content in the afternoon after the plants undergo photosynthesis, so this is the best time to cut, when the grassland is free of rain or dew.

  • ads Choosing whether conditions can be difficult: Conditioning the wax cuticle resting on the leaves, speeding up the loss of water during wilting up to 20%. The problem is that if it rains, the leaves will absorb water faster.
  • If using a conditioner, it is important to set it properly if it is too hard and will contaminate the grass and increase fuel use if it is too light and will not work. The stump height must be set at 5 cm and if you cut too low it will inhibit the regrowth of the grass, blunt the cutting blade, and increase the risk of contamination.

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7. Tedding

Tedding will speed up the wilting time, and mixing grass to provide a more uniform wilting and therefore more uniform quality.

Set the tedder height in the field, with 2-4cm tines above the ground. Move slowly and check if they scratch the ground or leave the grass behind. Too low and you will contaminate the silage and increase engine wear, too high and you will leave the grass mat behind.

It's also important to match the speed of your tractor with the PTO shaft RPM if you need to cover more land for wider spread, don't drive faster because it will affect feed quality such as goat cultivation with fermented feed

8. Raking

Presentation of plots to harvesters has a major impact on efficiency and quality, you want a flat grid for smooth, consistent grooves. Line up right before harvest so the quality of the grass remains too long in the plot and the top will be more wilted than the bottom.

9. Harvest Preparation

Harvesting techniques of farmers' choice depend on the type of silage they need. Many will use forage harvesters or carts for high-quality silage, with low-energy plants released to feed dry cattle.

When choosing equipment, make sure there is sufficient capacity to manage the plant in the clamp at the same time as harvesting, so that each stage of the silage making process can be done at the right time.

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10. Harvesting feed

Whether trailing or self-propelled, forage harvesters ensure long uniform cutting and get the plant to the clamp quickly. After being chopped, it can also be consolidated quickly. Having higher capital costs, this option will be chosen to adjust to the feeding regime.

11. Looking for a cart

Forage carts are cheaper to run than harvesters. However, less uniform silage will take longer to sweep and consolidate in clamps, although there is an argument that longer chop lengths are good for slowing down the digestive process of the cow.

12. Baler

The choice will depend on whether you want bales to be wrapped or not. Round combi-balers wrap on-themove, saving labor, but they are more expensive to buy. Square blocks must be wrapped separately but can be stacked and stored more easily.

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Printable Cow Coloring Pages For Kids On Farm
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Free Printable Cow Coloring Sheet Animals For Kids
Free Printable Cow Coloring Sheet Animals For Kids
Free Printable Cow Coloring Sheet Animals For Kids

Good vs. bad feed
Good quality food must be light brown and tasty with a sweet aroma, and must be stored for years in anaerobic conditions. High carbohydrate content with low water content, there is a balance that can be found between yield and digestibility, because higher yields will be more flexible and of lower quality.

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The first cut will have higher energy, with cutting then becoming more fibrous. However, if the plant is too dry it will be difficult to compact and will have low sugar levels, which causes bad fermentation and decay.

Badly made feed will produce high waste because cows don't want to eat it. It can also make sick cows: Listeria, botulism and clostridia thrive on the soil and can be taken when harvesting grass.

13 Ways of Home-Scale Cow Livestock - Bluelotusdc

Top ! 13 Ways of Home-Scale Cow Livestock - Coloring Pages

Dear friends, all readers, meet again with writers who are always happy to share insights about the world of farm animals and all their treatments. Of course, all the information that the author gives is expected to become your knowledge and guide in caring for the pets that your friends maintain daily.

Well, buddy, this time the author will discuss about one of the animals that are farmed a lot because it has great benefits for humans for one of the food ingredients, namely cattle. Cows are certainly not foreign animals where general cattle are bred either at home or on large farms where cows do have high nutrition in meat and milk.

On this occasion, the author will discuss specifically the 13 ways of home-scale cattle, home cattle are known as economical businesses which are still small-scale and require capital that is not so large in the maintenance or manufacture of cages. However, of course good results will be obtained if farmers are able to apply good standards so that the quality obtained gets a good response on the market. The following is the full description to achieve this.

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Best T1ps How to Build a Livestock Scale - Cow Livestock Home Scale - Coloring Sheet

1. Seed Selection

The way to get good results certainly begins with the selection of quality seeds, namely looking at the cow's seeds from the shape and line of the body, face, ears and legs. Make sure all members of the body are not deformed and have an active ability both in their ability to move and in their appetite.

2. Cage

Home-grown cattle are required to pay attention to the quality of the cage, which is clean and disease-free cage such as anthrax or lice, and is not closed and has a sufficient supply of sunlight. Adjust the size of the cage with the number of cows that are kept, avoid cows from the cage that are too narrow because it affects the daily routine such as when feeding or bathing.

3. Relations with Settlements

It is far better if the cow pen is a bit far from the settlement so that the smell does not disturb the surrounding population, if it is not possible to have a location away from home, then it is necessary to maintain maximum cleanliness both in cattle and in the cages that are occupied.

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4. Clean Water

In home cattle, clean water supply must be considered because it is related to the cleanliness of the cage and the need for drinking cows. Make sure the cow gets enough water throughout the day, always provide drinking water for the cow and replace the drinking water at least twice a day in the morning and evening.

5. Feed supply

There is a variety of feed needed by cows, namely fiber and concentrate (reinforcing feed). The feed needed is legumes or legumes, grass, food agricultural waste such as corn straw, rice straw, and bean straw, but the waste has a lower quality. The forage feed that is given must first be cured because if it is harvested too young it causes bloating and diarrhea.

6. Preferred Feed Type

The best feed for cow housea is, Bengali grass, Hawaiian elephant grass, and king grass which is a source of energy. Lamtoro is a source of protein, gamal or tree legume whose leaves are fed first which is very good for the growth of home-grown cattle, high protein desmodium, and calliandra which is a mixture for animal grass feed.

7. Natural Vitamins

In addition to daily feed and booster feed, cows must also get vitamins, namely vitamins made from natural ingredients so that they have maximum growth and away from disease, these natural vitamins are corn bran, rice bran, peanut meal, coconut cake, kapok seed meal , soybean cake and tofu pulp. Choose the one that is easiest to get or much better if you are able to provide a varied menu.

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8. Measures and Time for Feeding

Grass harvested before flowering so that it has the best nutritional quality, forage is given to cattle as much as 10% of body weight.
Forage legumes or legumes are given as much as 1% of the body weight of cattle.
Natural vitamins as much as 1% of body weight for 2 times a day should be at 7:00 a.m. and afternoon at 4:00 p.m.
Giving regular food is given about two hours after giving natural vitamins, and is carried out gradually in the morning, afternoon, evening, and evening with a time interval of 3 to 4 hours each time giving.

9. Prevention of disease

The disease that often occurs in cattle is anthrax caused by poor food quality, stressed cows, or contracting from other animals, this can be minimized by ensuring the quality of feed given. Other diseases that must also be watched out for are fleas, which occur due to the lack of the body of a cow or a cage that is lacking.

10. Bathing Cows

Cows are much better if bathed every day, which is to prevent lice from developing on their bodies and cleaning food scraps on their feathers. Cows must be bathed emrata all over their bodies and dried by being invited to walk around so that their feathers feel fresh and completely dry.

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11. Cleaning Cow Cages

Cow cages must be finished once every 3 days, which is freed from dirt and dust so that the ktooran does not settle for a long time. Clean the cow cage with water and soap and make sure it is rinsed clean and dried, then the cow is put back into the cage.

12. Harvest

At harvest time, it can be adjusted according to market demand or when the buyer has bargained, make sure the cow is free of disease when harvested, fattening the cow until it is ready for harvest, generally for 3 to 6 months.

13. Maximizing Results

Take advantage of all that is in cattle to get maximum benefit, for example by using cow dung as a waste of fertilizer making so that there are no parts of home-grown cattle that are wasted.

PrintaCow On Livestock Coloring Pages Animals

Cow Livestock Coloring Pages Animals
Cow Livestock Coloring Pages Animals
Cute Cow Chicken Pig Horse And Sheep Coloring Pages On Farm
Cute Cow Chicken Pig Horse And Sheep Coloring Pages On Farm
Adorable Calves Cow On Farm - Coloring Sheet For Kids
Adorable Calves Cow On Farm - Coloring Sheet For Kids

This was conveyed by the author, after my friend understood how the correct home-based cattle, of course, could be a motivation or guide for your friends in caring for and meeting all the needs of home cows according to their age so that they can also grow and benefit perfectly. Finally, the author said, Thank you. May be useful.

13 Ways To Cultivate Ornamental Chicken Bluelotusdc

Top ! 13 Ways to Cultivate Ornamental Chicken - Coloring Pages

Dear friends, all readers ... meet again with writers who are happy to share insights about farm animals and all their care. Obviously the author wants to hope that the insights that the author shares can be useful to maximize the care of your favorite pets everyday.

This time the author shared about pets that are not much different from usual, mate, which is about chickens. Chicken in general is certainly known as an animal that is used for meat and eggs, even though there are other benefits outside it, for example as ornamental animals or fighters. On this occasion the author discussed specifically about ornamental chicken.

Not a few farmers who try to run ornamental chicken livestock business because it provides promising and easy benefits in care, here are some important points that are needed about the care of ornamental chickens, let's see the full, just 13 ways to raise ornamental chickens.

13 T1ps to Cultivate Ornamental Chicken - Coloring Pages

1. Choose the type of ornamental chicken

Each type of ornamental chicken has a different character that influences the treatment process, some of the best types of chicken for ornamental chickens are chicken serama which has a body shape with head looked up and swollen chest, chicken that has beauty in combs and feathers, cemani chickens that have physically black, and pheasants that have long tails with more than 3 colors of feathers on their bodies.

2. Life cycle of ornamental chickens

Ornamental chicken has a production cycle 2 times a year, which is around April to May and October to December. Ornamental chicken has an expensive price according to its physical beauty and performance.

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3. Adaptation of Ornamental Chicken

When you buy ornamental chicken as the initial seed, you must pay attention so that the ornamental chicken feels comfortable and can adapt to its new environment, for that he must get a comfortable treatment and have a different cage, not mixed with other types of chickens that tend to live in groups .

4. Intake for Early Growth

Give antistress drugs in the form of ornamental B complex vitamins and B12, these vitamins are good for the adaptation to the new environment and make her appetite so she feels comfortable in the cage that you give.

5. Adjust to the Origin

In order for ornamental chickens to have a good development, at an early stage, feed according to the food they eat in their old places, you can replace it slowly if you want a better feed menu.

The environment is also made similar to the old environment, making sure it has a large enclosure so that it can move freely because ornamental chickens have different physical forms such as longer tails and so require more space.

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6. Ornamental Chicken Feed

Give food for the ornamental chickens that you keep as best you can, right and not exceeding the capacity of the ornamental chicken, you can give grain for morning and evening menus and wet voer for the afternoon, every feed given must be of high quality so that ornamental chickens have growth normal, have a good mentality, and have a strong appeal.

7. Side Feed Menu

For additional feed menu so that ornamental chickens are not bored, you can also provide other feeds such as fish oil, meat and bone powder, and liver powder. The feed is the favorite food of ornamental chicken that can be mixed into the daily feed.

Ornamental chickens will be more excited when eating and have a better mentality so that it is easier for them to be trained or taught by the owner. Good nutrition will also make ornamental chickens able to reproduce perfectly.

8. Multivitamins

In an effort to maximize the health of ornamental chickens that you care for, you can add multivitamins every 3 days using quality vitamins such as AD Plex or Vitachick. Chicken will be healthier and stronger and far from disease because it has a good body resistance.

For ornamental chicken that looks sick, give a separate enclosure as a form of quarantine so that the disease does not spread to other ornamental chickens and do as intensive treatment as possible.

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9. Bathing Decorative Chicken

There are various ways to bathe ornamental chickens according to their type, here are examples of how to bathe ornamental chickens that you can do according to the type.

For chicken ranges, bathing is done by spraying water and ornamental chickens are allowed to go back and forth in the environment or diumbar so that it will dry by itself.
Chicken kate, bathed with water and then released so that it can dry itself.
Ayam cemani, bathed by dipping into water and allowed to soak for 1 to 2 minutes then allowed to bask to dry independently.

10. Protection from pests and diseases

Diseases that often affect ornamental chickens are fleas and internal diseases, these diseases can be prevented by bathing regularly so that the cleanliness of the body is maintained and provides quality food so that he can avoid diseases related to internal organs.

Whereas for protection from pests and predators you can provide the best place that can not be reached by predators such as dogs or snakes.

11. Cage cleanliness

Ornamental chicken must be in a clean cage, at least clean the cage every 3 days so that the cage is free of dirt and odor. Clean the cage with clean water and spray antiseptic liquid to maximize cleanliness.

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12. Evaluation of Physical Development

Make sure ornamental chickens have physical growth according to their age so that they can do their activities well and undergo their life cycle perfectly, you can also maximize the benefits like when in a race.

13. Breeding

If you want to breed ornamental chicken, make sure you choose quality ornamental chicken seeds and give the best care as described in the points that have been mentioned so that breeding goes normally according to its life cycle.

Cute Ornamental Chicken Coloring Pages For Kids

Cute Ornamental Chicken Coloring Pages For Kids
Cute Ornamental Chicken Coloring Pages For Kids
Adorable Chicken Coloring Pages For Print Online
Adorable Chicken Coloring Pages For Print Online

Printable Chicken Coloring Sheet Animals
Printable Chicken Coloring Sheet Animals

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So that can be conveyed by the author, hopefully it will be a quality attitude for you and the best guide in ornamental chicken. Of course the results obtained are in accordance with what you are trying to do, namely quality feed and the best care. Finally, the authors say thank you. Regards.

Tips To Honey Beekeeping Process - Bluelotusdc

Honey Beekeeping Process - Coloring Pages Animals

Honey bees are livestock that can produce profits, honey bees cannot be kept anywhere, ie must be in special areas such as forests or cool mountainous areas, here honey bees come voluntarily without coercion, of course by providing fishing tools for the cultivation process.

In order for honey bees to come, around the cultivation location there must be a conducive environment and food sources such as nectar and pollen, one of which is in mountainous areas with many flowering trees, heterogeneous jungle, and certain plantations of coconut, cassava, coffee, randu , rubber, soybeans, peanuts, etc. Generally honey bees will look for nests during the colony breakdown season which is in the middle or end of the flower season.

So honey bees are not possible to be kept in dense areas and lack of feed such as in urban or residential areas, mate? in addition to the absence of natural facilities for growth, feed is also difficult to obtain and so the risk is that if there is a problem honey bees can interfere with the surrounding residential area.

Well, buddy, of course my friend is interested in knowing how to collect, maintain, to produce honey harvest which has a high selling price, this time the writer will describe it in detail as a quality insight and guide for your cattle, the following stages of the honey bee cultivation process are complete.

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1. The Process of Making Cultivation Sites

Any animal cultivation, of course, requires a place or cage for development, buddy? well, for honey bees themselves, have special criteria, namely making a place with conditions that support such as the following.

  • Make Box from glugu or coconut wood, box boxes from boards with a thickness of about 2 cm so that honey bees are comfortable and durable.
  • Make sure the ingredients are free of chemical odors such as sawing oil or wood paint. If there is a smell, clean it with water or rain.
  • Spread the inside of the box with honey bees used to make a distinctive smell on Box.
  • Hang glogok in a place that honey bees like to nest, which is a shady and not hot place, like a back porch near a tree, shady tree branches, on mango, jackfruit, gori, or kelwih.
  • Avoid ants and geckos from box, give vaseline to a rope or puddle of water or make a trap box so that the gecko does not enter.

In addition to box, honey bee digestion is also required to prepare a special place for honey bee nest, which is made in the following way.

  • The material used is a coconut tree with a length of 50 cm, split in two symmetrically, facing the flat part up, holes and removing the two coconut rods 40 cm in the middle, so that when cupped together can be reunited.
  • The shape is like a closed tube or can and a drum that is empty for the place where honey bees nest, the hole that is on the side or center will be used by honey bees to go in and out.

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2. Seed Development Process

The transfer of honey bee seeds can be done when the queen of honey bees has been found, the queen of honey bees is put in a box, the worker bees outside the box can be immediately put in a box by being herded into place, taken by hand, or smoked to disperse and in a box with the queen of honey bees. Generally, worker bees will look for honey bee queens naturally into the box.

  • When the worker bee has entered the box, wait for 1 to 2 days, the queen of honey bees will come out at 10 am to 2 pm, wait at that time and take the queen of honey bees when they fall to the ground, then put them back into Box.
  • Let the worker bees make a nest in the box.
  • Wait for 3 weeks or 1 month, because honey bees will be very sensitive until there are new honey bee larvae, then the box can be opened.
  • Another way can be done by confining the queen honey bee and placing it at the top of the box so that the colonies of worker bees will naturally enter the box.
  • Let the honey bee queen and worker bees meet to produce more seeds and produce honey, making sure that there are enough food sources around the cultivation site.

3. Harvest Process

The right time to harvest honey bees is about 2 weeks after the flower season blooms, while the characteristics of honey bees that are ready to be harvested are when lifted, the box feels heavy because it is loaded or full of honey, when seen the nest is full of honey that is closed night bees or bees wax.

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While the characteristics of the flowers have bloomed and eaten by worker bees is the appearance of flowers blooming and busy worker bees going back and forth in and out of the nest door for collecting honey. If there is not much interest, the busy bees will be finished at 7 am or 9 am. The more interest, the more busy the worker bees go back and forth collecting honey, it can happen until the afternoon. The following must be done before and during harvest.

  • Prepare a container for you to take honey, place the container between the box or box divider. Take honey for more than 7 days because it already has a balanced water content.
  • Carry out the harvest in the morning or evening, honey can be selected from a box full of honey or two-thirds of it is filled with wax-covered honey.
  • Clean honey bees with a special honey bee brush.
  • The wax layer can be peeled using a permanent knife of honey which has been dyed with hot water then the harvest can be packed and sold as needed.

Beekeeping Coloring Pages Animals For Kids

Beekeeping Coloring Pages For Print
Beekeeping Coloring Pages For Print
Printable Bee And Flower Coloring Pages
Printable Bee And Flower Coloring Pages
Cute Bee And Flower On Garden Coloring Sheet
Cute Bee And Flower On Garden Coloring Sheet

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Thus can be conveyed by the author, indeed honey bee cultivation requires special skills and diligence ranging from collecting seeds until the harvest, but honey bee cultivation is economical because it is able to search and produce independently.

Surely the breeders must also pay attention to throughout their development so that the development process until the harvest runs smoothly. Finally, the author said, Thank you. Regards.

7 Tips for Starting Goat Livestock for Beginners - bluelotusdc

TOP ! 7 Tips for Starting Goat Livestock for Beginners - Coloring Pages Animas For Kids

Goats have been known for a long time as one of the animals that have been bred both periodically and individually by residents in rural areas. Doing goats is not as easy as doing livestock on pets or other smaller consumption animals such as chickens.

To start goat breeding, of course there are things that need to be considered first and foremost, of course, readiness in various aspects.

Here are some tips on how to start goat breeding, which can be attributed to farmers who have just started the cattle process or commonly referred to as beginner breeders.

Start on a small scale
The first tips that must be considered by every beginner breeder are always trying to start with a small cattle scale first even though they already have a lot of capital. Start with a small scale can help beginner farmers better understand the existing livestock processes and reduce the risk of large losses. This small-scale start-up also applies in the process or easy way for gibas goats.

Learn from those who are experienced
The size of the goat is quite large and the behavior that certainly requires high attention makes the beginner breeders must have the knowledge and experience in carrying out the process of livestock to goats.

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Before everything starts, every beginner breeder must try to get experience and knowledge first by the successful farmers. The knowledge and experience can be obtained through reading books or directly meeting one of the experienced and successful farmers.

Location of livestock
The choice of livestock location will certainly need to be considered first in tips for starting goats. Determination of the location of livestock is also very dependent on the business capital owned. Farms must be in an area that is environmentally accustomed to the existence of goat farms and of course it is best to choose those that have surrounding areas that are supportive. In addition to the location, the need for a candan facility must also be considered from the shape of the cage, the constituent material, to the sanitation facilities. The selection of livestock locations also needs to be considered in the cultivation of sheep.

Focus on one type of goat
As with some other livestock, goats also have many types with various advantages. As a beginner breeder, you should focus on one type of goat that is commonly bred first. The type of goat that will be farmed can be selected based on the majority of those who are interested or who have been raised in the area around the farm they own.

Study the conditions of each region
Goat breeders need to learn about each area around the specified cattle location. This condition is used to determine whether or not there is a feed or food source that can be obtained from around the location of the livestock. The need for goat feed is different from the need for feed for cows and poultry that rely heavily on factory feed.

Pay attention to market share
Doing goats certainly certainly aims to be able to sell it and make a profit. Therefore, before the main tips for starting goats are also related to the analysis of market share that will be obtained later.

Beginner breeders must already know before the livestock process is carried out related to where the goat's produce will be sold. For this reason, beginner breeders need to study the goat breeding chain from farmers to consumers.

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Type of harvest
In the process of goat breeding, in addition to the yield of adult goats that can be sold, there are several other types of crops that can be processed by novice breeders in order to get more profits and cash flow. One type of crop that can be sold in the goat's livestock process is the waste from the goat which is widely used as fertilizer for plants.

Goat Coloring Sheet For Kids Free Download

Printable GOat Coloring Pages Online
Printable GOat Coloring Pages Online
Cute Goat On Livestock Coloring Sheet For Print
Cute Goat On Livestock Coloring Sheet For Print
Farm Animals Cute Goat On Livestock Coloring Pages Animals
Farm Animals Cute Goat On Livestock Coloring Pages Animals

Some explanations for tips on how to start goat breeding above can be studied and considered carefully by novice breeders who are pioneering to be able to do livestock on one of these consumption animals. To become a reliable breeder, of course, you need a lot of experience and intentions and perseverance and strong patience.

8 Ways To Overcome Tapeworms In Cats - Bluelotusdc

Top ! 8 Ways to Overcome Tapeworms in Cats - Coloring Sheet

Cats are funny animals that many people love. This animal has become one of the types of animals that are suitable to be made at home.

Besides having a funny face, identical cats are praised and worshiped because they have feathers.

Even though all returned to the area of ​​origin and race, the cat remained identified with feathers. This remembers that in everyday life we ​​are often found with cats that have feathers like Anggora or Persia.

And if in the understand, many types of cats that do not have feathers.

Having a cat is indeed a different thing. Because we can joke and relieve fatigue with him. Especially if the cat has been trained and educated for being smart.

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For cat lovers or Cat Lovers, caring for cats has become a part of their lives that is giving good treatment and making the cat comfortable. In fact, some of these cat lovers are willing to look after and care for cats more than themselves.

Not only that, even cat owners must be sad when they find their beloved cat is sick. Lots of diseases that attack the cat to take his life.

One of the conditions that need to be aware of is the tapeworm in cats, for this disease is quite painful for the cat because his body is weak helpless to do something.

How to deal with Tapeworm in Cats will be given on this occasion.
The tapeworm can make the cat thin, hurt and eventually die if it doesn't get immediate treatment.
There have been a lot of cases like tapeworms writhing in cat litter and cat vomit. Here's how to fix it:

Top ! 8 Ways to Overcome Tapeworms in Cats - Coloring Sheet

How to Overcome Tapeworms in Cats - BlueLotusDC

1. Diagnosing Infections in Cats
The first step if you know that a cat is suffering from intestinal worms is to diagnose.

One of them is you can see the dirt. Examining cat litter is the most effective sign of recognizing an infected tapeworm infection.

The state of dirt infected with liquid textured tapeworms, so that if you see a cat like this, make sure that the tapeworm is wasted in dirt.

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2. Providing Plastic Bags
Provide a plastic bag to store the tapeworms that come out of the cat's body in the dirt. This goal is so that you can take it to the doctor to look more closely at the tapeworm.

3. Give medicine
Go to the Pet Shop to buy special medication for cats that have tapeworms before it's too late. As soon as possible if you have encountered such a pet condition should be one step faster to give medicine.

Usually Pet Shop employees already understand the conditions that you tell, so they can provide the medicine needed to support recovery in cats.

The drugs available vary from drops to drugs mixed with cat food or drinks.

4. Move to a comfortable place
Another way that can be done is to move the cat in a drier place. You need to know that the environment or place of a cat that is too moist can bring bacteria to cats, and one of them leads to tapeworms to enter and attack the sweetie.

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By moving the cat in a dry place, besides feeling more comfortable, the cat's health will gradually recover, and all tapeworms will leave immediately.

5. Give Supplements
In addition to the drugs as mentioned above, you also have to provide other supplements to make your immune system better. Let alone when sick, even cats when they are healthy should be supplied with supplements to keep the body healthy and fit.

6. Give Milk
Give milk to cats while being sick and infected by tapeworms. Milk is able to neutralize the body state of a weak cat.

Because as we know that tapeworms can make the cat's body weak in just a moment. In this way the cat will also look lethargic and not happy when invited to play.

7. Take to the doctor
The most accurate step if some of the methods above do not overcome, you can bring a cat to a veterinarian. This goal is very clear to correct the cat body condition even further. Doctors are more aware of the state of the cat as well as the development of further health.

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8. Vaccinations
Vaccinate against cats so that all tapeworms can be destroyed. It is very sad if all the worms land longer in the human body. Vaccination should be done twice a month for a minimum and a maximum of four times a month.

Adorable Cats And Pussy cat Coloring Pages Animals

Adorable Cats Sleep Coloring Sheet
Dog And Cat Coloring Pages Animals For Kids
Dog And Cat Coloring Pages Animals For Kids
Cute Kitty Cats Coloring Pages Animals Online
Cute Kitty Cats Coloring Pages Animals Online

When your cat is attacked by tapeworms, immediately give a vaccine to stop the infection from getting longer.

Maintaining the health of cats is easy-easy, but if you already intend to care for cats then it is appropriate to maintain the health of cats. Give the best care for the cat. Here are 8 ways to deal with Catworms in Cats, hopefully useful.